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2 WHERE DO YOU FIND THE FORMS?  Complete ELED Graduation Requirements Form according to unofficial transcript on URSA    --> Forms & Resources  ELED Graduation Requirements Form  Update your four-year plan  If you don’t have a four-year plan – please make an appointment with an ELED advisor  Check URSA account for ‘Holds’ and registration date  ‘Holds’ prohibit registration

3 TRANSFER CREDITS  These are listed by institution on your unofficial transcript  AP/IB credits  Contact the Registrar’s Office {351-2231} if credits are not listed A grade of ‘C’ or higher will transfer Transfer grades do not calculate into UNC GPA

4  Check the courses you have already completed according to your unofficial transcript  Check the courses you are currently enrolled in

5 REGISTRATION FOR COURSES WITH GPA PREREQUISITES Transfer students: GPA begins after 1 st semester 2.75 cumulative GPA prerequisite: EDF 370EDSE 430 EDEL 350TESL 370 PSY 347ART 444 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for placement: Literacy Practicum – EDEL 445 & 446 Student Teaching – EDEL 454  * Contact if unable to register for classes due to GPA  Explain you are a new transfer student and would like a GPA override for registration of one (or more) of these classes


7 WHERE ARE YOUR CLASSES LOCATED?  Carefully check the location of your classes  Classes at UNC list a building with a room number  DO NOT register for any class with: LOWR, LOV or COSP location  DIST = Extended Studies  {additional tuition cost}

8 IMPORTANT INFORMATION CRN #  You are encouraged to check out the CRN# for classes  Valuable information can be found by clicking on the CRN# for any class:  Location, days, times class meets on campus  Prerequisites  Method of instruction  Required fees, field experience hours, etc…  Notes specific to the course  Link to view the catalog entry for the course

9 COURSE INFORMATION Please click on the CRN number for specific course prerequisites and information Especially: FILM 120, GEOG 390 ART Concentration – contact regarding classes *PTEP program requires a ‘B’ or better in ENG 122 OR ENG 123

10 SCIENCE COURSE INFORMATION  BIO 265 and SCI 265 and ESCI 265  You must register for the Lecture (3-4 cr.) ~AND ~  You must register for the Lab (0 cr.) ** Submit both CRN numbers at the same time

11 ESL INFORMATION  TESL 101 {0 cr. } - required application to ESL Program  Packet is available on Blackboard or Hispanic Studies Office – Candelaria 0295  Take TESL 101 with MAS 100 or MAS 275  1 full year of college level foreign language required (Spanish recommended)  Take the Online Spanish Assessment   Additional Questions?  Contact

12 READING MINOR  It is easy to add a reading minor with the following courses:  EDRD 314 (required for ISET major)  EDRD 319  EDRD 340 (2.75 cumulative GPA – or contact the professor)  EDRD 410 (option - language arts concentration; 2.75 cumulative GPA – or contact the professor)  EDRD 411 (prerequisite – grade of ‘B’ or higher in EDRD 410)  One of the following:  COMM 223  COMM 350  If applicable please check with Financial Aid regarding funding for the addition of a minor

13 WHERE YOU CAN FIND PTEP INFORMATION   Very important!  Required forms are available here  EDFE 110, 120, 130 Checkpoint forms  Check often--frequently updated!

14 EDFE 110 PREREQUISITE FOR PTEP COURSES Register after completion of 15 cr. 0 credit course with one mandatory meeting Print Checklist from Complete requirements by due date on website

15 EDEL 350 – EMERGENT LITERACY  Prerequisite for the Literacy Practicum (EDEL 445 & 446)  2.75 cumulative GPA required  Available Fall and Spring semesters only!

16 LITERACY PRACTICUM  Literacy Practicum – typically the first semester of senior year  Weekly schedule:  Two days (MW or TR) on campus taking methods courses:  EDEL 450 – social studies and math methods  EDEL 421 – mathematics practicum  SCED 475 – science methods  EDEL 445 – intermediate literacy methods  EDEL 446 – Literacy Practicum - two full days (opposite days-methods classes) in an elementary school with an elementary teacher (mentor)

17 INTERIM REGISTRATION  Registration for Interim 2014 begins October 6th  No PIN required  If applicable please check with Financial Aid regarding funding

18 HOW TO GET YOUR PIN  Attend Group Advising  Peel off name label (alphabetical by last name)  Go to EDEL website   News and Events  EDEL Group Advising Survey  Use PASSCODE from name label  Take EDEL Group Advising survey  Submit  Write down PIN  Register on designated date (check on URSA)

19 DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE EDEL LIBRARY?  Please visit the EDEL Resource Library!  McKee 227 (EDEL Office)  Useful, current texts on:  Literacy, classroom management, strategies, cognitive function, etc…  PRAXIS II Review book  Easy check-out  Come see what is available!

20 EDEL ADVISORS Jaime Donahue ◦ 351-1602 ◦  Tom Jones  351-4287   If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. Chinese Proverb

21 FINAL NOTES You can make an individual appointment after attending Group Advising if you have more questions or need to discuss issues privately No PIN numbers are given in individual appointments


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