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Kennedy and the Cold War. 1 The Great Debates 1 st Televised Debate.

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1 Kennedy and the Cold War



4 1 The Great Debates 1 st Televised Debate




8 Presidential Campaign Kennedy: Came from politically powerful Massachusetts family War hero Represented the future Nixon: Self-made man from a small town Ties Eisenhower tied him to the past 2

9 3 Election of 1960 JFK capitalized on their differences Adopted the term “New Frontier” Played on Nation’s Cold War fears Showed concern for poor

10 Election of 1960 Defended Eisenhower’s record Made him appear tied to the past 3

11 4 Catholic Candidate Some Protestant voters concerned Fears that JFK might put views of Catholic Church over those of American public

12 Election Day One of the closest in history JFK became youngest (43 years) President in history Popular vote separated by 120,000 votes Electoral 303-219 5

13 Kennedy and MLK JFK’s support for Martin Luther King won him the support of black voters 6

14 JFK takes Office Inaugural address focused on theme of change Also strong anti-Communist tone 7

15 “The Best and the Brightest” Young, well educated experts in their fields Closest advisor RFK, brother and youngest ever Attorney General (36) 8

16 Bay of Pigs Invasion CIA had been training 1,500 Cuban exiles in Central America to invade Cuba to overthrow Fidel Castro Many had been recruited in south Florida 9

17 Background of Invasion Came to power in 1959 after a 2 year guerilla war against Fulgencio Batista Batista was a U.S. backed dictator Castro promised to restore rights and freedoms Once in power he seized private businesses Began making anti-American speeches Eisenhower cut economic and diplomatic ties 10 Fidel Castro

18 Invasion of Cuba Plan hatched by CIA under Eisenhower JFK Considered Castro’s Communism a threat to all Latin America Had criticized IKE for inaction during presidential campaign Felt he would look weak if he backed down 11

19 Disaster Plans leaked to New York Times a week before, JFK denied story April 15, 1961 Unmarked US bombers failed to take out Cuban air force JFK cancelled airstrikes scheduled for next two days Land invasion April 17 th Castro’s troops were waiting for invaders 12

20 Result of Bay of Pigs Total failure Castro viewed as hero in Cuba 1,200 invaders captured Strengthened ties between Cuba and the Soviet Union 13

21 14 Kennedy’s New Frontier America struck by Kennedy youth and vitality

22 15 Jackie Kennedy

23 16 Kennedy and Congress New Frontier: name given to his plans for change Conservative Congress (didn’t favor change) Narrow victory, no mandate (authorization to act)

24 17 The Space Program Direct result of Cold War Crises Soviets 1 st man in space 1961 May, 1961 proposal to Congress: “ This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth…” John Glenn 1962


26 18 The Warren Court Series of controversial rulings which greatly extended individual rights and freedoms Brown v Board (1954) Baker v Carr (1962) Engel v Vitale (1962) Abington School District v Schempp (1963) Gideon v Wainwright (1963) Miranda v Arizona (1966) Roe v Wade (1973) not technically a “Warren Court” decision

27 19 The Kennedy Assassination 1964 campaign approaching JFK flew to Dallas to win support of southern Democrats November 22, 1963

28 20

29 21

30 Texas Schoolbook Depository Three Shots fired President Kennedy and Texas Governor Connolly hit 22

31 23

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37 30

38 31 Lee Harvey Oswald

39 32

40 33 Jack Ruby Tried and convicted of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald

41 34 Warren Commission

42 Computer Generated Simulation

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