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Sections Board (SB) Annual Leadership Seminar January 24-25, 2002.

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1 Sections Board (SB) Annual Leadership Seminar January 24-25, 2002

2 Sections Board Job Products Sections/affiliate societies Member surveys Local Activities Bureau Officer leadership seminars Strategic planning workshops Section self-evaluation tools Operating guidelines and procedure manuals

3 Sections Board Job Products (Cont’d) Dues reimbursement schedule Audit and budget process On-site support from staff Awards and recognition

4 Sections Board Customers External Section Members, Non-Member Guests Section Officers Local Industry Public-at-Large Affiliate Society Leadership and Staff

5 Sections Board Customers Internal SAE Board of Directors Operating Boards and Committees Staff

6 Sections Board 2002 Team Composition (Members & Staff) Steven W. Woodard, Chair Ronald G. Rath, Vice Chair Landon Sproull, Past Chair Andrew P. Barnes Mark E. Bauer H. Charles Buchanan Ruth C. Cooper Louis G. DeGrace, Jr. David I. Gourley Jeffrey C. Hansell Robert C. Heitzman James L. Houch Andrew J. Jeffers Kent Jones Daniel R. Kapellen Kenneth R. Katz Yannick G. Montagano Michael D. Myers Eugen M. Negrus Eduardo Paredes Nicholas K. Petek Jeffrey S. Stukenborg Allan J. Vanden Berg Paul D. Wiczynski Edward S. Widder John Casker, SAE Staff

7 Sections Board Key Activities Provide support to Sections in identifying and meeting member needs locally Train Section officers Distribute dues reimbursements to Sections Develop new Sections worldwide Partner with other SAE boards and committees to benefit members at local level Establish and support affiliate societies

8 Number of Sections International and Brazil Sections Included 93

9 Attendees at All Section Events

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