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Creating your Own Success City of Petersburg, Indiana Pike County School Corporation Pike County Progress Partners, Inc. 1.

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1 Creating your Own Success City of Petersburg, Indiana Pike County School Corporation Pike County Progress Partners, Inc. 1

2 Realize What you Do Well Everyone is proud of their kids Every county works on economic development Every city strives to succeed… How many of us work together? 2

3 Introductions Pike County Economic Growth & Development Council City of Petersburg Pike County School Corporation Pike Co. Progress Partners 3

4 Who We Are… 4

5 5 Where we’re Headed

6 PIKE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Petersburg, Indiana Winter Fiscus, Principal

7 Strength in Numbers

8 Jodie Elkins ̶̶ Biomedical Sciences

9 Biomedical Sciences

10 I-69 and Pike County Chamber of Commerce Project

11 Engineering Mike MacMunn – Engineering

12 SAFE Shelter Idea development Collaboration STEM Education

13 Building Success Lemelson–MIT White House Science Fair Governor Daniels PLTW CEO – Vince Bertram Numerous Universities

14 Our Success Dr. Vince Bertrum Gov. Mitch Daniels President Barack Obama Lori Richardson ̶̶ Biomedical Sciences

15 PLTW Model School

16 Student Quotes “The PLTW courses have really allowed us to experience many different aspects of both the medical and engineering fields. This allows us to have a better understanding of different career paths for later in our lives” – Clayton “The PLTW courses have allowed me to broaden my horizon by offering a great deal of hands-on experiences that has urged me to pursue a career in the medical field.” – Austin Our Children’s Future is Our Commodity

17 Innovation in Electronic Membranophone Percussion With a focus on accuracy, dynamic ability, and artistic freedom in the electronic context. Jacob Lamberson and Jared Lamberson Engineering

18 The Present Paradigm Current Electronic Percussion – Accuracy Piezoelectric Sensors/Zones – Dynamics – Ease of Use – Price Current Sound Modeling – Hardware Size Price – Software Complexity Price

19 Room for Innovation Simulating a Percussive Membrane – 2 Axis Input – Radial Distance Measurements – Magnetic Pickups – Dynamic Input (Pressure Reading) Modeling an Accurate Sound – Software Our Experience – Hardware Delivery of these innovations in an accessible price range This is the primary way in which electronic percussion can be improved!

20 Near-Space Investigation and Sub-Orbital Exploration Zach Riddle – Engineering

21 High Altitude Ballooning

22 New York, New York

23 First Robotics Colton Newton ̶ Engineering Kari Lemond ̶ Biomedical Sciences

24 Our Robot

25 Biomedical Meets Engineering

26 The M.A.G. Magnetic Alternative Generator Austin Hanebutt and Clayton Hill Biomedical Sciences

27 Purpose, Design and Function The M.A.G. uses magnetic repulsion to make other forms of energy more efficient. The repulsion turns an inner shaft which is connected to a generator. This would enhance the rotational speed of the generator. Therefore producing a greater output.

28 Impact on the Community The M.A.G. would create jobs. The M.A.G. would be manufactured in our area. Therefore spurring economic growth in our area. The M.A.G. would make power generation more productive, thereby lowering power costs in our area.

29 Prosthetic Eye Josie Kulm and Aubrey Marrs Biomedical Sciences

30 This eye is designed to be inserted inside the average human eye socket. Embedded camera. Wires connect camera to optic nerve/brain. Muscle attached to the eye to achieve movement. Design

31 How this will Benefit Our Community Help the visually impaired to see. Create future jobs. Peace of mind for family members.

32 The Crutch Clayton Hill Michael Pennington Austin Hanebutt Biomedical Sciences

33 The Design A New Arm Rest The Compression System The Non-Slip Grip System

34 Impact on Society Has potential to revolutionize the modern crutch Make using the crutch less painful Could make the experience more enjoyable

35 COMMUNITY / SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP How do we work well Together? 35

36 How do we capture “it….” First we must define what “it” is….. Students must have Pride in their hometown.. They must want to reinvest. Local officials must invest, as they hold the cards… Once you have the people in place, the investment secured, you then must create the environment…. (The Chain Reaction) 36

37 STELLAR TECHNOLOGY CENTER Not just an incubator…. A Launchpad! 37

38 Stellar Technology Center 38

39 39

40 New Home…? 40

41 Board of Directors Investors, Mentors, Partners Mayor Jon Craig, City of Petersburg Paul Lake, Executive Director Joe Dedman, President GAI Dr. Richard Helton, President Vincennes University E. Kyle Bennett, CFO Memorial Hospital – Jasper, IN Chris Whann, Director of Facilities and Real Estate, Kimball International Jerry Goff, Retired, Economic Developer Gary Malone, Managing Partner, Umbaugh Brian Simpson, Ast. Vice President, 5/3 Bank & Serial Entrepreneur David Waltz, Project Manager, AT&T Dan Arens, Vice-Chairman, Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville Elmer Buchta, Retired President, Elmer Buchta Trucking, Inc. Rick Martin, Patent Attorney Jim Edwards, President Edwards & Associates David Sabotka, Director, Indy Power Systems Scott Willis, Engineer, NSWC Crane 41

42 Typical Incubator Model 42 IDEA Product Development Incubator Start Up Growth Sustainability New Investment

43 Stellar Technology Center What it Is… Business Incubator Product Development Laboratory Network of Mentors Foundation for Success What it Isn’t A School Club or Organization Owner of Intellectual Property School or Local Government Owned 43

44 Tech Center Model 44 Student Project Faculty Guidance Tech Center Board Application By Public Development Laboratory Further Development Start-Up Suite SUSTAINABILITY New Investment Wealth Creation Incubator

45 The To Do List.. Building Needs Policy Needs Project Mentoring Where to Grow? 45

46 Contact Info Paul Lake, Executive Director Pike Co. Economic Growth & Development Council Pike Co. Progress Partners, Inc. 812.354.2271 Mayor Jon Craig City of Petersburg, Indiana 812.354.8511 Winter Fiscus, PrincipalJodie Pike Central High SchoolLori 812.354.8478Mike 46

47 PIKE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Petersburg, Indiana Presenters: Winter Fiscus ̶ Principal Jodie Elkins ̶ Biomedical Sciences Mike MacMunn ̶ Engineering Lori Richardson ̶ Biomedical Sciences Jacob Lamberson ̶ Engineering Jared Lamberson ̶ Engineering Zach Riddle ̶ Engineering Colton Newton ̶ Engineering Kari Lemond ̶ Biomedical Sciences Austin Hanebutt ̶ Biomedical Sciences Josie Kulm ̶ Biomedical Sciences Clayton Hill ̶ Biomedical Sciences Michael Pennington ̶ Biomedical Sciences

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