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Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs May 13, 2014.

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1 Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs May 13, 2014

2 Mission To elevate the status of Central Florida’s arts and culture to that befitting a world class community.

3 State of the Arts Proposed FY15 Arts Budget FY 14 Cultural Facilities Recommendations

4 State of the Arts

5 Annual economic impact of $264M ($181M in Orange County) Central Florida Trends *Source: Central Florida Foundation and Americans for the Arts (In millions)

6 Creative Industry Businesses Source: Americans for the Arts

7 Recognition

8 Anniversaries 20 th – Orlando Philharmonic 25th – ZORA! Fest & Orlando Shakespeare Theater 90 th – Orlando Museum of Art

9 Capital Campaigns Significant Future Funding Needs Currently there are 18 open or planned campaigns for $473M (plus $87M for the Dr. Phillips Center) *Source: Central Florida Foundation

10 County-Wide Collaborations Kristallnacht 75 th Anniversary: “The Night of Broken Glass” 12+ arts and cultural organizations What the Dickens Year-long celebration of Charles Dickens Three dozen organizations in Orange County

11 Public Art Public Art Review Board Temporary Sculpture Exhibition New CIP projects

12 FL Cities with temporary Sculpture Loan Programs Boynton Beach Ocala Clearwater Safety Harbor Coral Springs Sarasota Deland Winter Haven Gainesville Winter Park Kissimmee

13 Examples

14 Orange County Administration Building What a sculpture loan program could look like...

15 Upcoming County CIP Public Art Projects John Young Park Young Pine Park Holden Heights Community Center Orange County Convention Center

16 FY15 Arts Funding

17 Arts & Cultural Affairs Advisory Council Members Becky Roper (Chair) Sherry Paramore Cristina Calvet-HarroldJennifer Quigley The Hon. Ted Edwards Dr. Rick Schell Hal Kantor Sara Segal Tiffany Lamb (Vice Chair) Palmira Ubinas Edgar LopezBeverly Winesburgh Evelyn Martinez

18 General Fund Operational Support 60+ Organizations TDT Funds Cultural Tourism Cultural Facilities Other Eligible Orgs & Programs Funding Sources

19 Projected Funding TDTGeneral Fund Total Funding$3,890,306$681,925 Other$558,286 Program Cultural Tourism$1,900,000 Cultural Facilities$1,478,539 Operational Support through UA$521,053$681,925 Fiscal & Grants Management$199,000 TOTAL$4,448,592$681,925 Community-Wide Marketing $100,000 Blockbuster Fund$250,000

20 FY14 Cultural Facilities Recommendations

21 Cultural Facilities Funding For equipping, renovating, maintaining, constructing, and acquiring Governed by Florida Statute Open to nonprofit museum or government-owned auditorium venue

22 Cultural Facilities Funding Funded 6 of the years since 2001 $6,999,358 Total Investments 26 Projects

23 Cultural Facilities Review Panel Advisory Council: Sherry Paramore, Chair Hal Kantor Edgar Lopez Dr. Rick Schell Sara Segal Subject Matter Experts: Tony Aguerrevere – Former O.C. CIP Jeffrey Ault – Facility Designer Vicki Landon - Previous CF Recipient-Project Coordination Brian J. Morris – Construction Management

24 2014 Cultural Facilities Funding Recommendations OrganizationProjectAmount Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens Restoring the Capen-Showalter House and Kalmanson Garden $114,000 Garden TheatreThe Garden GreenLight Project$45,000 Lake Eola ParkLake Eola Amphitheater Sound Board$25,000 Orlando Museum of Art90 th Anniversary Renovation Project to Improve the Visitor Experience $35,300 Orlando Science CenterCenter for Early Childhood Expansion: Phase 2 Entrance Renovation $187,338 Winter Garden Heritage Foundation History Research and Education Center$250,000

25 Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens TDT Funds $114,000 Total Project Cost $239,400 Save, restore and reuse the historic Capen-Showalter house Phase 1 of 1

26 Garden Theatre TDT Funds $45,000 Total Project Cost $90,000 Hardware/Software upgrades Upgrade theatrical stage lighting GreenLight Project – Energy Saving Phase 1 of 1

27 Lake Eola Park Replace Amphitheater Sound Board TDT Funds $25,000 Total Project Cost $52,500 Phase 1 of 1 Upgrade outdated “prosumer” mixer to a professional console

28 Orlando Museum of Art TDT Funds $35,300 Total Project Cost $74,124 Renovation/revitalization -Refurbish marble floor -Transform former gallery (used for storage) into exhibition space Phase 1 of 1

29 Orlando Science Center TDT Funds $187,338 Total Project Cost $1,117,344 Expand, update, and renovate Center for Early Childhood Increase floorspace 2,000 sq. ft. Phase 2 of 3

30 Winter Garden Heritage Foundation TDT Funds $250,000 Total Project Cost $1,112,527 Construction of permanent home for historic collection Will accommodate history/art exhibitions education programming/ events, and Visitor Information Center Phase 2 of 2

31 2014 Cultural Facilities Funding Action Requested Today Approval of proposed Cultural Facilities project grants as recommended by the Arts & Cultural Affairs Advisory Council in the amount of $656,638 allocated as follows: Albin Polasek Museum - $114,000 Lake Eola Park- $25,000 Garden Theatre- $45,000 Orlando Museum of Art - $35,300 Orlando Science Center- $187,338 Winter Garden Heritage Foundation- $250,000

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