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MSUSA Campus Committees A new approach to campus organizing.

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1 MSUSA Campus Committees A new approach to campus organizing

2 General Information Provides MSUSA additional resources on campuses Replaces Campus Organizer with student employees Multiple campaigns per semester (visibility AND GOTV) Campus led organizing vs. Office led

3 Campus Coordinator Oversee/Chair the campus committee Coordinate MSUSA meetings/events Student Association Liaison Automatic Board proxy Evaluate committee members Attend ALL MSUSA Conferences

4 Diversity Liaison Member of Diversity Advisory Board Assist planning of Diversity Conference Aid with general diversity awareness Work with campus diversity organizations/departments/committees Attend ALL MSUSA Conferences

5 Public Relations Manager Promote general MSUSA visibility Communicate regularly with Dir. of Comm. Utilize pertinent campus departments to promote MSUSA (Mass Com. Marketing) Work with University Public Relations Attend 1 specific MSUSA conference

6 MNSCU/Legislative Sit on one MNSCU committee Facilitate MNCSU campaigns Relay MNSCU updates and info to committee Facilitate MSUSA legislative campaigns Facilitate Lobby Core when needed Attend ALL MSUSA conferences

7 Student Organization Liaison Create or attend campus wide student org. leadership meetings Attend coalition organization meetings Work with campus staff/administration in charge of student organizations Promote general MSUSA visibility Attend 1 specific MSUSA conference

8 Measuring Performance Weekly committee member reports to the Coordinator Monthly Coordinator reports to the Vice Chair Campus Coordinator evaluates committee members Coordinator is evaluated by Vice Chair and Dir. of Campus Organizing

9 Committee Stipend Recommendations See Stipend Recommendation Chart Sought-after positions Higher qualified applicants Increases likelihood of MSUSA focus Insures accountability

10 Committee Communication Structure See Committee Communication Flow Chart Most committee communication channeled through Coordinator* Coordinator communication directed through Dir. Of Campus Org/Vice Chair *Exceptions (expedient response required, PR Manager, Diversity Liaison, etc)

11 Bylaw/Policy Changes Supervision of campus Committees Committee stipends Appointment process* Coordinator removal process* Committee member removal process* *Indicates Internal Affairs Recommendation

12 Other Information Application for Committee positions

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