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„London-places that are worth visiting”

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1 „London-places that are worth visiting”

2 London is the capital of the UK
London is the capital of the UK. Is located in the south-eastern part of the country. It is the third largest city in Europe.

3 Big Ben Big Ben is one of the symbols of Great Britain. This is the name of the 14-ton bell and the biggest clock in the UK. Clock design was chosen in a competition. The clock is very accurate.

4 Downing Street Downing Street is a narrow street where there are ministerial buildings. This is the one of the famous place in London. The street is closed from car traffic and tourists. Street was built and named in honor of Sir George Downing, military and diplomat.

5 Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is official residence of the British monarch. It is also the world’s largest royal palace which fully its original function. Interior of the palace is richly decorated. Inside, there are galleries of Queen Elizabeth.


7 Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum is one of the most famous museums of natural history in the world. We can find there 32 million exhibits. The most popular are simulations of earthquake and galleries of dinosaurs. In the main lobby is the famous skeleton of diplodocus. The museum counts 1200 employees.

8 Parliament The Palace of Westminster is seat of parliament. It is situated on the River Thames It stands on the site of the palace of Edward the Confessor. This building plays a huge role in the political and administrative life in the country.

9 Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus is the most familiar square in London. Fountain with a statue of Anteros is located in the middle of the square. Close to Piccadilly Circus is the Trocadero - entertainment center, which includes cinemas, restaurants, shops, arcades and casinos. This place is very beautiful after dark. It is a place recognizable around the world as well as a meeting place for many Londoners.


11 Hyde Park Hyde Park is one of the many royal parks in London. It is divided in two by the Serpentine Lake. It was founded in Since the nineteenth century, the park has become a popular meeting place for social and cultural events. Hyde Park is the site of many concerts.

12 Tower Bridge Tower Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions. This bridge was built in the Victorian style. Horace Jones was the architect of this bridge. Its characteristic feature are the two towers connected by two bridges.This bridge is a unique place to admire the river Thames. It is one of the most visited monuments immediately after Big Ben.


14 Tower of London Tower of London for hundreds of years was the seat of the rulers of England. It is located on the northern banks of the River Thames. Tower of London was also a prison from which there was no escape. In the fortress are armour, jewels, insignia and numerous weapons. The fortress is one of the best and most interesting sights of London.


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