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Tomsk and its history.

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1 Tomsk and its history

2 Tomsk is an old Siberian town

3 It is situated on the bank of the Tom river in West Siberia
It is situated on the bank of the Tom river in West Siberia. It is surrounded by fine forests of pine, birch, cedar and fir trees.

4 Tomsk was founded in Before the Revolution Tomsk was just like any other small Siberian town - wooden houses, unpaved dusty narrow streets, no parks and gardens. It was a town of contrasts - fine buildings, high schools, theatres for the rich and poor.

5 At the beginning of the 18th century it turned into administrative and commercial centre of Siberia. In 1888 Tomsk University, the first in Siberia was opened and Tomsk became an educational centre. It was called "Siberian Athens". At that time it was also known as a place of exile.

6 The history of our town is connected with the names of G
The history of our town is connected with the names of G.Batenkov, Korolenko, V.Shishkov, K.Stanyukovich, Kulyabko and other outstanding people of Russia. Many professional - revolutionaries such as S.Kirov, V'Kuibyshev, the Yelizarovs fought for the Soviet power in Tomsk.

7 There are many monuments, historical places and museums in Tomsk which tell us about the glorious past of our town. Many courageous people from Tomsk defended our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. In 1979 a monument fd'trie Heroes of the Great Patriotic War was put up in Lagerny Gardens.

8 Tomsk has always been the city of intellectuals, businessmen, scientists, artists and students. It has the repoutation of a University town since it's numerous universities are famous for their academic excellence. Tomsk is proud of it's scientists andeducatiorial establishments which Contributed much to the development of world science.

9 Tomsk is known as a great cultural centre of Siberia
Tomsk is known as a great cultural centre of Siberia. There are several galleries, theatres, concert halls, museums in Tomsk. Tomsk is а - great industrial centre of Siberia. Recently it has become a large centre of chemistry.

10 Production of Tomsk plants and factories is known not only in our country but abroad. Unlike many cities in Siberia - which have been influenced by the industrialism of the twentieth century, Tomsk has preserved it's own face.

11 Nowadays, one of the main attractions of Tomsk is it's wooden and stone architecture of the past, which is carefully kept and represents a very special and unique local style which contributes to the city's identity.

12 Tomsk architectural appearance today presents the combination Of old and modern design, which gives a rspecial attraction to the city.



15 Our town is beautiful in all seasons of the year and we can't but admire it. Coming to it's 400th anniversary Tomsk is constantly changing and becoming more and mote beautiful and attractive.

16 The end

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