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Arthur Miller & “The Crucible”

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1 Arthur Miller & “The Crucible”
Electronic Scavenger Hunt English III Mr. Clements Click on me to begin

2 Electronic Scavenger Hunt
Objective: Your task is to navigate your way through the links provided by this PowerPoint and the presentation itself to comprehend the historical context of the play “The Crucible” and analyze and evaluate how the time period of the 1940s influenced Arthur Miller.

3 Electronic Scavenger Hunt
Reminder: There are many fun facts and interesting elements in this scavenger hunt, take the time to listen to sound clips and watch video clips that will immerse you in the environment.

4 Research As you explore the scavenger hunt looking for clues, make sure that you are correctly citing information on your source cards. You are to complete at least one (1) source card per day in the computer lab. Keep in mind the following question: “What was the true ‘witch hunt’?

5 The Fear Communism

6 The Fear Communism

7 The Influence Senator Joseph McCarthy

8 The Influence

9 The Result The Hollywood Ten

10 Who is the Real “Witch?” The Hollywood Ten Sara Good

11 Works Cited Page Visit the link provided and follow the instructions to create your works cited page from the information gathered through your research. Be sure to select “MLA” to begin!

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