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U.S. Coast Guard Crew Endurance Management System (CEMS)

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1 U.S. Coast Guard Crew Endurance Management System (CEMS)

2 U.S. Coast Guard STATE key Crew Endurance Management System (CEMS) elements. VERIFY Crew Endurance Management System CEMS participation. Objectives

3 U.S. Coast Guard The Issues What is CEMS?  What is CEMS?  Management system to manage risk factors that lead to human error & performance degradation  Why implement CEMS?  Improve organization’s safety culture What benefit is there?  What benefit is there?  Improved work environment  What kind of support is available?  Management and coach support to ensure continuous improvement

4 U.S. Coast Guard The ability to maintain performance within safety limits… …while enduring job-related physiological, psychological, and environmental challenges. Crew Endurance

5 U.S. Coast Guard A systematic process for managing the risk factors that can lead to human error and performance degradation in maritime work environments. Crew Endurance Management System

6 U.S. Coast Guard Commercial Towing Operations 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year

7 U.S. Coast Guard Our Goal Continuous improvement through…  Proactive Steps  Coast Guard Support

8 U.S. Coast Guard Time of Day Energy 1200 2100 0700 1200 Daylight Red Zone: The Lowest Point of Energy Energy and Alertness Levels During the Day

9 U.S. Coast Guard  Adult must have 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to recharge their cognitive abilities (the ability to reason).  It takes that same individual a minimum of 20 minutes to fall asleep. Any faster and the indication is that individual is in sleep debt mode (body catch-up…..). Sleep Cycles


11 U.S. Coast Guard Preventing Performance Degradation Shift the biological clock through…  Light management  Uninterrupted sleep

12 Risk Factors That Affect Endurance ENDURANCE Environmenta l Stressors Physical Conditioning Work Schedules Sleep Quality & Duration Health & Nutrition Stress Body Clock Stability Motion Sickness

13 U.S. Coast Guard  A field-tested, non-regulatory solution  An opportunity to act proactively  Improved operational effectiveness What CEMS Provides


15 U.S. Coast Guard CEMS Implementation In the Commercial Maritime Towing Community

16 Analyze Current Situation Train Working Group Set Up Working Group Create Crew Endurance Plan Development: 1 Train Entire Crew Implement CEP Coach Crew Deployment: 2 Assess the Results Working Group Modifies Cycle Assessment: 3 The CEM Process

17 U.S. Coast Guard Management Commitment at All Levels UpperMgmt Vessel Crews & Support Personnel MiddleManagement Vessel Management Vertical Alignment

18 U.S. Coast Guard  Must be the champions of CEMS  Must believe in CEMS and the process  Must have full management commitment at all levels (vertical alignment) CEMS Coaches to Introduce and Implement

19 U.S. Coast Guard Defines risk factors Provides a step-by-step method to:  Identify relevant risk factors  Mitigate identified risk factors CEM Guide

20 U.S. Coast Guard Example of CEMS-Generated Vessel Improvements - Blocking Out Light Intrusion -

21 U.S. Coast Guard Example of CEMS-Generated Vessel Improvements - Noise Reduction-

22 U.S. Coast Guard Other Examples of Vessel Modifications Air Cleaners (reduce carbon monoxide)  Air Cleaners (reduce carbon monoxide)  Lighting Improvements  Nighttime Adaptation  Watch Schedule Changes  Day Room Improvements  Nutritional Content Of Meals Improvements  Napping Policies / Better Mattresses & Pillows  Air Flow / Temperature  Off-watch Adaptations  Shower  Laundry

23 U.S. Coast Guard What Are The Benefits?  CEMS is a field-tested, non-regulatory solution.  CEMS packages scientific knowledge for use in improving the living and working environment of mariners.  CEMS improves operational safety and mission effectiveness.

24 U.S. Coast Guard What Is Required?  Management support at all levels  Trained coaches and support materials  Working groups for each vessel  Development of Crew Endurance Plan for each vessel  Working group management of Crew Endurance Plan implementation

25 U.S. Coast Guard What Support is Available?  The Coast Guard – AWO safety partnership  CEMS working group  Certified experts and coaches Working Together to Improve Maritime Towing Operations

26 U.S. Coast Guard Why Is CEMS Important? Unchecked endurance factors affect alertness and long-term health of mariners that affect both the company and individual mariner’s bottom line. In Conclusion…

27 U.S. Coast Guard Questions?

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