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Fundamentals Getting Started. Go to:

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1 Fundamentals Getting Started

2 Go to:

3 Click: Register Here

4 Fill out the registration information. Click the Register Button at the bottom of the page.

5 Use the email address and password you created to log in. Do not register again. Next time, just log in.

6 Select your teacher.

7 To get started, click on Start Fundamentals.

8 Begin with the pre-test.

9 The Pre-test The pre-test to measures your skills at the present time. You will take this assessment again at the end to see how you have improved. Relax and answer the questions honestly. The assessment is a good outline of the content of Fundamentals.


11 Pre-test Sample Question There are 100 easy questions. Just answer quickly. You can click on Finish Later if you don’t complete the survey all at once.

12 View the results of the pre-test


14 Reflect on your results.

15 Begin Chapter 1.


17 Think about important questions.

18 The Mindsets These questions help you to think about the question before you answer. Then you read the material and add to your answer. Purpose: –Reading comprehension –Engagement

19 Read the text carefully.


21 Complete the activities.

22 Complete the journal entries.


24 The Journal Entries They are an opportunity for students to read and think about how to apply the material in their personal lives. I expect a well-developed paragraph for most questions.

25 Quizzes are immediately scored.

26 Your Results

27 The Electronic Quizzes They are an interactive feature that helps you with reading comprehension. You get immediate feedback. You cannot change your answers once you press the Submit button. Do your best. The quizzes are part of the student portfolio and count on your grade.






33 Chapter 2 begins with a personality assessment.

34 Getting the Best Results from DWYA Find a time when you are not tired or rushed. There are no right or wrong answers. Answer quickly giving your first impression. Do not over analyze. You will have a chance to look at your profile and change it if you think it is not correct.

35 Getting the Best Results from DWYA Answer the questions honestly to get the best results. Answer the questions how you usually are when you are not stressed. Do not answer the questions: –How you want to be –How you have to be at home, work or school –How others want you to be

36 Getting the Best Results from DWYA The test does not measure: –Intelligence –Psychological or emotional health




40 View your report.

41 Select careers that interest you.

42 Explore career information.




46 Begin chapter 2.



49 Complete the journals.

50 Write a paragraph.

51 Begin Chapter 3

52 Chapter 3 Has with 2 assessments –Learning Style Inventory (LSI) –Multiple Intelligences Advantage (MI Advantage)

53 Chapter 3 begins with a learning style assessment.

54 Getting the Best Results from the LSI Learning Style Inventory Give your initial response. Answer quickly, but carefully. No need to over analyze. Answer as though you were learning new or difficult information.

55 Important Considerations It is not a test It describes how you prefer to learn new or difficult material Usually there are 6 or 7 areas out of 20 that are important for an individual

56 Sample Question


58 Understanding your results.

59 Green indicates a preference.



62 Chapter 3 Multiple Intelligence Assessment

63 Directions for the MI Advantage The assessment takes approximately 15 minutes. The purpose of this assessment is to identify your personal strengths and matching majors.

64 Directions for the MI Advantage Answer the questions honestly. Avoid answering with what you think you should say or what you want to be true. Take the assessment when you are well rested and have time to complete it. There are no right or wrong or good or bad answers. Each person has a unique intelligence profile. Answer with what comes to mind first; do not overanalyze your answers

65 Sample Question


67 Sample Profile

68 Intelligences are matched to careers.

69 Add careers to your portfolio.

70 Common Problems and Easy Solutions

71 Register Only One Time Students register only once. They they log in with the email address and the password they created.

72 Write down the email address and password you use to create your accounts.

73 I forgot my email address Your teacher can find the email address you used to create your account by looking at their portfolio on My Students or All Students in the instructor account.


75 I forgot my password Check the forgot password link for a reminder. Your teacher can look at the Student Portfolio and reset the password.


77 I can’t continue to the next page. Students must finish everything before they can advance to the next page: –Quizzes –Activities –Journal Entries Check to see if anything is missing, especially on the quizzes and activities.

78 When I tried to register, it says that my email already exists. If the email already exists, you have already registered. Log in with the email address and password you created when you registered the first time.


80 When I tried to log in, it says that my email does not exist. There are several reasons for this: You are using a different email. You entered the info incorrectly. You have not registered.

81 Contact Customer Service If you have any problem you cannot resolve. This does not happen very often. If you need to have a student’s account reset. If a student fails and takes the course again, it can be reset so they can start over.


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