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Odyssey of the Mind Be Creative ! General - Overview1 Be Creative !Be Creative !

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1 Odyssey of the Mind Be Creative ! General - Overview1 Be Creative !Be Creative !

2 2 Today’s Schedule 8-8:45 Auditorium – Welcome and GT – Alice Reuter – Odyssey Overview Video – Pam Hepola – Web and Qualifying for Region – Pam Hepola 9-9:45 First Breakout Session 10-10:45 Second Breakout Session 11-11:45 Third Breakout Session – Long Term - Pam Hepola (cycle) - Auditorium – Spontaneous – Karen Benson (cycle) - – Style – Laura Williamson (cycle) - Library – Primary – Sarah Slemmons (only one for primary) 11:30 – 12 Auditorium Q&A

3 Memberships are from schools, clubs, churches, libraries, community groups and home schools. A membership in Odyssey of the Mind costs $135. Discounts for multiple memberships. Membership Coordinator receives the membership packet, communication, and information from their Regional, State, and International Odyssey of the Mind organizations. Coordinate TEAMs at their school. (Can be a coach.) Five Team Rule (NEWLY REVISED) In the Houston Area Region, a membership must field 5 competitive teams and contact RD before purchasing an addition membership for additional teams. Tournament Staff (semi-NEW) is required for each four teams. Program Structure -- Memberships General - Overview3 Program Structure - MembershipsProgram Structure - Memberships

4 Long-Term Style Spontaneous The Three Components of OOTM 200 Points 200 Points Specific Rules Specific Rules Open-Ended Open-Ended All Solutions Presented in Skit Form (8-min) All Solutions Presented in Skit Form (8-min) 100 Points 100 Points On the Spot Anything Goes 3 Types - Verbal - Hands on - Hybrid 50 Points 50 Points Elaboration of Long-Term Elaboration of Long-Term Pizzaz, Sparkle, Polish Pizzaz, Sparkle, Polish Team Chosen Elements Team Chosen Elements Long-Term + Style + Spontaneous = Total Score General - Overview4 The Three Components of OOTMThe Three Components of OOTM

5 1.Register TEAM online 2.Pay Tournament Fee 3.Supply TRAINED JUDGE a)Register judge online b)Judge attends training c)Judges at Region d)Judges at State (primary and non-advancing, too) 4.Supply untrained volunteer (region only and if at state) 5.Provide Tournament Staff for each 4 teams. Note: EVERY TEAM needs judge and volunteer – even primary. Team doing two problems? Then they are two teams. General - Website5 Five Steps to Qualify for Houston Region Tournament

6 International site – Members Area: Select Members Area (need membership number and zip code) – Clarifications – Forms Odyssey-Texas site – Houston Page: Select Regions, select Houston Area – Events Page: Select EVENTS – Forms: Select FORMS Join HAROdyssey – link on Houston Page Join TXOdyssey – Link on Odyssey-Texas home page Google “Odyssey Spontaneous” Google “Odyssey Coaches Training” General - Website6 Important Online Information

7 General - Overview7 Contacts Any questions???? Email

8 Region, State and World Finals t-shirts – Pre-order price $15 and $18 (2XL and larger) – At tournament $20 and $23 – Watch for pre-order info. Lapel Pins sold at tournaments – $3 - $15 or $20 for sets Other Odyssey items also sold – Coaches gifts, OMER beenies, lanyards, …. General - Website8 T-shirts and Pin Sales

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