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Parent Information Night September 10, 2012 Hutchison Farm ES.

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1 Parent Information Night September 10, 2012 Hutchison Farm ES


3 Mission, Pathway and Goal Provide creative problem opportunities to foster original and divergent thinking through an exciting learning experience that promises to be challenging and fun. Through ‘Odyssey of The Mind’ we promote creativity by challenging teams to solve divergent problems, or those with more than one solution So that the team recognizes “Team thinking force is a powerful force than an individual”

4 What is Odyssey of the Mind International educational program Sponsored program by PTA and/or PTA partners Creative problem-solving opportunities – K- College grade Helps students prepare and apply creativity problem solving 1000(s) of teams - U.S.A and 25 other countries Teams bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level An annual competition at local district level in March and can go to state finals and world level

5 How does it benefit the student? Helps them think outside the box in a creative and fun way Students learn to channel diversity as they are learning – Working with a team of diverse members – Arriving collectively at diverse solutions as a team – Leveraging each others strengths without help – Identifying weaknesses and improving upon them Learn to respect themselves, others and create a sense of team recognition Students learn lifelong skills – teamwork, idea evaluation, decision making, time management, creative solution Improves self confidence - solve problems without parents/caregivers assistance

6 Who can participate Students from kindergarten to college grade A team is min 5 to max 7 students participating and from the same school ( teams cannot have cross school candidates) Each school have many teams that roll-up into OOTM Divisions (highest grade of member in team defines division) OM divisions – Kindergarten through 2 nd grade : Primary Division – 3 rd -5 th grades: Division I – Middle School: Division II; Highschool: Division III; Collegiate: Division IV Coaches – Parents and Caregivers of students participating in ‘Odyssey of The Mind’

7 How does it work? 1.Enrollment initiates the process - Forms can be filled out tonight and are available on-line; Students, Coaches, Judges, volunteers sign up 2.Finalize team formations - Teams are formed – coordinator /coaches 3.Finalize and publish program execution at the school - Coordinator works with coaches to get this fleshed out 4.Establish practice sessions - Weekly coaching starts between coaches and OM teams 5.Registration happens - For Coaches training for coaches who need it and for teams going to the competition 6.We go to the Competition - Spontaneous Problem (Verbal, Hands-On Verbal or Hands-On), Long Term Problem, OM Parade

8 What are teams doing every week ? Teams tend to meet weekly, practice problems (long term and spontaneous), rehearse and compete (up to individual coach how long/often teams meets) Coaches plan activities to learn these skills, guide the team down the path, manage schedule, keep the experience fun Caregivers/Parents – let the student solve it 100%. No assistance of any kind. Teams meet with their assigned coach at one of the team members or coaches residence to practice. Coaches may arrange to meet at the school.

9 PTA GUIDELINES FOR OM PROGRAM HFES PTA Sponsors the Odyssey of the Mind Group The PTA pays for the OotM Membership and Regional Team Registrations (and State Registration if applicable) All participants will receive participation certificates at the Regional Tournament (they will be given to the Coach) Only teams placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will receive trophies at the ceremony. There will be no trophies or medals awarded for participation All primary teams will receive a Ribbon at the Regional Tournament. Team expenses are not funded by the PTA. Costs to attend the State and World Level Tournament can be significant (depending on location) and team participants willingly take on this burden.

10 Commitment - Parents /Caregivers You make an Impact – No coach means no OM; No judge means no OM. No Prior qualification / certification needed to coach Spare 1 to 4 hours per week for coaching Contribute (approx 20-30 USD) for project material. Note that expenses per child could be higher depending on types of props, etc. that the team decides to make or if working the balsa problem Be punctual dropping off and picking up kids; Plan vacations carefully – Avoid absence if possible Be hands off and let students solve the problem Signup for coach, assistant coach, judge, volunteer at the tournament, volunteer to have certain props made at your house, volunteer to supervise kids during meetings, etc.

11 Commitment - Coaches/Assistants Spare 1 to 4 hours per week for coaching Set a date/time that works for your weekly coaching Team up with an Assistant coach (if needed) Set aside 1 weekend day for coaches training If your team makes it to State, you may need to fundraise, etc. Props take more time because of painting, sewing, etc., ask team parents to take on this challenge by allowing team members to meet at their house to complete certain props.

12 Commitments – Parents / Caregivers Each team needs at minimum A judge – Judge is needed 1½ hour prior to regional meet start and ½ hour at tournament end. (18 y/o or older) It’s a full day committment A volunteer – Helps patrol and help streamline activities on tournament day (2 hr. commitment; 18 y/o or older)

13 Commitment - Students Spare 1-4 hours weekly for practice sessions Ensure students are well rested and eat healthy prior to coaching to have a “quality” OM sessions – Energy and Participation Come with a great spirit Be ready to work with a team and solve fun problems Be ready to experience teamwork Come with an appetite to experience FUN

14 Next Steps 1.Chat with your Hutchison student about OM and encourage them to join. 2.If the student and/or parent has any concerns or worries, contact Cathleen Maloney (Hutchison Farm OM Coordinator) who would be happy to help address any concerns 3.Students, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Judges, Volunteers Signup here tonight, or talk to Cathleen Maloney via email: 4.Check online on school website for more information or assistance if you have any questions, comments or concerns. This presentation will be available on-line at the Hutchison Farm website.

15 Important Dates Sep 10 2012: Odyssey of the Mind Information Night Oct 27 2012: Coaches Training (Mandatory-New Coaches) – Park View HS Dec 1 2012: Masters Spontaneous Training (1/2 Day Event) – Park View HS Feb 9 2012: Judges Training – Park View HS Mar 9 2012: Regional Tournament – Tuscarora HS Apr 13 2012: State Tournament – John Champe HS TBD: Michigan State University, World Finals

16 Closing Comments Important Websites for OOTM Material – – –

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