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3 Online Working Papers Students complete these worksheets online Identical to the printed working papers Automatically graded and entered into the Instructor’s Online gradebook – Saving you time! Students receive instant feedback You have accurate assessments of the student’s completed work and an instant sense of each student’s comprehension

4 Aplia’s Online Working Papers Century 21 8e & 9e General Journal (green) Ch Ch split Ch split Multicolumn (blue) Ch Ch split Ch split Advanced (red) Ch Fundamentals (purple)

5 Online Working Papers are Identical to Printed Working Papers Include Study Guides End of Lesson Exercises End of Chapter Exercises Reinforcement Activities Chapter and Part Tests (Located in the Unassigned Folder)

6 What users are saying… “We use the Multicolumn Journal from South-Western with the Online Working Papers. I have been very happy both with the text and the working papers. This system has allowed me to pinpoint exactly what students are doing wrong, and I have the time to work one-on-one with them to assist them in understanding. I cannot say enough about how this system has improved my instruction.” Kathy H. Business Education Teacher, Wisconsin

7 What users are saying… “ I am using South-Western’s Online Working Papers and love it. It is great not having to grade accounting papers nightly and the kids love getting instant feedback on their homework and tests.” Katie G. Business and Information Technology, Wisconsin

8 What users are saying… “I cannot tell you how pleased I've been with Aplia Online Working papers. The automatic grading has been a life saver. The most impressive thing about Aplia is how much more engaged my students are compared to the traditional workbook. I am amazed at how much easier it is to keep them on task using Aplia.” Eric Lott Accounting, Brandon High School, MI

9 What users are saying… 61% say that student performance has improved in their class since using the Online Working Papers!

10 By how much? 34% - students’ grades have improved by 6-10% 43% - students’ grades have improved by >11%

11 What users are saying…. 82% report that their students are more engaged in the Accounting course. 75% say their ability to monitor student progress has improved.

12 What users are saying… 70% say that after using Online Working Papers, their students are more likely to enroll in further study in accounting and/or other business education courses.

13 Let’s take a look inside…

14 System Requirements All browsers on PCs and MACs Internet connection Flash Player No proprietary plug-ins

15 Student View Announcements Current Assignments

16 Mirror the Printed Working Papers Identical to Printed Working Papers Learn and practice manual accounting in an online environment

17 Smart Text Entry Smart Text Entry decreases data entry errors and ensures accurate grading Misspelled word? Text changes to RED


19 Practice Assignment F ILL IN THE NUMBERS AND “ CHECK A NSWER.”

20 Students Receive Immediate Feedback C HECKED PROBLEM. N OTICE ITEMS THAT ARE INCORRECT “X.”

21 Students Receive Immediate Feedback Explanation allows students to view the correct answers

22 Practice VS. Graded Practice Assignments Students receive immediate feedback Students can view correct answers Graded Assignments Students will not receive feedback until after the due date Students will not be able to see the correct answers until after the due date * Instructor can change any assignment from “practice” to “graded” and vice versa

23 Grades Students can keep track of their own performance

24 Graded Assignments assess student and class progress NEW! Students can save partially-completed work and complete at a later date


26 Instructor View – Course Home Page

27 Course Outline Aplia builds the course and distributes assignments based on your course length and syllabus The instructor has the ability to customize the assignment schedule and due dates

28 Edit Date, Scoring, Visibility

29 Chapter and Part Tests Included Test are located in the Unassigned Folder

30 Course Materials Upload additional course materials such as lesson PowerPoints, web links, articles, etc.

31 Grade Book As students complete assignments, their grades are imported directly into your aplia grade book View and download grade book in a simple spreadsheet (Excel-compatible)

32 View Class Performance on All Assignments

33 View Class Performance on a Single Assignment

34 View Student Performance on All Assignments

35 View Student Performance on a Single Assignment

36 View Student Work Instructor can view student work

37 Manage Announcements Add, Edit, Delete Announcements

38 Students a group of students or an individual student

39 Adjust Scores, Due Dates, and Time Limits for an Individual or Group of Students Manually overwrite grades and adjust due dates for an individual or group of students.

40 Save Time - Copy All Course Settings From One Year to the Next Assignment due dates, time limits, uploaded course material, and more can be copied from one year to the next

41 Outstanding Support

42 Online Working Papers For a demo, please visit….

43 Complete System Configuration Test

44 Online Working Papers - Pricing All access cards are available as slim packs. They are not packaged with the book. Can be purchased with technology or Perkins funding What happens if a student drops the course? –21 day grace period before access code needs to be entered (grace period begins on the start date of the course) –Access codes not activated never expire

45 Ordering Process 1. Place order for access codes (slim packs) with a PO at or call –OWP General Journal (green) Ch.1-24: –OWP General Journal (green) Ch. 1-16: –OWP General Journal (green) Ch –OWP Multicolumn (blue) Ch. 1-24: –OWP Multicolumn (blue) Ch. 1-16: –OWP Multicolumn (blue) Ch –OWP General Journal & Multicolumn Ch : –OWP Advanced (red) Ch. 1-24: CourseCare will set up account and build course –Name, address, textbook, syllabus (start/end date, vacation weeks, etc.)

46 OWP FAQs How long do the access codes last once activated? 1 school year Do the access codes expire? No, an access code that has not been activated will not expire. What happens if a student drops the course after the access code as been activated? There is a 21 day grace period which allows students to complete assignments without activating the access code.

47 OWPs FAQs Can I test drive the Online Working Papers prior to adoption? YES! –Option 1: Does the “sample” course data transfer over if you decide to purchase student access codes? Yes, the only difference between a sample course and a full course is that Aplia adds "sample" to the course title. If the you decide to adopt the program for their course, then Aplia will only need to edit the course name.

48 OWP FAQs Will I be able to administer tests using the Online Working Papers? Yes, the end-of-chapter and part tests have been added to the program in the “unassigned folders”. Can students save partially-completed work? Yes, students can save partially-completed problems and exercises if they are not able to complete them in one sitting. Can I add my own questions? Instructors can add objective based questions (MC, T/F, etc…) that may be auto-graded and entered into their Aplia online grade books.

49 OWP FAQs Will the Online Working Papers work with my computers’ operating system? Yes, the Online Working Papers work with all browsers on PCs and Macs and requires no proprietary plug-ins. Other than an internet connection, your students will only need Flash, which has been standard on all browsers for many years and can be downloaded for free. I use Blackboard (or other course management system) at my School. Can I send students’ grades to my grade book in Blackboard? Yes, the Online Working Papers’ grade book feature allows instructors to export grades to other course management systems.

50 OWPs FAQs Some students do not have access to a computer at home. How can they complete assignments using Online Working Papers? Teachers and students have the ability to print blank worksheets. Can I access the OWPs before the course start date? Yes! You CAN access your OWPs customized course before the start date. Can I copy my course setting from one year to the next? Yes!

51 Need more information? Visit for a free demo! Visit to view recorded information and training


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