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General Introduction. ABOUT US Company founded September 2014 with the following owners: AMV AS JL Offshore AS RVD AS Share capital – 2.000.000 NOK Our.

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1 General Introduction

2 ABOUT US Company founded September 2014 with the following owners: AMV AS JL Offshore AS RVD AS Share capital – 2.000.000 NOK Our strategy is to join common strengths in order to be the preferred and flexible provider to the oil & gas industry. We see a strategic fit with our flexibility, competence and business model related to the ongoing processes within the Oil & Gas industry

3 ABOUT US Kjell Rune Heia Managing Director Johnny Løland Marketing Manager Tom John Versland CFO Peter Heinrichs Technical Advisor Marianne Hartveit QA Kjell Rune Heia Engineering Manager Terje Heia Cristian Sousa Technical Supervisor Raquel Rodrigues Jan Præstholm HMI /Software Arnfinn Rysstad Osmund Faremo Engineers Mechatronics Board of directors: Peder Andersen, Chairman Per Gunnar Andersen Johnny Løland Roy Løe Kjell Rune Heia Terje Heia

4 AMV AS -Privately owned company since 1860 -Main products within tunnel/mining industry and offshore industry - Yearly turnover 330.000.000 NOK Norway / South America - No. of employees – 150 in Norway / 40 in South America -40% of production is export for tunneling / mining - 13000m² of modern production facilities - Our capabilities -Engineering department -Machining shop -Welding and fabrication shop -Assembly shop -Electrical shop -Painting and sandblasting facilities -Warehouse and shipping

5 AMV A/S Offshore AMV has been manufacturing, developing and refurbishing advanced oil and gas industry equipment for 40 years. Focusing on products like derrick drilling machines, top drives, hydraulic power packs, drill floor manipulators, racker arms, roughnecks, injectors and access baskets, AMV has a proven track record of quality and solid craftsmanship. Service companies have trusted us for close to 40 years, and keep coming back for more AMV AS are recognized to be one of Aker Solutions MH top ten suppliers


7 AMV REFERENCES Transocean Searcher - Cherry Picker Moonpool YME Platform – Talisman - Cherry Picker 14m - Assembly crane - Manipulator crane for roughneck - Skidding system Aker Solutions MH - Topdrives - PTD’s - Hydraulic power packs - Cherry Pickers - Roughneck - Development 1000, 1250 & 1500 Tonne Topdrive - Various development assignments Weatherford Rig Systems - Roughneck - Slips Cameron Sense - Development / production Topdrive Stimline - Development well intervention system Optipump - Development / fabrication mudpumps

8 JL OFFSHORE AS - Company founded in 2000 - 4 Employees - Yearly turnover at approx 106 mill NOK (12) - All together been involved in the oilfield supply business for almost 70 years - JL Offshore is Exclusive representative for WOM (Worldwide Oilfield Machine) in Norway - JL Offshore is representative for Forum Energy Technologies in Norway - JL Offshore is Exclusive representative for Bronco Mfg in Norway

9 JL OFFSHORE AS Services JL Offshore can provide Service Personnel and Spare Parts for Mud Pumps, Drawworks etc. made by other manufacturers. Products - Mud Pump Parts- Bearings - Roller Chain- Sheaves - Subs (x-over, saver etc.)- Kelly Valves - Inside BOP’s & Dart Sub - Plug Valves - Ball Valves- BF Valves - Handling Tools - Fishing Tools - Brake Blocks- Clutches - Filters- Drawwork - General Supply of Drilling Related Equipment / Spares

10 JL OFFSHORE REFERENCES Bredford Dolphin (Service & Parts) - PZ-11 Mud Pump & E-3000 Drawwork Bideford Dolphin (Service & Parts) - FB-1600 Mud Pump Borgland Dolphin (Service & Parts) - 12P-160 Mud Pump West Epsilon (Service & Parts) - FC-2200 Mud Pump & C3 Drawwork Songa Dee (5-year classification) - FB-1600 Mud Pump & C3 Drawwork Songa Delta (5-year classification) - A1700-PT Mud Pump Songa Trym (5-year classification) - 12P-160 Mud Pump Veslefrikk (general overhaul) - 12P-160 Mud Pump Gullfaks A (general overhaul) - 10P-130

11 RVD AS The company was founded in 2012 and has been delivering consultant services to different project within rig upgrade (SPS) on several different projects within. PLC programming Engineering of new control system Citect Scada HMI programming Installation lead on site Commissioning management and execution Prior to founding RVD (Kjell Rune Heia) that is the owner has 13 years’ experience from Aker MH in; Mechanical repair and overhaul Hydraulic installation and trouble shooting PLC control system startup, commissioning and trouble shooting Holds IADC certificate as subsea engineer And has in total 20 years’ experience from offshore drilling industry.

12 RVD REFERENCES Apply Rig & Modules: Maersk Guardian Engineering leader and PLC Programming for PRS pipehandling system Maersk Giant Engineering leader and HMI Development and PLC Programming for PRS pipe handling system Maersk Gallant Engineering leader, HMI Development and commissioning execution. These projects have involved change out of control system for the drilling system including system design. Tratec Offshore Solutions: Maersk Resillient/Maersk Resolve Installation supervision of overhauled drilling package, and commissioning responsible of installed equipment.

13 HOW WE WORK -Engineering -Software development -Engineering assistance to AMV -Fabrication -Engineering -Offshore installation / Commissioning -Overhaul and modifications -Spare parts and logistics -Survey -Technical specifications – assistance. Early project phase -Concept studies -Special products / modifications -Market know how Our added value is the combination of strengths from each partner

14 WHAT WE DO Overhaul of Drilling equipment Through the experience within the service range of our companies, we will be able to supply in-house solutions in all chain of the process. Dismantle of equipment and installation after overhaul Sand blasting, NDT and inspection of equipment Repair and machining of equipment if needed in overhaul We have in-house welding engineer that can service welding procedures for repair of cracks or damage We are certified for certification of lifting equipment Re-assembly and work shop testing Commissioning of installed overhauled equipment Offshore solution for overhaul is part of our strategy and will be set up in each individual case The personnel at Skild AS holds long experience in both offshore and onshore services within all sides of a SPS within Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical part of the scope. Skild will hold in-house competence for the key roles in these kind of project and will use sub-contractors from local partners lead by Skild supervisors when possible This will benefit our customer because use of local work force will be saving travel/lodging cost, and will normally be a cheaper solution where Skild will only charge the cost plus and administrative cost for the local work force.

15 WHAT WE DO Tailor made solutions in order to perform more MMO work offshore or on-site Skild offer solutions to perform overhaul both offshore and on shore This will give a flexibility for the customer where we will be able to set up different kind of container or special tool solutions for the job. Service Works shop containers Hydraulic containers for hoses and piping … Electrical containers for electrical parts and modification Test unit containers for hydraulic units for test of equipment Test containers for VFD, PLC control for full range test in local workshop Special designed lifting equipment Or other special request that customer may have

16 WHAT WE DO Rig survey Skild can assist in project planning and rig survey to plan and specify a job that the customer may request. Define scope of work to be performed Define and plan how to execute a job Define if any special requirements are needed or should be considered to save time Find solutions for request from rig in cooperation with rig crew and shore base organization Plan and design replacement equipment if overhaul or repair is not a preferred solution

17 WHAT WE DO Spare part and storage Skild can offer spare parts trough JL Offshore product range Skild can offer to supply spare part or fabricate replacement where the customer want this We can also offer to store and maintain equipment where the customer has need for longer Storage of different equipment.

18 WHAT WE DO Control system upgrade and E&I services Trough in-house competence in Skild we can offer to do replacement of control system where the customer need to upgrade due to different reasons. We will then deliver system based on agreed functional description with customer regardless of OEM Prior to building the control software a system need to be specified with: Functional description Cause and effect for the different machines Approval from authority (DNV, Lloyds etc.) We have long experience in control system development, implementation and commissioning. Further strengthen of this will be done in sub-service from AMV. We can deliver tailor solution where the customer are part of the design team and get the best solution for each case

19 WHAT WE DO Tailor solution and special equipment from Skild We believe that trough our experience and with input from customer we will be able to come up with good solutions for any challenge that there may be in the operation of a rig. This will be a challenge that will be solved and planned in cooperation with the customer. We believe that the best solution is found based on a common effort where modification are requested.

20 In Center Improved tripping efficiency stab and dope function keep personnel out of red zone In Center Improved tripping efficiency stab and dope function keep personnel out of red zone - Ensure stabile stabbing of single and stand in WC increasing productivity on the rig - Full pipe range for Roughneck - Retrofit for Aker MH / NOV roughneck - Dope / Wash function keep the RFO out of red zone - Removes personnel from red zone - No integration towards existing control system - Patented technology

21 In Center - Dope / Wash function Showing dope of pin end in same operation as centering of pipe This minimize time for doping, and ensure that the RFO don’t have to enter the red zone for doping while tripping in hole.

22 In Center Operation Animation

23 In Center Dimensions The In Center is a fully hydraulic integrated Machine, no need for control system upgrade. This give a flexible solution regardless of control System installed.

24 Well Intervention Pump Constant speed eliminates need for costly speed control device, clutches, multiple stage gearboxes etc. Patented Technology Small footprint Variable stroke, 0-100%, step less while pump are running for accurate volume/pressure/Flow control Soft start, no shock load on piping and well equipment. PLC controlled. Able to run at constant pressure, constant flow or fixed volume. Perfect for MPD and pressure testing.

25 Well Intervention Pump Plunger Size (In)Max Flow l/minMax Pressure (Bar) 4,51075150 4850200 3,5480350 Wide flow/pressure range for each plunger size. No need to replace fluid end body when changing plunger size

26 SKILD lift arm Skild can deliver special arrangement for personal lift. Here is one example for how we can design a basket for use where the operator need to get access on different sides or positions of equipment or location. This kind of basket reduces the need for use of riding belt or climbers and ensure that the operator can gain safe access to working place.

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