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ACAP XXI & National Guard Support ------------------------- 1.

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1 ACAP XXI & National Guard Support ------------------------- 1

2 Army Career And Alumni Program (ACAP) Overview Provides transition and employment services to transitioning Active Duty and Reserve Component Service Members, Family Members, and DoD Civilians 2

3 FY 2011 ACAP Services Reserve Component Comparison National Guard & ACAP ACAP FY 2011 Reserve & ACAP ACAP FY 2011 3

4 ACAP XXI Employment Resource Tools for Clients ◦ JATA (Job Assistance Training Application) ◦ Resume and Cover Letter Software ◦ Interviewing Record Management System Reporting System 4

5 Initial Access All users (client and staff) must have an AKO account to access 5

6 Staff Access 6

7 Scenario 1 (Demobilization Briefing Follow up) SITUATION: 375 National Guardsmen are demobilizing at Fort Dix, NJ Preseparation Briefing is conducted by ACAP Counselor A copy of the DD 2648-1 form is collected for input ACTION: ACAP Center staff enter DD From 2648-1 into ACAP XXI RESULTS: TAAs will be able to view client records, review DD Form 2648-1 selection and make contact with National Guardsmen ACAP XXI FUNCTIONS: Proxy Registration Client View 7

8 Proxy Registration Enter DD Form 2648-1 demographic information and selections into ACAP XXI Creates a client record 8

9 Client View Individual client record access Search requires last 4 of SSN or full SSN Allows staff member to: ◦ Edit client demographic information ◦ Add date of event completion or benchmark ◦ Add or read client notes ◦ Review client progress and event attendance 9

10 Demo 10

11 Scenario 2 (Yellow Ribbon Event) SITUATION In preparation for the upcoming 30-day Yellow Ribbon event, the Rhode Island Transition Assistance Advisor wants to email his/her service members to remind them about events that they have signed up for and provide additional information to client via email. ACTION TAA creates an event in the system which allows clients to sign up for the events. RESULTS TAAs can email clients prior to events, record attendance, and email attendees after the event. ACAP XXI Functions Center Maintenance Scheduler 11

12 Center Maintenance Maintain ACAP XXI Information ◦ Events ◦ Staff Accounts ◦ Center Information ◦ Unit Names 12

13 Scheduler ◦ TAAs or clients can schedule or cancel appointments ◦ System will create an attendance roster ◦ TAAs can email all attendees a reminder from the attendance roster 13

14 Demo 14

15 Scenario 3 (Create a Client Record) SITUATION : A Navy reservist contacts the TAA and states that he heard about the TAA from his neighbor and the neighbor suggested he contact him. ACTION: The TAA creates a client record into ACAP XXI The TAA enters notes about discussion with client The TAA informs the client on how to complete the preseparation briefing virtually or in a physical location RESULTS: Client record is created and TAA is able to add notes and track progress of client ACAP XXI Functions: Pre-registration Client View 15

16 Preregistration Enter demographic information into ACAP XXI for first time users Partial record with only last four of SSN 16

17 Client View Individual client record access Search requires last 4 of SSN or full SSN Allows staff member to: ◦ Edit client demographic information ◦ Add date of event completion or benchmark ◦ Add or read client notes ◦ Review client progress and event attendance 17

18 Demo 18

19 Scenario 4 (Data is requested by leadership) SITUATION: TAA is asked to provide data on client services to leadership ACTION: The TAA access reports in ACAP XXI to provide needed information The TAA performs queries to provide more specific data that is not currently identified in reports RESULTS: Client data is provided to leadership ACAP XXI Functions: Reports Query 19

20 Reports Some based on separation date, some on completion date Eleven of the reports include statistics on Reserve Component Soldiers (Reserve and National Guard) Always read the legend! 20

21 Reports (cont’d) Unit Roster Report Individual AW2/MEB/PEB Report Online Preseparation Follow Up Event No Shows Detail Report Resource Usage Summary Report Events Report Online Resource Usage Report AW2/MEB/PEB Progress Summary Preseparation Counseling Workload Report DD Form 2648-1 Cohorts Report DD Form 2648-1 by Service Component Report 21

22 Queries Create specialized reports for information or for client follow up 22

23 Demo 23

24 ACAP XXI Access Online ACAP Webpage allows access to ACAP XXI ◦ Service members can complete DD Form 2648-1 ◦ Manage appointments ◦ Write Resumes and Cover Letters ◦ Use Interviewing Tools 24

25 25

26 Client log-in through ACAP webpage 26

27 Quality Control ACAP Secure Portal designed for a choice based program ◦ Clients may make wrong choices when registering (incorrect location, incorrect status) ◦ Client can register and complete DD Form 2648-1 virtually Run QC Queries/Reports Daily Follow up with clients who register virtually Technical Tickets 27

28 Technical Issues Technical problems or questions with ACAP XXI can be addressed by emailing Tanya Idell at 28

29 Questions 29

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