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-Summery -Analysis -Questions By Nicky, Haifei & Peter.

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1 -Summery -Analysis -Questions By Nicky, Haifei & Peter.

2 Summery There have a strong miller live in Cambridge, he always bullied those people around him. He was using the knife and nobody want to make friend with him. He will bought his mill or grinding by steal. His wife was well-rounded and had been raised in a nunnery.

3 They were both proud of their twenty year-old daughter and six month-old baby boy. In miller, Cambridge was the main large college clients, and he will cheat the other clients. One day, the College Steward was ill and cannot take the corn to the mill. Two students at the college, John and Allen. Miller decide to expose him because he dishonest. However the miller was very smart and when the students arrived, he cannot believe their game. When the students were not looking, he united their horse and make they escape. In addition, when the students discovered this, they went out to find the horse.

4 When they were finding for the horse, the miller emptied half the flour and gave it to his wife from the sack. When the dark coming, John and Allen return with their horse. And then they asked the miller if they could spend the night in the mill. They offered to pay for food and lodging. Miller agreed but he said you guys can only live in one room and sleep in one bed together, and it was no light in the living room. Last miller and his family went to sleep. When everyone was asleep, John and Alan decided to take revenge on the miller. Alan gets up and goes to the daughter’s bed, and they got on just fine.

5 The miller's wife got up in order to relieve herself of the large amount of wine she had consumed, and she went back to his bed, she of course went to the bed where her baby’s cot was. Next day morning Miller got up and saw his wife was sex in the bed with John. Dawn comes, Alan really to left here and Malyne tells he to look behind the main door to find the bread she had helped make with the flour her father had stolen. And then Miller was very angry about the students. John and Alan flee without paying for their food and lodgings, taking with them the bread and horse. The Reeve goes on to say that the Miller was well beaten not having been paid for the lodging, food or his services.

6 Analysis Miller: Insidious, always stole from ptrons of the flour mill at Cambridge University. Miller's wife: Born in aristocratic family. Miller's daughter: A very beautiful girl. John and Alan: Cambridge University students, voluntary work to the miller.

7 Comparison Similarity: all about love story. Difference: knight's tale worries about courtly love and two knights fight for Emily. Reeve's tale talks about two men fornicated with miller's wife.

8 Questions What is Symkyn’s Job? He is a Miller.

9 Why the miller steals the clerks' flour and gives it to his wife to bake a loaf of bread? Because their thieves.

10 Why John and Alan run away without paying for their food and lodgings, taking with them the bread and horse? Because Symkyn rises from his bed in a rage, waking his wife in John's bed, who takes a club and hits her raging husband by mistake, thinking him one of the students.

11 Why Malyne is also described as a "wenche“? Which usually means "immoral" or "wanton" woman, but can also mean merely "a poor woman".

12 Oswald responds with a tale that mocks the Miller's profession. What is the most important thing the story tell us?

13 Notes: Images from PowerPoint by Nicky Li. All Rights received.

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