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4 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND THIS organization was formed in 1893 composed largely of women especially concerned about the increase of drunkenness during the depression

5 100 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND WHAT is The Anti-Saloon League (1893)

6 Home Study course growing out of THIS movement in New York state became popular during the 1890s SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND


8 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND Beautifying the cities was the theme of the Chicago World’s Fair (1893). One lasting development from the Fair was THIS

9 WHAT is expansion of urban public parks 300 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND

10 THIS man transmitted voice over the air without wires in 1892 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND

11 400 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND WHO is Nathan Stubblefield

12 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND The Kinetoscope invented by THIS man permitted the viewing of motion pictures in 1893

13 WHO is Thomas Edison 500 SOCIAL&CULTURAL: / CLEVELAND

14 THIS woman and THIS institution of hers in Chicago continued to function as a means of settling poor immigrants from Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and elsewhere into American society

15 100 WHAT was Jane Addams’ Hull House

16 The Settlement House movement and institutions functioned as a means of settling poor immigrants AND also lobbied against THESE two labor issues

17 What were : lobbied against 1. sweatshop labor conditions and lobbied for 2. bans on child labor 200

18 McKinley’s wartime leadership and tragic assassination closed one door in American history, but opened another door to the leadership of this man as the FIRST “progressive” president POLITICS OF THE PERIOD: /McKinley

19 300 WHO is Theodore Roosevelt ? - McKinley’s Vice President POLITICS OF THE PERIOD: /McKinley

20 ELECTION OF 1900 The Republican Party chose Theodore Roosevelt as McKinley’s vice presidential running mate. The G.O.P. platform called for THESE things

21 What is 1. upholding the Gold Standard for full economic recovery 2. economic expansion and power in the Caribbean and the pacific 3. building a canal in Central America 400 POLITICS OF THE PERIOD: /McKinley ELECTION OF 1900

22 THIS was the Democratic Party’s presidential & vice presidential ticket in the election of 1900 ELECTION OF 1900

23 500 WHO is For the Democrats President = William Jennings Bryan Vice President = Adlai Stevenson ELECTION OF 1900

24 THESE were the main features of the DEMOCRATIC Party platform in the Election of 1900 ELECTION OF 1900

25 WHAT IS Democratic Party Platform condemning Imperialism (condemning the Spanish American War Treaty) 2. condemning the Gold Standard Riding the crest of the victory against Spain in the Spanish American War, McKinley easily won re-election and the Republicans retained control of both house of Congress 100 ELECTION OF 1900

26 THESE were three third parties that drew attention to THESE issues in the Election of 1900 ELECTION OF 1900

27 WHAT IS 1. Populist Party (fading) = pro- inflation 2. Socialist Democratic Party (Eugene V. Debs) = nationalization of major industries 3. Prohibition Party = ban on alcohol production & consumption 200 ELECTION OF 1900


29 POLITICS OF THE PERIOD: /McKinley THIS man assassinated President McKinley while he was attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York for THIS reason

30 300 Who was Leon Czolgosz assassinated President McKinley Reason: he was an anarchist sworn to destroy all government POLITICS OF THE PERIOD: /McKinley

31 President Theodore Roosevelt promised a “square deal” for all Americans. Progressive economic reform was geared to THESE two goals THE ECONOMY: /McKinley

32 400 THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR What is 1.the rejuvenation of free enterprise capitalism following the 1893 depression 2.The destruction of illegal monopolies In this way, radicals would be denied an audience for more revolutionary and violent change

33 THIS act (1898) reformed and standardized procedures for bankruptcy, and the responsibilities of creditors and debtors THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR

34 What is the FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY ACT (1898) 500 THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR

35 THIS act (1898) provided for mediation by the chair of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the commissioner of the Bureau of Labor in unresolved railroad labor controversies THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR

36 WHAT IS the ERDMAN ACT (1898) 100 THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR

37 THIS act (1900) standardized the amount of gold in the dollar at 25.8 grains, 9/10s fine. A separate gold reserve was set apart from other general funds and government bonds were sold to maintain the reserve THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR

38 WHAT is the CURRENCY ACT (1900) 200 THE ECONOMY: /McKinley/TR

39 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPEMENTS: /McKinley/TR This book by Thorsten Veblen (1899) attacked the “predatory wealth” and “conspicuous consumption” of the new rich of the gilded age

40 WHAT IS Theory of the Leisure Class (1899) by Thorsten Veblen 300 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPEMENTS: /McKinley/TR

41 In his book, Theory of the Leisure Class (1899), Thorsten Veblen added evidence and argument to a critique begun by THIS man in his book How the Other Half Lives (1890) that documented the gnawing poverty, illness, crime and despair of New York’s slums. SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPEMENTS: /McKinley/TR

42 400 WHO IS Jacob Riis that documented the gnawing poverty, illness, crime and despair of New York’s slums. Wrote How the Other Half Lives (1890) that documented the gnawing poverty, illness, crime and despair of New York’s slums. SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPEMENTS: /McKinley/TR

43 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPEMENTS: /McKinley/TR THIS author wrote the book McTeague(1899) which chronicled a man’s regression to brutish animal behavior in the dog-eat-dog world of unbridled and unregulated capitalist competition AND the book The Octopus (1901) that condemned monopoly

44 500 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DEVELOPEMENTS: /McKinley/TR Who was Frank Norris

45 The political activity of the late 1800s can best be described as THIS

46 What is politicians did not address the problems caused by the rapid social and economic changes of the times? 100

47 The most striking feature of the political party system in the late 1800s was THIS

48 200 What is its stability and strength ?


50 In the 1890s, the groups of potential voters who were disenfranchised include THESE groups

51 300 What is most women, almost all blacks, many poor southern whites ?

52 During the late 1800s the only significant form of federal assistance to individuals was THIS

53 400 What is the retired veterans pension

54 In the late 1800s public officeholders tended to be concerned primarily with THIS

55 500 What is winning elections, controlling patronage, and dispensing jobs ?

56 During the late 1800s, the function of the president was to do THIS

57 What is spend much of his time making political appointments ? 100

58 In the political battles of the late 1800s, THESE two rival factions within the Republican Party fought over political patronage

59 What is: the Stalwarts and the Half Breeds ? 200

60 The assassination of James A. Garfield occurred as a result of the conflict between these two factions over patronage

61 What is Stalwarts and Half Breeds ? 300

62 The purpose of the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883 was to to THIS

63 What is fill some government jobs on the basis of competitive examinations ? 400

64 The election of 1884 was typical of national contests in the late 1800s because of its emphasis on THIS

65 500 What is personalities rather than policies ?



68 Grover Cleveland lost the election of 1888 partly because of THIS issue

69 What is lowering tariffs ?

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