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Curriculum Night 2014/2015 Mrs. Carreiro, Ms. Renda, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. D’Amario.

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1 Curriculum Night 2014/2015 Mrs. Carreiro, Ms. Renda, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. D’Amario

2 Welcome!  Welcome to all parents of the students of this class.  Let’s work together to instil an atmosphere of teamwork and a love of learning to help them develop the skills that they will need to succeed.

3 How Can Parents Help?  Promote good work habits  Share an interest in reading with your children  Find time for the family to talk together about many different things  Review and help children with difficult concepts

4 Routines and Expectations  Students are expected to follow the classroom as well as school rules and routines.  Proper conduct is outlined in the St. Francis Xavier Agenda

5 Homework Expectations  Assignments are to be done neatly and completed for the following class.  All homework and reminders are written on the black board in the classroom on a daily basis and then into student agendas.

6 Ontario Curriculum

7 Writing  Emphasizes the basic skills related to the conventions of language- grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the common conventions of style, form and presentation.  Helps students clarify, express personal thoughts, feelings and communicate with others.

8 Reading  Enables students to become effective readers for personal and academic purposes.  Involves developing skills needed to process, analyze and absorb information and the ability to think clearly, creatively and critically.

9 Oral & Visual Communication  Enables students to develop the oral and visual communication skills they need to understand and interact with others, to express themselves with confidence and fluency through media works to communicate their own ideas

10 Mathematics  Five-strands  Data Management, Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spatial Sense, and Patterning and Algebra

11 Social Studies  Two strands;  Heritage Citizenship, Canada and World Connections.

12 Science & Technology  Students will be presented with the fundamental theories, concepts and structures of science, and will seek to describe and explain the natural and physical world.  Four Strands

13 Health And Physical Education  Program is designed to instil in students an appreciation for a physical active, healthy lifestyle, through individual small group and large group activities.  Specialist Teacher

14 The Arts  Organized into four strands  Music, Visual Arts, and Drama and Dance

15 Catholic Graduate Expectations Integration Into The Curriculum From a Holistic Perspective

16 Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations  Become a discerning believer formed in the Catholic Faith Community  Be an effective communicator  Be a caring family member  Be a responsible citizen  Be a reflective and creative thinker  Be a collaborative contributor

17 Religion  To foster growth and moral development in children, according to the teaching of the church.  The process of the program is to begin with the children’s life experiences, to reflect on their experience in light of the Gospel and to respond in a variety of ways.

18 Family Life  Supports parents in fostering children’s development of positive attitudes towards interpersonal and social relationships, a strong self-esteem, and moral development within the context of the Catholic faith and the Christian family

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