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BIO I JEOPARDY #1 S2C06 Jeopardy Review VOCAB DNA Cell Division TRANSPORTMOLECULES 100 200 300 400 500.

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2 BIO I JEOPARDY #1 S2C06 Jeopardy Review

3 VOCAB DNA Cell Division TRANSPORTMOLECULES 100 200 300 400 500

4 VOCAB 100 Organism that can’t make its own food A: What is a HETEROTROPH ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

5 VOCAB 200 A: What is a PROKARYOTE? Organism WITHOUT a nuclear membrane and has no membrane bound organelles S2C06 Jeopardy Review

6 VOCAB 300 A: What is a CARRIER ? Person who has one normal and one mutant allele that doesn’t show a genetic trait but can pass it on to offspring S2C06 Jeopardy Review

7 VOCAB 400 A: What is transcription ? DNA → RNA S2C06 Jeopardy Review

8 VOCAB 500 A: what is mitochondria? Organelles that produce energy for the cell S2C06 Jeopardy Review

9 DNA 100 A: What is RNA POLYMERASE? Name the enzyme involved in transcription

10 DNA 200 A: What are histones? Proteins that DNA wraps around to form nucleosomes

11 DNA 300 A: What is a purine ? Nitrogen base with two rings Image by Riedell

12 DNA 400 A: What is chromosomes ? DNA that is scrunched up in the nucleus of dividing cells S2C06 Jeopardy Review

13 DNA 500 What is t-RNA (transfer)? Name the type of RNA that has an anticodon S2C06 Jeopardy Review

14 Cell Division 100 A: What is prophase? S2C06 Jeopardy Review Phase in which the nuclear membrane disappears and the spindle appears

15 Cell Division 200 A: What are homologous pairs ? Chromosomes that are the same size, same shape, and carry genes for the same traits S2C06 Jeopardy Review

16 Cell Division 300 A: What is SYNAPSIS? Pairing up of homologous chromsomes during prophase I

17 Cell Division 400 A: What is independent assortment? during anaphase chromosomes assort ____________ resulting in genetic variation. S2C06 Jeopardy Review

18 Cell Division 500 A: centromere? Place where the spindle fiber attaches

19 Transport 100 A: What is EXOCYTOSIS? S2C06 Jeopardy Review Name this kind of transport

20 Transport 200 A: What is diffusion? S2C06 Jeopardy Review Molecules move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

21 Transport 300 A: What is shrink smaller ? What this cell will do S2C06 Jeopardy Review

22 Transport 400 A: What is OSMOSIS? Movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane S2C06 Jeopardy Review

23 Transport 500 A: What is Cl - ion channels ? Type of transport that is affected in people with cystic fibrosis S2C06 Jeopardy Review Images from:

24 Molecules 100 A: What is the head? Part of this phospholipid molecule that is hydrophillic Image by Riedell Image from:

25 Molecules 200 A: What is ATP? This molecule S2C06 Jeopardy Review

26 Molecules 300 A: What is amino acid? S2C06 Jeopardy Review Molecule that the pink spot attached to this t-RNA molecule represents

27 Molecules 400 A: What is a nucleotide? Subunit used to build nucleic acids S2C06 Jeopardy Review

28 Molecules 500 A: What is phosphates and sugars? Makes up the sides of the DNA ladder S2C06 Jeopardy Review

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