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1 2009 “Occasionally something different happens, a collective awakening to new possibilities that changes everything over time – how people see the world, what they value, how society defines progress and organizes itself, and how institutions operate. The Renaissance was such a shift, as was the Industrial Revolution. So, too, is what is starting to happen around the world today.” Peter Senge, The Necessary Revolution

2 The Green Economy and Community Based Workforce Development Organizations Massachusetts Workforce Alliance, 2009

3 2009 Three goals: 1.Understanding the opportunity 2.Identifying the unique role for and needs of community based wd programs 3.Outlining next steps

4 2009 What is the ‘green’ economy? And why is it growing?

5 2009 What is a ‘green’ job?

6 2009 Apollo Alliance’s definition: Green-collar jobs are well paid, career track jobs that contribute directly to preserving or enhancing environmental quality.

7 2009 Green-Collar Jobs… Rebuild a strong middle class Provide pathways out of poverty Require some new skills (and some new thinking about old skills) Tend to be local jobs Strengthen urban and rural communities Protect our health and the health of the planet definition from Green For All

8 2009 CA Employment Development Department Green is any activity or service that performs at least one of the following: Generating renewable energy Recycling existing materials Energy efficient product manufacturing, construction, installation and maintenance Education, compliance and awareness Natural and sustainable product manufacturing

9 2009 Industry sectors Energy Construction Transportation Material waste / Recycling /Deconstruction Non-toxic materials and processes Food / Agriculture Water Local production

10 Job Projections

11 2009 Summary of US Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Industries in 2007 Management Information Services Inc. and American Solar Energy Society, 2008 IndustryRevenues (billions) Industry Jobs (thousands) Total Jobs (thousands) Renewable Energy$42.58218504 Energy Efficiency$1,002.923,7458,586 TOTAL$1,0045.503,9639,090

12 2009 Construction The overall green building market is likely to more than double from today’s $36-49 billion to $96-140 billion by 2013 (Source: McGraw Hill Construction (2009). Green Outlook 2009: Trends Driving Change.)

13 What kinds of jobs?

14 2009 R. Pinderhughes entry level green jobs, Bay Area, CA 22 sectors with entry level jobs, including Bicycle repair and bike delivery Car and truck mechanic jobs related to alternative fuels Waste composting Hazardous materials clean up Public transit jobs

15 2009 Pollin, Green Recovery Identified jobs in Building Retrofit Mass Transit/Freight Rail Smart Grid Wind and Solar Advanced Biofuels

16 2009 Also Electricians Plumbers Green roof installers and maintainers Building maintainers Utility workers

17 There will be some new jobs others will be refocused

18 2009 MA Clean Energy Sector: 14,400 jobs in clean energy cluster Now 10 th largest industry in the state Surveyed executives expect 30% job growth in renewable energy firms and 25% for energy efficiency firms over the next year. Mass Clean Energy Industry Census Report, August 2007, Mass Technology Collaborative

19 2009 Clean Tech Agenda Make Massachusetts a leader in clean tech 5 areas of opportunity for MA 1.Safer alternatives – non-toxic / less toxic products and processes 2.Green building 3.Emerging materials – bio and nano technologies 4.Clean energy 5.Materials re-use Clean Tech: An Agenda for a Healthy Economy, 2007

20 2009 policy and regulation

21 2009 MA picture Green Communities Act Green Jobs bill Global Warming Solutions Act Oceans Act Clean Energy Biofuels Act Decoupling Commonwealth Solar program

22 2009 Other MA efforts and organizations Clean Energy Center NE Clean Energy Council Mass Technology Collaborative community energy committees Mass Green Jobs Coalition (MAGJC)

23 2009 National picture American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka stimulus package) 2 years of funding Quick start projects Unclear how some monies will come to states and programs; much will come through traditional channels and formulas 79,000 jobs created in MA (us gov estimate)

24 2009 Training Additional WIA funding Energy efficiency and renewable energy worker training funds Worker training funds for electricity delivery and energy reliability activities (DOE) Highway construction OJT and support funds

25 2009 Industries stimulated Weatherization and building retrofit Expanding mass transit and freight rail Constructing smart electrical grid Renewable energy Water and land use/clean up Road and bridge construction

26 2009 Other national actors: Green For All Apollo Alliance One Sky Blue Green Alliance (United Steel Workers and Sierra Club)

27 2009 What kinds of knowledge and skills are needed?

28 2009 Specific skills are needed, as well as… Readiness to work Basic skills in math, writing, communication, and analysis Facility with computers Concern about the environment and the community Ability to communicate technically and plainly with customers Ability to be flexible and adapt to change

29 2009 And, There is a premium on understanding the situation, systems thinking, making connections Because this is a watershed time in our global economy/structure, a lot isn’t yet known

30 2009 Credentials/certifications Energy efficiency Solar Insulation Construction Safety

31 2009 Examples of Community Based ‘green’ WD programs Solar Richmond – pv installation Sustainable South Bronx / DC Greenworks – green roofs, urban arboriculture WAGES – non-toxic cleaning Piedmont Biofuels - biodiesel Growing Home – urban farming Second Chance - deconstruction

32 2009 Other training providers Community and Technical Colleges Unions Training accredited by national organizations

33 2009 What can help grow this economy? National and state policy and regulation Municipal policy and regulation; municipal purchasing Industry investment Market demand Citizen education and activism and advocacy

34 2009 Discussion What are the assets cbos bring to training? What needs to happen for cbos serving low income communities in MA to be significantly involved? on the practical and policy levels What would helpful for the legislature to know about wd cbos and the populations that they serve?

35 Building a competitive and equitable green economy means investing in the backbone of America’s labor force: workers with more than high school, but less than a four-year degree. Green Collar Jobs in America’s Cities

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