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Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM President President Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM President President American Society of Safety Engineers

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1 Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM President President Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM President President American Society of Safety Engineers Work Safety in these Economic Times May 2009

2  American Society of Safety Engineers  Challenges  Safety and good corporate governance  Safety professional competencies  Maintaining safety during downturn  Your involvement in ASSE Discussion Points

3 ASSE was founded on October 14, 1911 in New York City as the United Society of Casualty Inspectors (USCI) with 62 members. 25 March 1911 146 female garment workers died At the time of the fire the factory fire exit doors were locked …the doors that were not locked only opened inwards and were effectively held shut by the onrush of workers trying to escape the fire. ….the only safety measures available for the workers were 27 buckets of water. 1914 the USCI name changed to American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

4 ASSE – By The Numbers 32,000+ members- located in 75 countries 151 Chapters & 31 Sections 38 Student Sections

5 Vision …be a global champion of the SH&E professional …a global leader of the profession …a premier resource …for those engaged in protecting people, property and the environment

6 ASSE Mission Statement ASSE is a global member-driven society providing representation promotion and support for those engaged in the profession and/or the practice of safety, health and environment in their efforts to protect people, property and the environment. * Promotes occupational safety and health in the court of public opinion – works to increase awareness and educate publics worldwide

7 STRUCTURED to DELIVER MEMBERS Board of Directors (volunteer leaders) 14 Practice Specialties and Branches CoMRACoPSCoPACoPD House Of Delegates Sections Chapters Areas Regions ® CoC

8 Challenges ILO estimates work related incidents and diseases kill 2.2 million workers annually and cost 4% of the world’s GDP Globally our cultures, languages and governments may differ but safety must transcend these differences applying to all people, businesses and organizations Role of the safety professional and needed competencies

9 Challenges Safety important part of corporate social responsibility as well as good corporate governance Business of safety has diverted focus from safety being part of corporate social responsibility ASSE supporting safety principles as part of organizational mission and vision statements Oversight of safety at CEO and BOD levels

10 Safety During Economic Downturn If companies believe they will save money by reducing or ignoring safety for their workers, customers and communities they do business in, they are mistaken, ASSE President Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM, notes. In the long run cutting these programs will only result in greater costs for businesses through higher accident rates, increased health and insurance costs, reduction in company trust and more. The cost of preventing work related injuries and illnesses is far less than the cost of correcting them.

11 Safety During Economic Downturn Companies must maintain solid safety process even during difficult times Safety professional is integral part of the safety process Good safety process is not just regulatory Fatal injury rate was 3.7 per 100,000 workers in 2007 Workplaces are safer today than before OSHA and MSHA

12 Costs Workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries cost US $170 billion each year Indirect costs of incidents may be as much as 20 times direct costs Organizations that invest in safety see positive impact on bottom line SHARP participant reduced incident rate from 28.5 to 8.3

13 Safety Support PS article indicated direct correlation between a company’s performance in safety and financial results Fall protection program reduced incident costs by 96% Society saves when there are fewer incidents – increases everyone’s quality of life in a positive way Safety’s positive return on investment is gaining attention from investors

14 Thanks for Supporting NAOSH Week Winners of the 6th Annual ASSE Poster Contest at the DOL – Last week’s NAOSH Week was a great success…we’ll have the photos from those events and the new “future safety leaders” on the ASSE web site very soon. We had more than 100 children – poster winners and entrants – and families come from across the U.S. to participate with 200 more folks at the DOL and the U.S. Capitol May 4 – it was one busy week with events happening worldwide – we thank you for all of your support. You can go to for all the

15 Not an ASSE Member?– Here Is What You Can Learn Through Member Involvement –Leadership skills –Management skills –Communication skills –Networking skills –Presentation skills –Time management skills –Team working skills –Meeting skills –Project skills and more!

16 Thank you for your support, for being here today, for those of you who are a member of ASSE and for those that value safety We have come a long way and in 2011 ASSE will be celebrating the gains safety professionals have made in the last 100 years as we celebrate our 100 th birthday – we hope you can join us. If ASSE can help you during this economic downturn let us know, we have tools, information and more to assist along with networking with peers – we’re in this together and we will win the economic battle, but we need to keep safety a key ingredient in any and all business activities…. You do make a difference in the world and with ASSE THANK YOU

17 Thank you for having me here. It has been an honor.

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