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Crocketteers Meeting - September 25, 2009 (No. 00001)

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1 Crocketteers Meeting - September 25, 2009 (No. 00001)

2 Introduction Michael Macias – Founder Crocketteers –Name Derived from David Crockett A connection to Texas and more specifically, San Antonio History A Member is known simply as a Crocketteer –Shield –Motto -“Victory or Death” On February 24, 1836, William B. Travis wrote a “Letter from the Alamo” addressed to The People of Texas & All Americans In The World “…If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country. Victory or Death.” The envelope that contained the letter was labeled “Victory or Death.” 10 days after the letter was written Travis, Crockett, and 189 Texans perished within the gates of The Alamo.

3 Motto underscored at The Alamo

4 Purpose Exist to help San Antonio standout as a future destination for professional soccer Support a future professional soccer franchise

5 Goals Increase our membership base Build a presence locally Support soccer events in San Antonio area

6 Expectations Expectations of Members –At this early stage, there really isn’t much. –Some will naturally want to be more involved –Others fine being a silent fan/supporter of our cause –Either way, we want to continue to build a large network of San Antonio soccer supporters –Will look into how other supporters groups establish different membership levels. –With the possibility of media attention, we expect members to keep group knowledge confidential. We will be explicit about what should stay within the Crocketteers organization. Expectations of Group –Patience is key –Growth will be gradual –Maturation will occur “naturally” –Expect future guidelines especially concerning confidentiality Future Meetings –Frequency TBD –Agenda will exist –Will allow for members to voice opinions, ideas, and suggestions.

7 Web Site:

8 Existing Supporters Group Texian Army (Houston Dynamo)

9 Existing Supporters Group Emerald City Supporters (Seattle Sounders)

10 Existing Supporters Groups U-Sector & Red Patch Boys (Toronto FC)

11 Existing Supporters Groups Sons of Ben (Philadelphia Union)

12 Inspiration from Sons of Ben

13 MLS in Philadelphia

14 Questions?

15 What about San Antonio? Featured Speaker: Dr. Ed Sakiewicz


17 Bio Ties with Major League Soccer

18 Bio (Continued) Ties with United Soccer Leagues

19 Bio (Continued) International Ties (EPL, La Liga, International Clubs)

20 Bio (Continued) Local Work & Leadership (SAMYS / Texas Pro Soccer Fest / Other Events)

21 Bio (Continued) Professional / Entrepreneurial (SA Pro Soccer, Keeper-Skool, Top Flight Football, Footballers FC)

22 Bio (Continued) Professional National Soccer Affiliations (NSCAA, US Soccer, USSF) Local / Regional Youth Soccer Associations (NTYSA, STYSA, NEYSO and clubs such as Classics Elite, SAU, etc.)

23 Major League Soccer in San Antonio Past attempts for MLS o Negative Publicity  Locally  MLS Front Office SA Pro Soccer's attempt for MLS in San Antonio o Met with several interested investor groups o Discussed prospects of San Antonio with key officials in MLS Issues with venue o Why or why not Alamodome? Other potential venue locations o I-35 Corridor

24 Major League Soccer in San Antonio Importance of Supporter's Group Historical Context – Northerners / Red Patch Boys (Tor) - 2000+ / 1000+ members – Section 8 (Chi) - 1500+ – Barra Brava / Screaming Eagles (DC) - 1250+ / 200+ – Texian Army / El Battalon (Hou) - 1000+ members – Sons of Ben (Phi) - 5000+ Importance for SA Supporters Group for Pro Soccer Success -Crocketteers Support of SA Pro Soccer's Efforts – Texas Pro Soccer Fest – Other local grassroots events Community Involvement – Presence at MLS Sanctioned events (i.e MLS SuperDraft) – SoB model (received approval from SoB leadership for open collaboration with Crocketteers)

25 United Soccer Leagues in San Antonio Presence locally / regionally New ownership at USL / Viability of league NuRock Soccer Holdings - Alek Papadakis, CEO Current group, SS&E, securing market for USL D-1 Currently in external discussion with SS&E in an advocacy role Stadium challenges Stadium options Pros and Cons / MLS vs USL

26 Growing the Game in San Antonio San Antonio Metropolitan Youth Soccer Institute (SAMYS) o 501(c)3 created to build youth soccer facilities  Volunteer Board of local professionals with ties to the game o Soccer Texas, Schertx  42 acre complex o Brooks City Base Pre-season Friendlies o Metrostars v Colorado International Matches o Dominica v Mexico - World Cup Qualifier o Guademala v Mexico - Friendly o Multiple Interliga Matches

27 Growing the Game in San Antonio MLS Futbolito o National Hispanic Youth Soccer Tournament Soccer Specific Stadium - Cibolo, Tx o Worked with former City Manager and Asst. City Manager to build the region's only SSS. o Impetus to build stadium was the 2008 TPSF

28 2010 Texas Pro Soccer Festival What is it? o 4-team MLS pre-season soccer event including:  Pre-season training camp  6 games in a round-robin double-header tournament  Community events  2nd Annual TPSF Scheduled for March of 2010 History  Inaugural event held in Cibolo, TX in 2008  Toronto FC, Chivas USA, Houston Dynamo, DC United Online Presence o o Twitter:

29 2010 Texas Pro Soccer Festival (cont) Importance of Festival o Litmus test for MLS o Shows market viability for pro team o High Exposure event  Deputy Commissioner was in attendance for all matches in 2008  MLS provided all referees and officials (at their cost) to referee the matches  All Teams and MLS showcased the event on their homepages  Local, Regional and National Media coverage  Currently negotiating contracts with national and international brands for sponsorships

30 2010 Texas Pro Soccer Festival (cont) Organizational Structure of Festival Ownership / Leadership Ed Sakiewicz - CEO & Managing Partner Chris Campasano - President & Managing Partner Management Director of Operations – James Hope Director of Sponsorships – Rob Yowell (Gemini Sports) Director of Teams & Hospitality- Luisa and Ivan Ferreris Director of Marketing - (vacant) Director of Media & Communications - (vacant)

31 2010 Texas Pro Soccer Festival (cont) Organizational Needs Operations Ticket Sales (2-3) Ticket Takers (3-4) Grassroots Coordinators Fan & Youth Soccer (2) Game Day Operations Ushers (20-30) Field Security (5-10) Concessions Teams Team Liaisons (8) Marketing PR / Communications (1-2) Graphic Designer (1-2) Web Manager (1-2)

32 2010 Texas Pro Soccer Festival (cont) Grassroots Advocacy SAMYS Nonprofit Charitable Arm Crocketteers Provided full exposure opportunities at games and grassroots events At Stadium (own section within VIP area) Invitation to Meet & Greet Party Branding exposure on TPSF website, field signage, etc. Other opportunities (sponsorships) Youth Soccer (from club level to state association level) Adult Soccer (from club level to state association level) San Antonio Sports Foundation Hispanic Marketing & Community Outreach (various groups) Military Austin / IH-35 Outreach

33 Closing Comments Thank You! Additional Questions? Michael Macias Social Time / Networking / Fellowship

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