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Multicellular Organisms

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1 Multicellular Organisms
Section 2.2

2 Plants Producers – make their own food Autotrophs – self feeder
Photosynthesis – captures sunlight and converts to chemical energy Chemical energy (food) is often stored in the form of starch H2O + CO2  C6H12O6 + O2

3 Plants Break down starch into sugar to get energy Cellular respiration
C6H12O6 + O2  CO2 + H2O + Energy

4 Adaptations Allow plants to live in a variety of environments
Examples: Rate of reproduction, amount of water, temperature, and protection

5 Examples of Adaptations
Grasses have deep roots Seeds can be produced quickly in some plants Deciduous trees Conifers Palm trees Cactus

6 Response to Environment
Gravity – plants have a sense of up and down Roots grow down; stems grow up Touch Tendrils – special cells that respond to touch of nearby objects Light Plants bend toward light with the help of hormones

7 Hormones A chemical produced in one part of an organism and travels to another part to produce a reaction Auxin – stimulates growth Moves away from light

8 Respond to seasonal change
Shorter amounts of daylight cause trees to go into dormancy or some plants to die Amount of daylight can cause production of flowers

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