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Vision Management A company dedicated to management and organizational quality.

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2 Vision Management A company dedicated to management and organizational quality

3 Corporate Purpose Vision Management has provided community service and organizational consulting for over 25 years. Whether we are working for small or large corporations, Vision Management places “Value Add” as the key measurement for success. Each engagement is measured to provide value to the company and the community.

4 Management Team William C. Joyce III: Mr. Joyce has spent his career in banking and computer organizations focused on both organizational development and project management. As President of Vision Management, Mr. Joyce is engaged in development of team solutions for small and entrepreneurial opportunities. Mr. Joyce received his MBA and BBA from Pace University, New York, in Accounting, Finance and International Banking. Another cute reason for Vision Management – Annabelle Michelle Joyce

5 Vision Management Companies This portion of Vision Management began in 1976 as a one-unit project in Westchester County, New York. There, over the course of 13 years, 7 elderly were given the opportunity to live within a family setting and become part of the local community. The program reduced government costs for these individuals from over $40,000 per year to $12,000 per year. It was this effort of love and service that gave rise to the idea of building a repeatable process that could be spread across the country allowing many others to participate in this added value process. ElderCare Alternative, Inc.

6 Vision Management Companies This is an ongoing real estate project that continues to provide encouraging results for individuals. Started out of a need for a few individuals within the community, the program continues due to its independent self-supporting process.  Ten+ years of serving young men in their quest to revitalize their lives  Providing housing that protects and encourages individual growth  An association of service and love of neighbor Property One Associates

7 Vision Management Companies Once given a gift it needs to be shared. The book, The Twelve Steps to Spirituality; the workbook, The Care and Feeding of the Mustard Seed; and the programs, The Deepening and The Journey Inward; are authored by the founder of Vision Management. These programs have been delivered across the United States where they have helped individuals in change or seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual lives. Circles of Love and Service

8 Vision Management Companies This is a drawing board project that is planned by Vision Management. It will provide an outlet for Christian and community programs and materials.  E-commerce and entrepreneurial spirit combined together for quality sales  Making the Internet process affordable  Providing patentable delivery service  An on-line catalogue with an attitude! Inspiration Mall

9 Vision Management Companies This is a HOT project that is in active development by Vision Management. This project provides for a management process for investment portfolios. Maintaining independence from commissioned securities sales organizations, the system will provide “ S tatistical A nalysis of F inancial E lements” enabling the user to track and manage their investment portfolios. SAFE Portfolio, LLC

10 Vision Management Companies Project under discussion with a number of key individuals and companies associated with CEO Space to provide full services for start-up companies. Please contact William C. Joyce III ( ) for further UnBoxed Incubator

11 Vision Management Companies This project is part of the UnBoxed Incubator Process - a new investor vehicle to reduce risk in start-up capital. Please contact William C. Joyce III ( ) for further PROFIT

12 How can we help? Business Plan Analysis and Design Financial Plan Analysis and Design Process and Procedure Development Ongoing Organizational Guidance Market Review and Market Channel Planning Product Model Development Every engagement is measured by the ADDED VALUE Vision Management provides your organization.

13 Vision Management Contact us: Bill Joyce 817-355-1816

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