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DAY 3 Lesson Essential Question How can a nutrition label be misleading?

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1 DAY 3 Lesson Essential Question How can a nutrition label be misleading?

2 THINK ABOUT IT. “ My friends buy chips and soft drinks from the vending machine every day after school. My mom lets me buy a snack only on Fridays. She says that eating too much food from the vending machine is unhealthy. ”

3 Definitions  Nutrition Facts Label = a label found on the outside packages of food that states the number of servings in the container, the number of Calories in each serving, and the amount of nutrients in each serving.  Dietary Guidelines for Americans = a set of tips that help you practice good nutrition and form a healthy lifestyle.


5 The Daily Values  This section states what amount of your daily nutrient need is in one serving of the food.  You can tell whether a food is high or low in a nutrient by looking at its % daily value.  A % daily value of 5% or less means that the food is low in that nutrient.  A % daily value of 20% or more means that the food is high in that nutrient.

6 What is a Serving Size?  = a standard amount of food that allows foods to be compared with one another.  Every food & food container has different serving sizes.

7 What is a Portion?  = the amount of food you want to eat.  A portion is not the same as a serving.  For instance, in some restaurants, 1 hamburger (1 portion) could equal 3 servings in the meat group.

8 All the things listed on a Nutrition Label

9 Which One is Better for You?

10 Chunky or Creamy?


12 2% Milk vs. Nonfat Milk Low-fat 2% MilkNonfat Milk

13 Fruit Yogurt vs. Plain Yogurt Fruit YogurtPlain Yogurt

14 Typical Candy Bar Why not replace your candy bar with a nutri grain bar. You will get more out of it.

15 The Energy Equation  Calorie Intake is the total number of calories you take in from food.  Calorie Expenditure is the total number of calories you burn or expend. By eating healthfully and maintaining an active lifestyle, you can help control your body composition now and as you get older. 15

16 Calorie Expenditure and Metabolism  Metabolism is the process by which the body converts calories from food to energy.  Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of calories you expend for body processes while at rest. 16

17 Healthful Snack Ideas Instead of these…………Try these! Candy, chocolate bars, or ice cream Raisins, bananas, cherries, grapes, apples, or oranges Potato or corn chipsBaked chips, pretzels, sunflower seeds, or nuts Creamy dips or cheese sauceSalsa or plain yogurt SodaMilk, water, or fruit juice

18 Let’s Take A Look At Some More Labels. Good or Bad? Remember to look at the servings. Only 4 pieces per serving!

19 SODA!?!?!?!? Look @ that! If you times 100 calories by the servings …

20 You can put a nutrition label on everything!

21 Sometimes you want to know the facts and sometimes you don’t.

22 Just be careful of the foods you put into your body.

23 You can eat healthy and still put a SMILE on your face.

24 If You Had a Label What Would It Say?

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