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Building Community in the New Millenium Community Information Networks A Penn State Cooperative Extension and Outreach Initiative Bill Shuffstall Extension.

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1 Building Community in the New Millenium Community Information Networks A Penn State Cooperative Extension and Outreach Initiative Bill Shuffstall Extension Agent 814-765-7878 email:

2 A New Age ä “ Information Technology” ä Driven and defined by digital tools ä Human interaction with appliances more natural ä Info is a commodity

3 Impact Similar to Industrial Age ä Geographic location & distance irrelevant ä Benefit small business & individuals more than big business ä Emphasis on life-long learning

4 Typical Communities ä Post-industrial economy ä Facing transition to “Information Age” ä Large corporations & universities high tech ä Small bus., local gov., schools, majority of adults low tech ä Nation & State governments & national economy well into transition

5 Implications for Communities ä Threat - Digital Divide ä inner cities ä rural communities ä Opportunity ä develop Community Information Network ä share benefits of digital appliances

6 Community Information Networks Wagner and Kubicek Are run by and for the local community, are to serve a clearly defined geographic region, are to address the needs of day-to- day life, are to represent the local culture and strengthen the cohesion of the local community, are provided at no or little cost to the individual.

7 Community Information Networks Association for Community Networks Community networking occurs when people get together to solve a problem or respond to an opportunity. A community network is a community owned and operated information and communication service that can amplify and support community networking.

8 Benefits: Community ä Residents/organizations make transition ä access to tools & training ä Efficient use of community resources ä Increased access to education and training ä Economic development ä Others

9 Benefits: individuals & groups within a community ä Individuals and families ä Local and county officials ä Community groups ä Education administrators and teachers ä Business ä Media

10 Benefits: Families and Individuals ä Increased opportunities to develop self & family ä Better education & jobs - adults & children ä Broader range of: - entertainment - work -education & training opportunities ä Increased involvement in community ä Opportunities to volunteer IT skills

11 Benefits: Education ä Provide education & prep for 21st Century jobs ä Enhance teachers’ job & status ä Enhance administrators’ role & status ä Improve home - school communication ä Build collaboration: other schools, colleges, business, government ä Increase ability to deliver workforce training & continuing education ä Reduce IT costs through sharing

12 Benefits: Not for Profits ä More effective internal & external communication ä More effectively advertise mission & goals ä Serve community by being volunteers teachers ä Increase volunteer interest ä Increase members & donors ä Improved ability to fulfill service mission ä Reduce IT costs through sharing

13 Benefits: Business ä Local, area, national global access & exposure ä Improve local economy ä Overcome geographic isolation ä Improve access to government & industry contracts ä Reduce advertising costs ä Basis for current & new businesses to address future markets ä Electronic fund transfers

14 Benefits: Local Government ä Improve communication with public ä Expand hours of service ä Increase public feedback ä Reduce work ä Achieve positive impact on budgets, jobs, local economy ä Accept payments electronically ä Improved access to info from other governments ä Reduce IT costs though sharing infrastructure

15 Benefits: Media ä Gain access to new, powerful, inexpensive media ä Be a player in the life of the “Virtual Community” ä Ability to expand from local to regional & beyond ä Daily presence in community

16 CIN Components People Network Infrastructure Info Services Information created by people, network facilitates info sharing Largely invisible, but make communication between people possible Computers & info services store content for access by people Most important: network is a tool to enhance communication

17 Community Information Network Initiative Process that transitions communities into the “Information Age”

18 Potter County ä 16,000 pop ä 5 Schools ä 50% St. Land ä Manu & Ag ä Adelphia

19 Potter County Community Network ä 3 rd year of project ä Task force ä ä Tech Center in N Potter School (plans to open 2 nd in Austin School) ä Volunteer Webmaster ä Annual IT Summer School ä Coudersport Boro going online – Co. Agencies next ä Training for individuals & organizations


21 Philosophy for Success ä Focus on people not technology ä All residents have opportunity to access & learn to use tools of information age ä Integrate learning into daily life ä Maximize involvement ä Minimize project cost ä Reflects the community

22 ä Project champion(s) ä CIN Task Force ä Education on use not technology ä Show don’t tell ä Focus on community infrastructure ä Use library or community center ä ID and support local ISPs ä Community support through shared vision Elements of Successful CINs

23 Project Champion ä Advocate importance and benefits of information technology community leader ä librarian ä teacher ä other ä Charismatic ä Knowledgeable ä Speak in plain, ordinary language

24 CIN Task Force ä 10 to 20 people who understand benefits & importance ä administrators ä parents ä board members ä business leaders ä community leaders ä Willing to share tasks & responsibilities to achieve goals

25 Education on Uses/Benefits for: ä Individuals and families ä Government ä Civic organizations ä Media ä Education ä Business

26 Show, Don’t Just Tell ä Large-scale demonstrations ä Small-group hands-on training ä Tailored presentations for civic organizations ä Hands-on training for key individuals

27 Community Tech Center ä Place to use network (public building) ä Library ä School ä Community college ä Free public access ä High speed connection ä Computers/software ä Assistance

28 Focus on Community Infrastructure ä What is available ä Fiber ä Internet service providers (ISPs) ä ISDN ä Cable modem ä etc. ä Start with what is there ä Plan for fastest infrastructure

29 Identify and Support Local Internet Service Providers ä Crucial to long term community economic health ä Respond quickly to changing technologies ä Important to rural areas (competition & service) ä Increases access options & methods

30 Community Support ä Shared vision ä Key local players willing to cooperate on community network ä local government- business ä libraries- media ä schools & colleges- agencies ä Others?

31 Making It Happen “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

32 Assistance ä Community Information Network Initiative ä CIN Rapid Response Team Penn State Cooperative Extension and Outreach 814-765-7878 email:


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