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Spring 2014 Registration begins on November 4 th. Group Advising for Exploring and Pre-Major Students.

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1 Spring 2014 Registration begins on November 4 th. Group Advising for Exploring and Pre-Major Students

2 To Do before group advising 1. Print your transcript. (Go to your “student” tab in URSA and select “unofficial transcript”). 2. Holds may prevent you from registering for classes. Check your holds in URSA under “Registration Status.” 3. Fill out your Liberal Arts Core (LAC) checklist. (If you need one, find it here).here 4. Carefully consider majors of interest and potential courses for the semester. 5. Complete the Student Advising Form, found at the end of this presentation. Seriously, you’ll need to bring all of these items in order to attend the advising session.

3 What to expect in group advising You will receive your PIN and registration date. Time with an academic advisor – to ask questions and get advice on your proposed course schedule. Note: If you are ready to declare your major, head on over to that department. You will receive advising and your registration PIN there. If you have already earned 30 credit hours or more, you need to do this at least two weeks before your registration date.

4 Let’s talk about…your transcript Pull out your printed transcript and LAC checklist. Identify which courses you’ve taken, or are currently taking, that will count toward the LAC. Mark only courses passed with a D- or higher. Remember that AP/IB and transfer courses may also fulfill LAC requirements. Credit for these courses is located near the top of your transcript. Make note of your earned hours. This is the number used when deciding registration dates.

5 Let’s talk about…LAC Area 1 Area 1. Communication (Composition) – 6 hours If you have not taken ENG 122 English Composition under LAC Area 1a, now is a good time. ENG 122 is a prerequisite to Area 1b. Therefore, a passing grade in ENG 122 is necessary before enrolling in ENG 123, ENG 225, MUS 152, or SCI 291. Review LAC requirements for your majors of interest, as each major may have a different requirement for Area 1b.

6 Let’s talk about…LAC Area 2 Area 2. Mathematics – 3 hours Consider taking your Area 2 course once you have decided on a major. Math requirements can vary between majors.

7 Let’s talk about…LAC Areas 3 & 5 Area 3. Arts & Humanities – 6 hours Area 5. Social & Behavioral Sciences – 3 hours Basically, if you take two courses in Area 3, you must take two courses in Area 5. Take three in Area 3 and you only need one in Area 5. A total of 12 credit hours is needed to fulfill these areas in combination. Your courses must be chosen from at least 2 different subgroups (a, b, c, d…) Review LAC requirements for your majors of interest, as each major may have a different requirement for this area (especially Business).

8 Let’s talk about…LAC Area 4 Area 4. History – 3 hours You must take one History course before you graduate. Few majors specify which History course you should take, so any one may be fine. Be sure to check your majors of interest to be sure there is no specific requirement.

9 Let’s talk about…LAC Area 6 Area 6. Physical & Life Sciences – 7 hours You must take one course that is 4 credits with a lab (L) and one 3 credit non lab to graduate. These courses must have different prefixes. For example, you cannot count two GEOL courses toward LAC credit. If you are not pursuing a science major, please do not take BIO 110 Principles of Biology. This is a very difficult course designed for science majors.

10 Let’s talk about…LAC Areas 7 & 8 Area 7. International Studies – select one course Area 8. Multicultural Studies – select one course Before you graduate, you need to take at least one course from both Areas 7 & 8. No foreign language is required at UNC for most majors. Although many courses in Area 7 are languages, several are not. Also, please be advised that CHIN 116, FR 116, GER 116, and JAPN 116 are taught in English.

11 Now, go ahead and… Print the Student Advising Form and use it to write down a list of courses you want to take next semester.Student Advising Form Some things to consider: Prerequisites Introduction to major courses Balancing your schedule (credit hours, level of difficulty…) You don’t just have to take LAC courses. Flip through the catalog to find major courses you can try. You need to declare a major by the time you earn 30 credit hours, so now is the time to explore!

12 Group Advising days and times: This information may be helpful when you call or stop by to make a group advising appointment. The next slide will provide you direction how to register for group advising. We will offer group advising throughout the month of November most every weekday. Monday and Wednesdays at 11:15 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursdays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. We will also offer one Friday (November 22 nd ) at 11:15 a.m. and 2:30.

13 Register for Group Advising Now that you’ve been through this presentation, you can sign up for group advising by calling 970-351-1391 or stopping by Michener L-149. You will be allowed into the session by showing us your completed Student Advising Form, LAC checklist, and transcript. Though you may have registered for group advising, if you fail to show up with these completed documents, we will require that you leave and sign up for another session. We look forward to seeing you soon!

14 Group advising will be held November 4 th through November 26 th, 2013. Monday 11:15 AM in ASA/Michener L-149 2:30 PM in Government Publications (lower level of Michener Library) Tuesday 11:00 AM in ASA/Michener L-149 2:00 PM in ASA/Michener L-149 Wednesday 11:15 AM in ASA/Michener L-149 2:30 PM in Michener L-73 Thursday 11:00 AM in Michener L-73 2:00 PM in Michener L-73 Friday (One Friday available / November 22 nd ) 11:15 AM in Michener L-73 2:30 PM in ASA/Michener L-149

15 Preferred Business Day’s: The following dates are for individuals who are interested in the business major: Wednesday, Nov. 6 th at 11:15 am or 2:30 pm Monday, Nov. 11 th at 11:15 am or 2:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 14 th at 11 am or 2 pm Tuesday, Nov. 19 th at 11 am or 2 pm Please mention when reserving your group advising time that you are interested in the Business advising session on the date and time you would like.

16 Spring 2014 Registration Dates November 15 – Freshmen with 15-29 earned hours November 18 – Freshmen with 1-14 earned hours Freshmen with 0 hours completed (posted grades): November 19 – Last names S-V November 20 – Last names I-M November 21 – Last names A-D November 22 – Last names W-Z November 25 – Last names E-H November 26 – Last names N-R Note: If you have earned 30 credit hours or more, you have a “No Major” hold on your account. You need to declare a major and get your PIN from an advisor in that department.

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