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Membership Services Board (MSB) Annual Leadership Seminar January 24-25, 2002.

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1 Membership Services Board (MSB) Annual Leadership Seminar January 24-25, 2002

2 Membership Services Board Job Products Membership services, programs, and benefits Membership retention and growth Evaluation of applicants’ membership grade Membership dues and fees schedule Member career development programs Selection of nominees for Fellow grade membership

3 Membership Services Board Customers External customers include: Mobility engineers Members who take advantage of special member benefits The Public at Large with regard to mobility issues Nominees for SAE Fellow membership and SAE Fellows

4 Membership Services Board Customers (Cont’d) Internal customers include: SAE Board of Directors SAE Finance Committee (regarding the SAE dues structure) SAE Committees of the Membership Services Board SAE Staff

5 Membership Services Board 2002 Team Composition (Members & Staff) Joanne T. Woestman, Chair Bruce Brownlee (T) Steve Gadzinski, Vice Chair Michael D. Madley Paula Pacholke-Dumont Daniel Putnam Tanya B. Schmertzler Steve Smith (T) Joyce A. Thomas Robert J. Wheelock, Past Chair Dave Mitchell, Staff

6 Membership Services Board 2002 Committees and Chairs Awards & Recognition Committee -- David E. Cole Company Representative Committee – Susan Field Fellow Committee – Thomas Morel Membership Committee – Lee Grant Membership Benefits Committee -- Peter Rosinski Membership Grading Committee – Bob Miller Public Relations Committee – Dean Case Women Engineers Committee – Carla Preston

7 Membership Services Board Key Activities Monitor member satisfaction with SAE and its products and services Develop special member benefits and group discounts Review and promote SAE award and recognition programs Promote membership growth Provide career development programs including employment assistance

8 Membership Services Board Key Activities (Cont’d) Enhance SAE’s role as a technical liaison between government and industry on issues related to mobility Grade and process applications for membership Carry out public affairs programs related to mobility/safety Organize programs which meet the needs of women, minority engineers, and other diverse groups.

9 Membership Growth 83,755 SAE BRASIL membership included Data for 1907-1908 estimated.

10 Adult Membership Growth 65,115 SAE BRASIL membership not in figures 1993-2001

11 SAE Membership Retention Not including SAE BRASIL

12 Membership Retention Rate Percentage

13 Total Membership SAE BRASIL

14 SAE Membership Number of New Members

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