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THE MILLER’S TALE By S&C Development. Here comes the muscular red – beard pervert.

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1 THE MILLER’S TALE By S&C Development

2 Here comes the muscular red – beard pervert.

3 The Miller The Miller's physical description fits his story, which is an absolute dirty story as well as himself. He is a muscular man, full of muscle and bone. He is always the winner at wrestling. Short shouldered, broad and thick set; red beard, a wart on his nose from which bristly red hairs protruded made him look fearful. Play the bagpipes as the pilgrims left the town. (He tells a dirty story about a carpenter John.)


5 Prologue Analysis The pilgrims applaud the Knight’s Tale, and the pleased Host asks the Monk to match it. Before the Monk can say a word, the Miller interrupts. The Miller, who is very drunk, announces that he will tell a story about a carpenter. He introduces his tale as a legend and a life of a carpenter and of his wife, and of how a clerk made a fool of the carpenter, which everyone understands to mean that the clerk slept with the carpenter’s wife. The Reeve, Oswald, objects because he was once a carpenter.

6 Chaucer then warns the reader that this tale might be a bit rude and uncivilized, but he must tell all the stories because a prize is at stake. He warns that those who are easily offended should skip to another Then the crazy Miller begins his tale. ………………………………………………………………………………………. From the prologue, we know that the Miller is not the kind of guy any woman with any sense would want to spend the rest of the life with. He is a pervert and a drunkard. This story is just the right story for the Miller since his tale is as obscene as he is.


8 The Miller’s Tale Nicholas, a college boy who studied astrology has a feeling for Alison, a wife of a wealthy but ignorant old carpenter named John. John is jealous and highly possessive of his sexy eighteen- year-old wife, Alison. One day, the carpenter leaves, and Nicholas and Alison begin flirting. After a few sweet words, she agrees to sleep with him when it is safe to do so. She is worried that John will find out, but Nicholas is confident he can outwit the carpenter.

9 Nicholas tricks the husband, John, into thinking that another Noah's flood is coming, and makes him hide in a tub that is nailed above the house for the time that the flood comes. The husband does this, and Nicholas and the wife are able to make love all evening. Absalon, another young man who is in love with the John’s wife, comes over to the house to try to win Alison’s heart,but she and Nicholas reject him.

10 The couple are so mean to Absalon. Alison tricks Absalon, sticking her butt out the window and having him kiss it. When Nicholas tries to make Absalon kiss his butt, Absalon sticks him with a hot poker. Nicholas cries for water  the husband thinks that this is the sign that the flood is coming, and so he falls out of his tub and landed on the ground. Everyone thinks he’s going craaazzzy!



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