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PXL-500/-510 Tiger Controller II

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1 PXL-500/-510 Tiger Controller II
6 April 2004

2 The PXL-500 Controller Manages up to 65,535 cardholders
Buffers up to 3,640 events Events stored in FIFO (First-In-First-Out) order 6 April 2004

3 The PXL-500 Controller Controller addressing via push-button and LEDs
NO dip switches to set 6 April 2004

4 The PXL-500 Controller Auto configuration:
Doors software automatically downloads controller/network information - no manual data entry Controller network termination 6 April 2004

5 The PXL-500 Controller Auto configuration:
Controller communication mode (direct connect, modem, Ethernet) SB-593 Satellite board installation 6 April 2004

6 The PXL-500 Controller Inputs and Outputs are transient protected
Handles either 1 or 2 Readers for single door In/Out control OR Two doors using optional SB-593 Satellite board 6 April 2004

7 Power Specifications Power - 12 VDC @ 1 A Current Draw
Worst case current draw – with all features and options active Current Draw 120 mA for the PXL-500 150 mA for an SB-593 50 mA to 200 mA dependent upon reader type1 200 mA for a LAN-500 Relay Contact Rating - 24 VDC 1 – Wiegand readers may draw more current, refer to the reader’s manual for specifics 6 April 2004

8 Wiring Specifications
RS-232 Serial Communication Cable 3 conductor, shielded, stranded, AWG feet maximum run length (per RS-232 spec) RS-485 Controller Network Cable 1-pair, twisted, shielded, stranded, AWG-24 16,000 feet total network run length 6 April 2004

9 Wiring Specifications
Controller Power 2 conductor, stranded, AWG-18 200 feet maximum run length Earth Ground Single conductor, AWG-18 (or larger gauge) Minimize run length for best grounding conditions 6 April 2004

10 Wiring Specifications
Input and Output Lines 2 conductor, stranded, AWG-22 500 feet maximum run length Readers 6 conductor, shielded, stranded (for Keri Prox) 4 to 7 conductor, shielded, stranded (for Wiegand, by reader type) MS-3000, MS-4000, MS-5000 500 feet maximum run length with AWG-24 MS-7000 500 feet maximum run length with AWG-20 6 April 2004

11 Typical Application Diagram
6 April 2004

12 Block Diagram - Communication
RS-485 Controller Network RS-232 PC to Master Controller PXL-510 Serial Port PXL-510 Alarm Panel LAN-500 Ethernet 6 April 2004

13 Block Diagram Unit Protection EE Prom Reader Connections 6 April 2004

14 Block Diagram Status LEDs Address LED Battery 6 April 2004

15 Controller Block Diagram
Unit Power Inputs and Outputs Selection Switch 6 April 2004

16 PCB Features Microprocessors
CPU to manage controller general operation RISC* processor to manage I/O processing RISC* processor to manage the Reader receivers * (Reduced Instruction Set Computer ) 6 April 2004

17 PCB Features Socketed EE Prom and PIC Battery
Quick, easy firmware updates Battery 5-year, Lithium 6 April 2004

18 PCB Features Quick disconnect terminals for all wiring connections
Unique RS-485 connector easily distinguish network connection from other connections Red power connector easily distinguish power from other connections 6 April 2004

19 Certifications CE Declaration of Conformity C-Tick CSA C22.2 No. 142
UL 508 Part XVII FCC 6 April 2004

20 Communications - PC to Master Controller
RS-232 serial port (TB-12) Controller automatically detects connection type 6 April 2004

21 Communications - PC to Master Controller
Via direct serial connection OR Via a pair of modems 6 April 2004

22 Communications - PC to Master Controller
Optional, plug-in TCP/IP module (TB-13) Controller automatically detects TCP/IP connection Jumpers reconfigure communication 6 April 2004

23 Communications - Inter-Controller Network
RS-485 serial port (TB-1) Auto-configuration of network termination Total network length up to 16,000 feet Network configuration flexibility “T” and “star” configurations Single, twisted-pair, shielded cable Link up to 128 controllers and 256 doors 6 April 2004

24 Communications - Options
PXL-510 – with second serial COM port Used as the Alarm Panel interface (TB-11), connecting to Caddx NX8E alarm panels 6 April 2004

25 Inputs Inputs (TB-4) Door Status Request to Exit Global Unlock (1) or
Aux/Secondary RTE (2) Master controller only Master or slave controllers 6 April 2004

26 Outputs Form-C Output Relays (TB-3)
Door Lock Alarm In a Form-C relay, the common always creates a complete circuit with either The normally-open contact OR The normally-closed contact 6 April 2004

27 Readers 2 Reader ports per Controller Controls either 1 or 2 doors
In / Out control of 1 door 2-door control with optional SB-593 board 6 April 2004

28 Readers - PXL-500P Exclusively for MS-Series Proximity Readers
A-Reader: Single Door, In Door, or Door 1 (TB-5) B-Reader: Out Door or Door 2 with SB-593 (TB-6) 6 April 2004

29 Readers - PXL-500W For Wiegand compatible reader technologies
Pyramid Associates Readers (P-300, P-400, P-500, P-600, P-700) Bar code, mag-stripe, biometric, etc. A-Reader: Single Door, In Door, or Door 1 (TB-5) B-Reader: Out Door or Door 2 with SB-593 (TB-6) 6 April 2004

30 Readers - PXL-500W Warning LED (LED-10)
Lights when 12 VDC is selected (as shown in picture) Protects 5 VDC readers from over-voltage condition Jumper selectable (JP-5) for either 5 or 12 VDC Wiegand readers (5 VDC is the factory setting) 6 April 2004

31 Unit Addressing LED Display Address displayed via easy-to-read LEDs
Provides diagnostic information Displays over or under supply voltage value 6 April 2004

32 Unit Addressing Selection Button (S1) Set unit address
no DIP or rocker switches no PC pre-configuring Select diagnostic options 6 April 2004

33 Unit Reset Reset Jumper (JP3) Clears unit memory and resets unit
Used in conjunction with S1 6 April 2004

34 Master versus Slave Operation
Master Controller Must be assigned address “01” Manages communication between host PC and the controller network Handles presentation card enrollment (using A-Reader), Show Photo, and ID Card features Slave Controllers Can be assigned any other unique address from “02” to “128” Do not have to be addressed in sequential order 6 April 2004

35 Status LEDs TXD and RXD for RS-232
LEDs 2 and 3 for primary serial port LEDs 4 and 5 for optional serial port LEDs flicker red/green as data is transferred 6 April 2004

36 Status LEDs Lock Relay Alarm Relay Lights when relay is active
6 April 2004

37 Status LEDs Power Communications for RS-485
Lights GREEN when power is ON and OK Lights RED when power is over or under specification Communications for RS-485 Flickers red/green as data is transferred 6 April 2004

38 System Protection The PXL-5xx controller has the following system protection features: Metal-oxide Varistors Transorbs Gas Discharge Tube Fused over/under voltage detection Power status LEDs Socketed RS-485 IC 6 April 2004

39 System Protection Power Status (Fuse) LED
Warns the installer of unsafe power conditions Glows RED if power is reversed Glows GREEN if there is a power line short or an over current draw condition 6 April 2004

40 System Protection Gas Discharge Tube MOVs
Protect the PCB from damage caused by transients and power surges MOVs Protect relays from damage caused by transients and power surges 6 April 2004

41 System Protection Socketed RS-485 communication IC
For quick repair of damage caused by voltage spikes 6 April 2004

42 System Protection Thermal Fuse opens under unsafe power or current conditions CAUTION – Do not touch this component, it is very hot during operation 6 April 2004

43 System Protection Transorbs protect all signal inputs from damage caused by transients and power surges 6 April 2004

44 Environmental Operating Range
Temperature 0° to 140 °F (-18° to 60° C) Humidity 0% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing 6 April 2004

45 SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board
Jumper selectable for either: Second door control with 2 programmable outputs and 6 programmable inputs OR 4 programmable outputs and 8 programmable inputs Uses Form C relays 6 April 2004

46 SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board
Snaps into place on the PXL-500 controller align header connectors and plastic mounting pins to corresponding locations on controller and press into place Installation LEDs indicates correct board installation 6 April 2004

47 SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board
Controller auto-detects an installed SB-593 no additional configuration needed Status LEDs Indicate relay active/inactive status Relay Contact Rating 24 VDC 6 April 2004

48 Options - LCD-1 LCD-1 - plug-in liquid-crystal display for:
Firmware revision Date and time Diagnostic information 6 April 2004

49 Options - LAN-50/100/500 Provides low cost TCP/IP communication using either: LAN-50/100 external modules LAN-500 plug-in module IT experience required for proper configuration of LAN device 6 April 2004

50 Options - Alarm Panel Interface
Fully integrated access and alarm panel control using the secondary serial port on the PXL-510 panel Interfaces with the Caddx NX-8E alarm panel 6 April 2004

51 Options - Alarm Panel Interface
Use Doors software to: Easily manage access and alarm panel users Report alarm system activity Arm/disarm alarm system using access system Readers 6 April 2004

52 Options - Video Badging
Fully integrated access control and badging Design and print badges with photos and custom graphics Keri also offers a Badging Service 6 April 2004

53 Options - Video Badging
Single database entry point for user access and badging information On-demand badge holder photo display 6 April 2004

54 Integrated Telephone Entry
Entraguard Gold Fully integrated access control and telephone entry using Keri’s Entraguard product line Easily manage access and telephone entry users via Keri’s Doors software Either in radiant keypad or mechanical keypad versions 6 April 2004

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