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The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at the University of Texas at Austin Dr. Juan Sanchez Vice President for Research.

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1 The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at the University of Texas at Austin Dr. Juan Sanchez Vice President for Research

2 Outline Brief update on UT Austin – Who are we? – What have we been doing in the entrepreneurship arena? – How is it working? Address the issue posed by the University of Łodz: “ways to finance research at The University of Texas at Austin”

3 The University of Texas at Austin More than 4,800 individual sponsored projects conducted in 150 research units (in 2012) Annual research funding of ~$620 million Nearly 800 patents awarded to UT Austin And resources: UT Austin has the fifth-largest academic library in the US and is one of the nation’s top 10 research libraries With a 350-acre main campus and satellite research centers, such as the J.J. Pickle Research Campus, UT Austin has state of the art laboratories and facilities

4 CREATE KNOWLEDGE EDUCATE LEADERS DISTRIBUTE KNOWLEDGE Entrepreneurship Technology Commercialization Use-Inspired Research

5 The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

6 University-wide Entrepreneurial Activities Technology Entrepreneurship Society (TES) focuses on identifying, cultivating, and supporting the current and future entrepreneurs in the UT technological community Longhorn Startup Seminar introduces students to the world of startups though the experiences of people who have built successes and learned from failures. The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) harnesses business, government and academic resources to provide strategic counsel, operational guidance, and infrastructure support to its member companies to help them transition into successful, high growth technology businesses. Texas Venture Labs (TVL) is a campus-wide initiative to accelerate the rate of start-ups on its campus, offering entrepreneurs an accelerated route in bringing their innovations to market.

7 University-wide Entrepreneurial Activities The Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship Growth and Renewal creates forums for successful entrepreneurs, students and faculty. We introduce students to the dynamic world of new venture creation and sustainability. The Idea to Product (I2P®) Program refers to applying creative thought to a technology (“Idea”) and developing a market application (“Product”) for that technology. The program provides a range of pathways for innovation including exposing university technologies to outside investors, aiding university technology spin- offs, and engaging students in the innovation and commercialization process. The University Entrepreneur's Association brings students interested in entrepreneurship together to share experiences and ideas. We also host corporate speakers to share their knowledge on entrepreneurship

8 University-wide Entrepreneurial Activities The Entrepreneurial Research Initiative (ERI) is founded on two important principles: Students put forth their own ideas and Students work with Translational Mentors from outside the University to develop these ideas. Student Entrepreneur Acceleration and Launch (SEAL) program- a program that gives entrepreneur groups connected to the UT community a chance to figure out what milestones need to be reached for their business plans to succeed Scientific Entrepreneurial Society stimulates and supports students culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

9 University-wide Entrepreneurial Activities Bridging Disciplines Programs: – Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship - Through an interdisciplinary program that combines courses from Business, Communication, Fine Arts, and Liberal Arts, students learn how ideas, inventions, talents, and skills are developed and transformed into commercial and social ventures. – Social Entrepreneurship & Non-Profits brings together students who are interested in pursuing a career in the public service sector and expanding their involvement in the community. Portfolio in Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship is a certification program that provides students with cross- disciplinary theoretical and practical training related to the management and governance of arts and cultural organizations, and/or the business dimensions of an entrepreneurial artistic career

10 Entrepreneurial Course Inventory Innovation/Creativity/Entrepreneurship 1 Semester Startup (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship) Entrepreneurial Management Marketing for Entrepreneurs The Liberal Arts Entrepreneur Venture Capital Fellows Program Entrepreneurial Journalism Entrepreneurship & Incubation Opportunity Identify and Analysis Social Entrepreneurship Texas Venture Labs Practicum New Venture Creation I New Venture Creation II Entrepreneurial Growth Corporate Governance Entrepreneurs of Technology: Mind-Mkt Marketing High-Tech Product Entrepreneurial Growth

11 Transcending Theory Technology Commercialization

12 Technology Commercialization





17 Now the question… How does The University of Texas at Austin finances research?

18 Trends in R&D Expenditures (Source: NSF Academic R&D Expenditures)

19 R&D expenditures of Top Universities without a Medical School, ranked by Federal and Business Funding: FY 2010

20 UT Austin – Industry Engagement


22 Stampede Linux cluster with 96,000+ cores, 205 TB of total memory and 2-7 PF peak performance went into production on January 7, 2013 Negotiated with NSF to use up to 10% of cycles in support of strategic research partners

23 Know your customers

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