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Open Meeting March 22 nd, 2004. Introductions: Rainbow Staff Rainbow Board of Directors.

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1 Open Meeting March 22 nd, 2004

2 Introductions: Rainbow Staff Rainbow Board of Directors

3 Staff Director: Victoria Brawley Director of Sunbow Sevens: Antony Ellis Director of Chapel Hill United: Dave Gunnels –Directors of Coaching: Mike Strand, Bill Cederberg Director of Sunset: Juan Sarabia Bookkeeper: Alice Craft Field Representatives: Sarah Ivey, Aaron Mintes, Vicky Brawley, Alan Grier Webmaster: Alan Grier

4 Rainbow Board of Directors Director: Vicky Brawley Members: Gary Bird, Brad Hemminger, Pam Hemminger, Jorge Izquierdo, Bob Jenkins, Mike Strand.

5 Agenda Goals History Recent Changes Operations Finances Vision for the Future Fundraising Open Discussion, Q&A time

6 Goals Provide a quality soccer environment supporting both recreational and competitive soccer for youth and adults. Develop sportsmanship and community spirit. Welcome players of all skill levels.

7 Organizational History 1972 –1990: Kip Ward (Director) and Vicky Brawley Ward ran Rainbow, without a Board of Directors. 1990: Vicky Brawley became Rainbow Director and added a Board of Directors to help oversee the organization. 1990s: Rainbow added Sunbow Sevens, and then Challenge (competitive division).

8 Growth in Rainbow Participation Participation doubled since 1990 1972 1990 199520002004 60 200 900 1400 1800 Participants 1981-90 ~800 players 40-50 teams 1981 2004 ~1800 players 135 teams 1995 ~1485 players 78 teams *

9 History of Rainbow: Fields Rainbow Soccer was formed in 1972, and began playing on what are called the Rainbow Soccer fields in 1973. Rainbow does not own the “Rainbow fields” land. The Rainbow fields were originally lent to Rainbow in a gentleman’s agreement with William Muirhead, the original owner and developer of the Glen Lennox apartments. They were acquired by the Kenan Hamner Investment Group who agreed to continue the gentleman’s agreement letting Rainbow use the fields.

10 History: Fields Cont’d The Investment Group considered development, but this was not possible as the fields (except for the grassy knoll) are in a Resource Conservation District floodplain. For a tax deductible donation, the land was then gifted to UNC in the early 1980s. Since then Rainbow has leased the fields from UNC on a yearly basis.

11 Rainbow in Transition: Recent Changes Small sided (7v7) games Better fields Operational Improvements Fiscal Accountability New Board members Bylaw Revision

12 Small Sided Games Beginning this Spring Season, recreational divisions within Rainbow changed to a 7v7 format. We have had a very positive experience with this format in Sunbow Sevens. The change is strongly recommended by all youth soccer organizations (references, US Youth Soccer guidelines).referencesUS Youth Soccer guidelines Smaller sided games offer more action for players, more touches on the ball, more scoring, and in general enhance the “soccer” experience.

13 Better Fields Renovations to YF3-6 (funding from Rainbow field savings, grants for field improvements, player field fees, and fund-raising). –Proper drainage –Better turf –Sloped, crowned –Improved parking and access More fields available Increased use of “neighborhood” fields for practices to minimize travel.

14 Field Renovations and Improvements Before…

15 Field Renovations and Improvements …After

16 ...there is a nature trail around the pond And for those seeking other diversions…

17 Then there is the ‘Ultimate’ field design: ….guaranteed to keep the fields well drained!

18 Staffed fields currently utilized Rainbow Smith Homestead Scroggs Cedar Falls Orange United Methodist Southern Village Bible Church Coming (Meadowmont, Southern Community Park, Twin Lakes, Durham Elementary School, Orange County Soccer Park).

19 Network of Field Locations in Chapel Hill and Carrboro PAST Active Soccer Fields

20 Network of Field Locations in Chapel Hill and Carrboro PRESENT Active Soccer Fields

21 Future Soccer Fields Network of Field Locations in Chapel Hill and Carrboro FUTURE

22 Fields: Future Direction Providing access to additional fields: We actively cooperate with Chapel Hill and Carrboro Parks and Rec. and the school systems, to provide access to quality fields. Proactively work with planning groups to spearhead bringing additional fields online.

23 Operational Improvements Online Registration –Fall 2003 was the first time it was utilized. –Initial season had difficulties; most issues have been fixed, –Online registration should provide a significant convenience to the participant, and help streamline office duties. Improved Office Coverage Personnel adjustments

24 Operational Improvements: Transparency and Communication As much as feasible we are attempting to provide ready access by participants to Rainbow operational and organizational information: –Web Access: Organizational information on the Web including league and registration information, game schedules, FAQs, operational budgets, coaching help, etc. –Phone Access: Multi-line weather hotlines for up-to-date operational information for all fields

25 Fiscal Accountability Proper accounting practices adopted, which allow the tracking of all expenses and revenues, and per division fiscal accountability. We now require each division to be solvent. Initiated annual budgets. After each season we will post an accounting summary(spring 2003, fall2003).spring 2003fall2003

26 Accounting: Fall 2003

27 Where do my Rainbow $$ go?




31 Price Comparison: Rainbow YMCA TASL CASL Fees:$65 $85 $68-$75 $78-$97 (25 players) (U-5/6 $65) Practices/week:2 0-1 none 0-1 Games/week:1111 Total weeks:109 10 7-11 Shirts provided:Yes??No # Participants:1800?? 10,000 Note: P&R Basketball cost is $86, fee is $35, town subsidizes the rest (12 Weeks, 1 practice one game).

32 Fiscal Accountability: Per Division To make each division solvent we are making the following changes: –More efficient use of Staff (and/or staff reductions). –Take advantage of sales tax reimbursement for non-profits after bylaws are updated to a proper form. –Reappraise registration fees. –Increase fund raising.

33 An effective organization is one where the Rainbow Director and Board of Directors communicate and work well together. Selection of new members by the Director with approval by the Board facilitates this, and has served Rainbow well in the recent years. Bylaws and Board of Directors

34 However, our practice does not match the original bylaws. These called for voting by members, a mechanism that was never used since the inception of the organization. The new bylaws correct this, bringing organizational structure and operation into accordance with actual practice. Bylaws and Board of Directors

35 Bylaw Revision Our bylaws are being updated to: –define a “standard” appointed board with mechanisms for appointment and removal in accordance with NC non-profits statutes. –Allow us to gain full financial benefits of being a non-profit organization. New Bylaws

36 Board member positions will become available on a regular basis. We want to ensure more representation of the Rainbow divisions on the Board. We want and need people with good skills to serve on the Board. If interested, please contact Vicky Brawley, Rainbow Director.. Bylaws: Board of Directors, Nominations

37 Vision for the Future: Offer more and improved soccer opportunities. Continue to provide access to additional quality fields. Complete field renovations on gated side (YF1-2) when sufficient funds are available. Maintain a balanced budget and accountability. Our Goal is to Enhance the Rainbow Experience YF1-2 YF3-4

38 Communicate information to participants as conveniently as possible. Maintain open channels for feedback from the Rainbow community. Vision for the Future: Our Goal is to Enhance the Rainbow Community Involvement

39 Volunteers: coaches, referees, board members, committee members. We need people with vision to serve on the Board …………….and……….. How can the Rainbow Community get Involved:

40 Fundraising!!! How can the Rainbow Community get Involved:

41 Question and Answer Time!

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