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February 12, 5:30 pm West Branch High School.

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1 February 12, 2015 @ 5:30 pm West Branch High School

2  Replaces PSEO, Dual Credit, S2S  Begins in 2015/2016 school year  Designed to increase college access and enrollment  Established by state law through HB 487

3  Expanded to include grades 7-12  Student must be enrolled in both college and secondary school  Student to earn transcripted college and high school credit upon successful completion of course(s)

4  ALL public districts High school point of contact – School Counselor  ALL public institutions of higher education (IHE) IHE point of contact – Academic Advisor

5  Expands high school curriculum  Academically challenging courses  Gain the college experience while in high school  Assigned an academic advisor  Earn college credit while in high school  May reduce time to complete college degree  Provides financial support for college courses

6  Impact on high school GPA and class standing  Permanent College GPA  Increased travel and study time  Increased academic rigor and responsibility for learning  Conflicts between college and HS schedules  Possible financial obligations

7  Be the same as any other courses Same textbook and materials Same syllabus Same assessments  Apply toward a degree or professional certificate  Be taught by credentialed instructors  Be non-remedial

8  CCP participation contingent upon acceptance to the University  Acceptance to CCP does not guarantee access to specific courses  Can take one or more courses per semester  Can take courses at more than one participating college/university

9  Meet course prerequisites  Enroll in courses that are not remedial  Consult with academic advisor and school guidance counselor about course choices

10  Taught at the IHE  Taught at the high school  Taught online  Concurrent enrollment at HS and IHE Schools cannot limit participation to courses offered at that school.

11  Students in grades 7 – 12  Must meet all college entrance requirements and timelines same as traditional students Each college will vary  Counseling session prior to participation  Declare intent to participate by April 1 st

12  NO cost to students/parents School district does have to pay Student needs to turn their books in to the high school Student attends a public IHE Economically disadvantaged students who choose to attend a non-public college/university may qualify to attend at no cost  EXCEPTION: The student does NOT receive credit for the course Student drops course Student fails the course Student chooses to attend a private IHE (costs associated) UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES THE DISTRICT MAY BILL TO RECOVER THEIR COSTS

13 STUDENTS should review the course catalog of colleges or universities to see what is being offered. STEP 1 Attend informational sessions Talk with School Counselor By April 1 st – Turn in your “Intent to Participate” form to your school counselor (available on Counseling webpage) STEP 2 Contact the college/university for information, application forms and criteria for acceptance into CCP School Counselors and college websites may have some of these materials available for you STEP 3 Follow college/university procedures to apply to CCP and to enroll in the course(s) College Placement tests may be required by the IHE STEP 4 Register for classes and provide a copy of your schedule to your high school counselor for review

14 Kent State University *College Writing 1 & 2 Youngstown State University Physics (+ lab) Calculus 1 & 2 Psychology Statistics Stark State College Excel Photoshop PowerPoint Records Management Keyboarding/Skill Building Keyboarding/Formatting Microsoft Publisher Comp. Apps for Professionals

15 February 12, 2015 @ 5:30 pm West Branch High School Auditorium Mrs. Jana Stitle (330)938-4405 Miss Emily Herman (330)938-4407

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