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The crucible Written by Arthur miller

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1 The crucible Written by Arthur miller
You will need your notebook (or a piece of paper) for Bell Work today.

2 Bell Work Why is it easier to relinquish responsibility for your actions when you are part of a group? 15 minute journal entry

Word, Illustrate, Define, Example Sentence (original) 1. Adamant 2. Anarchy 3. Contentious 4. Corroborate 5. Deference 6. Immaculate 7. Imperceptible 8. Iniquity 9. Subservient

4 The Salem Witch Trials

5 Meet the author: Arthur miller
Page 238

6 Background The Crucible is based on the witch trials that took place in the Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts, in At these trials, spectral evidence—the testimony of a church member who claimed to have seen a person’s spirit performing witchcraft—was enough to sentence the accused to death. Miller studied the court records of the trials to gain insight into his characters—all of whom were real people— and get a feel for the Puritan way of speaking. Above all, he wanted to capture the mood of a time when no one was safe.

7 Readers Needed: Tituba Parris Abigail Susanna Mrs. Putnam Putnam
Narrator/Stage Directions

8 Begin Act I of the crucible

9 Honors 11 Bell Work Text Analysis Workshop
Read and take notes on pages This information will show up on a future quiz!

10 What fuels a mob? Begin thinking about this question as we read through Act I of The Crucible. Can you make any connections to modern society or current events? Homework: Complete Act I (and questions) by our next class meeting. Be ready for a quiz!

11 Act I Questions 1. How might comments like the ones that Mrs. Putnam makes in lines contribute to a sense of hysteria among the townsfolk? 2. According to the stage directions in lines , why does Putnam continue to talk about witches? 3. Why might Abigail resist Proctor’s decision to end their affair? 4. As Proctor responds to Abigail’s insults about Elizabeth in lines , what do his words and stage directions suggest about his view of his marriage? 5. How might Parris’s attitude harm his ability to deal effectively with the witchcraft scare?

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