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Budget Feedback Framework and Some Fundamental Approach

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1 Budget Feedback Framework and Some Fundamental Approach

2 We give priority in EQUITY and JUSTICE in all development along with distribution of growth, as inequality and injustice is being increased and systematically promoted anti people forces both in national and international level. We believe POVERTY is an outcome of MULTIPLE DENIAL of PEOPLE’S fundamental RIGHTS; poverty CAN NOT be eliminated through a mere CHARITY approach. Fundamental responsibility of the state is to ensure facilities and conditions so that the poor will have rightful share on the resources and be able to develop him/herself as a dignified citizen of the country. FRAME WORK ANALYSIS

3 We believe attaining food self sufficiency should not be looked mere of increasing PRODUCTION, rather it should be looked a establishing FARMER’S RIGHT on agricultural practices, preserving NATURE and CULTURE. We believe in SOVREGINTY in our PLANING and ECONOMIC decision, that we assist our government to CRITCALLY ENGAGE with international financial institutions (e.g., World Bank, ADB and IMF) so that they will not be able to dominate us with their DEBT and CONDITINALITIES in fact which favor multi national companies, developed and advance developing countries.. FRAME WORK ANALYSIS

4 Planning Disaster to DEBT DISASTER Due to the IFIs conditionality five years planning has abandoned, but nobody owned PRSP. No review of first PRSP, second PRSP bureaucratically managed without any participation and in hide and sick manner. Beneficiaries; MNCs, Bureaucrats, Rural and Urban Elites. Debt servicing already crossed annul health budget. Five Key Issues in This Budget Analysis

5 NON ECONOMIC FACTOR IS FUNDAMENTAL to eliminate present stagnation in poor budget implementation Top down and bureaucratic approach of budget preparation. Need full decentralized and accountable local government and its involvement on bottom up basis WITH POLITICAL PARTICIPATION PRESENT SUBSIDIARY policy PERPETUATING INEQUALITY and not rationalized and justified. Need economic class based analysis: who is paying for whose comfort. Who has the capacity they have to pay for it. Five Key Issues in This Budget Analysis

6 Need drastic action to REDUCE DEPENDENCY ON FOSSIL FUEL BASED LIFE STYLE e.g., (i) compulsion in using energy savings bulb, (ii) high tax on electrical home appliance, (iii) day light savings national time management, (iv) ban on high CC car import, (v) regulation on car especially in government sector, (vi) declaration of car free days in cities, (vii) fixing temperature level (e.g., in China it is 26 Celsius) in air condition Bicycle lane in road networks (reconstruction in existing roads, and all new road should have this from now). Strengthening public transport network in all cities, especially in Dhaka with long term investment. State subsidy in installation of solar home system (e.g., 50 % cost sharing in India). Promotion of local economy: devolution of authority and facilities in country side. Five Key Issues in This Budget Analysis

7 Food self sufficiency within the FRAME WORK OF FOOD SOVREGINTY Steps to discourage the use of land in non productive purpose both in rural and urban area. Steps to promote the preservation and use of surface water. Strong regulation to control the hybrid sector with compensation system. Government patronage and investment for preservation and promotion of local seeds, e.g., through BADC. Training and support for the balance use of chemical fertilizer and compost fertilizers. Five Key Issues in This Budget Analysis

8 Equity & Justice Working Group-EJWG House: 9/4, Road: 02, Shamoli, Dhaka Tel: 8125181, 8154673 E-mail: Thank You all

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