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Welcome to Mount Si High Schools Open House Please sign in…. AP Biology/Biology Andrew Rapin Room 124.

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1 Welcome to Mount Si High Schools Open House Please sign in…. AP Biology/Biology Andrew Rapin Room 124

2 Overarching goals of this course To increase my students biological literacy – (i.e. build a strong conceptual framework of this dynamic discipline-over factual). Ask your students what some of these grand unifying themes of biology are To challenge my students as a critical, analytical and creative thinker- and to develop the habits of mind that are associates with these skills. To help my students learn how to monitor their own progress in problem solving and thinking. To identify the preconceptions that my students bring with them about how the world works and to address their misconceptions.

3 Inquiry-based learning- the 5 Es Engagement Object, event or question used to engage students. Connections facilitated between what students know and can do. Exploration Objects and phenomena are explored. Hands-on activities, with guidance. Explanation Students explain their understanding of concepts and processes. New concepts and skills are introduced as conceptual clarity and cohesion are sought. Elaboration Activities allow students to apply concepts in contexts, and build on or extend understanding and skill. Evaluation Students assess their knowledge, skills and abilities. Activities permit evaluation of student development and lesson effectiveness.

4 Major topics we will explore in biology this year Science as a process Characteristics of life Chemistry of life Cell biology/metabolism Genetics Mechanisms of evolution Animal form and function Plant form and function Ecology.

5 What are the grade-level science standards that your student will be learning?

6 What can you do to help? Help provide a rich learning environment at home and in the community that provide opportunities for guided learning that connects your son/daughter to what they are learning in class. Studies have shown that in a calendar year that only 14% a students time is spent in school. – many students spend approximately 1/3 of their time outside school (not counting sleeping) watching television or on the computer or texting their friends.

7 Should you expect to see your son/daughter doing homework for this class? Absolutely!! Homework/reviewing: about 20 minutes (at least) per day.

8 Some useful resources you might consider: Skyward- online grades. This on-line resource provides a transparent system that shows student progress in class, assignments turned in/not turned in and performance on class projects and quizzes and exams). Biology SharePoint, which provides the following resources – Class syllabus and expectations – Daily assignment record – Class announcements/assignments – Parents corner (recommend resources on how parents can help cultivate an interest in the sciences in their son/daughter and how you can learn more about current research findings about how students learn). – State standards for science and about the HSPE- which improved by 9% over the last year!! Science Department link (from Biology SharePoint) – Academic advancement policy – Science course offerings – Minimum science requirements for WA college admission – Information about advanced placement opportunities in science and college courses being taught at the high school.

9 AP Biology Why take AP Biology? It is a great course for students who are interested in this field and/or want a challenge. If students score well on the AP exam they can receive college credit. Great college prep for students- this course will help develop the skills and habits of mind that will help students succeed in their post secondary academic endeavors.

10 (classes are a little smaller too).

11 Contact information E-mail: Sharepoint MSHS website/sharePoint/rapin/AP Biology

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