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Advancing Innovative Development and Aid Strategies in the Asia-Pacific: Accelerating the Millennium Development Goals Frank O’Carroll Business Development.

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1 Advancing Innovative Development and Aid Strategies in the Asia-Pacific: Accelerating the Millennium Development Goals Frank O’Carroll Business Development Director 18 th June 2010

2 Introduction to Digicel Founded in 2001 by Denis O’Brien. Launched in Jamaica in March 2001. Privately-owned company. Operates mobile telecom networks in 32 countries. Second entrant and market leader in most markets. 10 million subscribers. 5,500 employees and 30,000 indirect jobs created. US$4.5 billion investment to date. Deploying networks in 3 new markets.

3 Operational Footprint Digicel Caribbean 24 markets 7.2 million subscribers Digicel Pacific 6 markets 1.4m subscribers Digicel Central America 2 markets 1.4m subscribers

4 Digicel Pacific

5 Research by London Business School A 10% increase in mobile phone penetration boosts a country’s GDP per capita by 0.6% per year, continuously.

6 Digicel’s Corporate Philosophy It is everyone’s basic human right to have access to affordable and reliable communications. Recruit local staff and management – hire for attitude and train for skills. Invest heavily and continuously into the communities in which we operate. Focus our investments on four key areas: Health, Education, Sports and Culture – on community, national and regional basis. Understand the individual needs of each country.

7 Developing Youth Football

8 Local, National and Regional Soccer Sponsorship

9 Athletics Sponsorship

10 Rugby and Cricket Sponsorship

11 Rebuilding Countries and Lives

12 Creating Sustainable Quality Employment

13 Helping the Longterm Unemployed

14 Creating Indirect Employment

15 Making Communications Affordable

16 Digicel Foundation Mission A non-profit organisation which distributes and utilises funds on a charitable basis for the sole purpose of building communities and community spirit.

17 Digicel Foundation - Jamaica

18 Summary of 2009/10 Activities Improving literacy and numeracy at Primary School level. Supplying fully equipped resource rooms and training for Special Education teachers at 12 schools. Assisting Barita Education Foundation at Basic School level (ages 3-6 years). Renovation of Salvation Army hostel. Construction of multi-purpose sports courts. Building new high school for mentally and physically disabled students. Providing educational and welfare support for young athletes at the national level.

19 Achievements since Inception (2004) Total Projects: 133 Funds utilised since inception: US$9.1m People assisted: 2.6m

20 Completed Projects Best Care Lodge - US$21,739 Privately run children’s home and Primary School for the disabled.

21 Completed Projects Braeton Primary and Junior High School - US$21,739 Multi-purpose sports court.

22 Completed Projects Glenmuir High School – US$54,348 Auditorium and library for 50 th Anniversary.

23 Completed Projects Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association – US$54,348 Athletics Educational and Welfare Support.

24 Completed Projects Enrichment Centre Initiative - US$365,217 12 Primary Schools with low literacy levels received fully equipped Enrichment Rooms, targeting students not functioning at their grad levels in an interactive way.

25 Completed Projects Excelsior High School – US$86,957 Upgrade of 50 year old Science Lab Facilities.

26 Completed Projects Genesis Academy – US$108,696 Relocation and refurbishment of high school for mentally disabled children, many of whom have competed on the Jamaica Special Olympics team.

27 Completed Projects Tiny Tots Basic School - US$84,260 Four classrooms, sick bay, principal’s office, multi- purpose room, bathrooms and kitchen, in partnership with the CHASE Fund.

28 Digicel PNG Foundation Strives to ensure that communities are healthy, primarily through the support of community based and driven activities which embrace social, cultural and educational objectives. Created to work with Government and NGOs that support educational, social and cultural projects which inspire and build positive energy in its citizens, leading to stronger, self sufficient communities. Board is almost entirely comprised of Digicel Staff Members. Digicel employees along with the Foundation assist communities through their time, expertise and leadership.

29 PNG Foundation - Overview Foundation launched on 15 th October 2008. Chairman is Peter Aitsi, also the Chairman of Transparency International. Basic Education: - Elementary and Primary School building projects - Community Learning Centres (CLC’s) Family Support: - Women & Children's Shelters - Family Support Centres - Mobile Health Clinics Total spend to 31 st March 2010: US$1.5 million.

30 Key Projects Completed 40 Community Learning Centres established. 10 Primary School Projects completed. 18 Elementary School classrooms completed. 2 Family Shelters launched – 16 women/night. 1 Family Support Centre constructed – counseling for 25 women/day. 2 Mobile Health Clinics operating – 2,000 patients/month. Hotlines – BAHA, Family Seif, Susu Mamas (7,000 calls/month).

31 Primary School Projects Old classrooms Sivitatana Village Rigo District, Central Province New double classroom

32 Elementary School Projects Common elementary classrooms in rural areas Two new kit structures

33 40 Community Learning Centres

34 Family Support Projects

35 Staff Volunteer Programme

36 Roll out 6 primary school steel structure double classrooms in rural areas. Rollout 18 Elementary kit structure classrooms in rural areas. Fund 2 Family Shelters, 3 Mobile Clinics and 5 Family Support Centres in partnership with UNICEF and Department of Health. Focus on sustainability of established projects and staff involvement. Increase funding WeCARe! Foundation - total 30 care groups and 600 children's school fees. Objectives 2010/11

37 What Needs to Happen NOW Meaningful telecoms liberalisation needs to occur in many Asia-Pacific markets. Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Timor-Leste, FSM, Marshall Islands, Palau, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis & Futuna, Tuvalu......... Increase GDP, create sustainable local employment (direct and indirect), increase attractiveness to international investors and assist to partially realise several MDGs.

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