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Business Computer Information Systems Review PowerPoint Microsoft Office XP.

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1 Business Computer Information Systems Review PowerPoint Microsoft Office XP

2 1. What type of items can a presentation created with PowerPoint include?

3 Text: Words clip art: graphs: video clips: Sound:

4 2. What should you use when you want to include an organization chart on a slide?

5 A slide layout that has a placeholder for it

6 3. What is on every slide which tells the user what kind of information or graphic might go there such as a title, bulleted text, clipart, etc?

7 A Place Holder

8 4. What displays miniature versions of the slides on screen so that you can move and arrange slides easily by dragging?

9 The Slide Sorter view

10 5. How many Auto Layouts does PowerPoint have that you can choose from to create a new slide or change the layout of an existing slide?

11 24

12 6.What does the Slide Master Do?

13 It is used to format all the slides of your presentation.

14 7. What allows you to work with several objects as if they were one object?

15 Grouping (the same as it did with clipart in Word)

16 8. How can you save a presentation so that it can be viewed on the Internet?

17 web page

18 9. What is the option you should choose when beginning a new presentation from scratch with no predetermined formatting?

19 Auto Content Wizard

20 10. What is the button on the Formatting toolbar that displays a menu of frequently performed functions when clicked?

21 Common Tasks

22 11. What do you do in a clip art placeholder on a slide to cause The Microsoft Clip Gallery to appear for you?

23 double-click using the left mouse button

24 12. What are pre- designed graphic styles that can be applied to your slides?

25 Design Templates (for example: Every slide in this presentation)

26 13. What reserves a space on a slide in a presentation for the type of information you want to add such as text, charts, pictures, etc?

27 A Placeholder

28 14. When running a presentation, what determines how one slide is removed from the screen and how the next one appears?

29 Slide Transition

30 15. What alerts you if an element of your presentation does not conform to the standards of good style?

31 A light bulb icon will appear

32 16. What can you use in a presentation to display data in rows and columns?

33 A table Memorial DayRip Tarber Stock Championship Flag Day Vintage Car Trade Show 4 th of JulySage Stone 500 Labor DayStock Classic Starter

34 17. What charts are useful for showing the hierarchical structure and relationships within a company?

35 Organization

36 18. What are the (5) Views in PowerPoint?

37 a) Normal b) Outline c) Slide d) Slide Sorter e) Slide Show (This View)

38 19. To resize and/or move a text box, click what on the border of the box and drag?

39 Handles

40 20. You should use what method when you need to select multiple objects?(Ex. drawing objects, graphics, etc.) that are not close to each other.

41 Shift-clicking

42 End of Power Point Test Review

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