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+ Main Idea and Details 5 th and 6 th Grade Unit Language Arts By Stephanie Gothro, Jessica Kalvig and Lisa Sobieniak.

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1 + Main Idea and Details 5 th and 6 th Grade Unit Language Arts By Stephanie Gothro, Jessica Kalvig and Lisa Sobieniak

2 + Our Purpose Discuss the foundational pieces of our units Connect to the three shifts in the ELA standards Give an example of vertical collaboration and shared resources Discuss using literature in units

3 + Unit Description This unit focused on: students identifying main idea and details developing a summary of a text answering and writing text- dependent questions

4 + ILF Overarching Understandings and Essential Questions Individual Realm- Creating Balance Historical Realm- Unipkaat, Quliaqtuat, and Uqaluktuat Community Realm- Elders

5 + Topical OU and EQ OU: Fluent readers and writers use appropriate strategies to construct meaning for themselves and facilitate meaning for an audience. EQ: What’s my strategy for reading this text? EQ: How do I identify the main idea and supporting details?

6 + NEW ELA STANDARDS Goal- Embrace the shifts! The first shift was to a focus on more non-fiction text. The second was to include more complex texts. The third shift was to focus on text-dependent questions.

7 + Create Vertical Alignment Units were made in consecutive grades Focus: build on skills from previous grades. The difficulty of each skill increased by using more complex-text. Created common graphic organizers, rubrics, and materials.

8 + Working Vertically ILF OU’s and EQ’s Standard Strand Content area OU’s and EQ’s Evaluative criteria (rubric) Resources Skills and Knowledge (because of the text) Performance task (similar) Learning experiences Literature Resources SAMEDIFFERENT

9 + Using Common Organizers


11 + Working Vertically cont. Collaborating- not alone Bounce ideas off of someone who knows what your unit is about Think and discuss vertical connections Share resources, graphic organizers, rubrics, and other materials Would not be able to co-teach ADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES

12 + Text-Dependent Questions Students created and answered text-dependent questions Unit culminated with the students taking on the role of a teacher and creating their own text dependent questions


14 + Examples: Answering Text-Dependent Questions for Rex Rock Sr.’s Autobiography How did Rex Rock Sr. learn Inupiaq when he was growing up? How does Rex Rock Sr. describe respect for the whale? What examples does he give? How does Rex Rock Sr. describe the feeling of “we” and not “I?”

15 + LITERATURE Heart of the LA units The context for which the content is delivered Key to lining the standards with the Inupiaq Learning Framework (ILF) Piques student interest

16 + Literature Cont. Explores the lives of eight native children of Alaska. A short history of each culture is included along with everyday activities, interests, and traditions. Every child is linked to his or her ancestry through grandparents or other elders who pass on their way of life. RL 5.9 IL 3-6 Short 3-4 page chapters Excellent for teaching nonfiction reading strategies

17 High Interest Nonfiction Trapped, 15 p., RL, IL all ages Problem Solution Rich Text

18 Connections! Twenty-seven Alaska Natives talk about their lives and their futures. Their experiences reflect the impact of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act passed thirty years ago. Roll Models Published 2001 Short Nonfiction text written in a narrative style. Lots of possibilities for self reflective Eqs RL 6.2 IL 6-12



21 + In the words of Maya Angelou… “When I look back, I am so impressed again with the life-giving power of literature. If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of myself in the world, I would do that again by reading, just as I did when I was young.”

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