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Riverside Interim Assessments Winter 2014 Brianna Beitler.

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1 Riverside Interim Assessments Winter 2014 Brianna Beitler

2 Online Assessment Steps for teacher/proctor

3 Setup for an Online Test 1. Create Test Sessions for each of your periods, grades, etc… 2. Print list of test session codes 3. Make sure the secure browser is available on student computers 4. Provide students with login information and session code when ready to administer 3

4 Step 1: Create Test Session(s) 4 Log in and go to the Assessments application

5 Find the correct Test Event and click the blue icon for Proctor an Online Session 5

6 6 Create Test Session(s) Create a Part 1 and a Part 2 for each class period Use a common naming convention for each test session Consider creating a makeup a session or two for students that do not finish or are absent during time of testing

7 Step 2: Print All Session Codes Note: Once used, session codes expire at midnight that same evening. 7

8 Step 3: Secure Browser 8

9 Step 4: Distribute Session Code and Login Information to Students 9 Decide how you would like your students to log in

10 Proctoring Online Sessions Step 1: Go to –Click ‘Proctor my online testing session now’ –Enter login information and session code 10

11 Step 2: Review the proctor screen 11

12 Step 3: Facilitate as students log into the secure browser 12

13 Step 4: Monitor and approve students to begin testing. –Students will see a drawing screen until the proctor approves them to begin the test. 13 Step 5: Once students are approved, monitor their progress throughout the assessment.

14 Step 6: Finalize testing session once complete. –When students have finished the current testing session you have the option to do the following: -Pause a test for short periods of time (drink of water, fire drill, etc…) -End Testing All button to end the testing session once all students are finished. -Save and Exit for a student that has not been able to complete the session and must finish at a later time -Continue Testing can be used to advance students from Part 1 onto Part 2. However, this must only be done when all students have finished the current session. 14

15 Scoring/Results When a student has completed both Parts of the ELA or Math Interim Assessment, scores and reports will take up to 24 hours to process and be available within DataManager. 15

16 Riverside Interim Assessments Winter 2014 Presenter name or date

17 Plain Paper Scanning Steps for teacher/proctor

18 Step 1: Print Answer Documents for Class or School 18 Log in and go to the Assessments application

19 Find the correct Test Event and click the Test Event Title in blue font. 19

20 Scroll to the bottom of the page and ‘Click Here’ under the Answer Documents section. 20

21 Look for the correct Location, grade, administration method (i.e. PPS). For PPS, you will see two printer icons. –The first will print all students at that grade alphabetically (only students you have access to view). –The second icon will print by class and list students alphabetically. 21

22 Print the PDF document(s) as needed. You have the option to copy answer documents, but it is highly recommended that they are printed to ensure scanning success. 22

23 Step 2: Scanning Answer Documents From the Desktop, click on the DataGrader icon. It will display as “Local Scanning Client’. 23 Advanced Options Select Scan in TWAIN mode Complete the ‘Site Location’ information Click OK

24 Log into DataGrader using the same username and password you use for DataManager. The ‘DataGrader Scan Answersheets’ screen appears 24

25 APS uses Fujitsu scanners Fujitsu scanners require you to scan documents ‘HEAD DOWN, FACE DOWN’. Assign each group of documents a Scan Session name. Make sure the naming convention you use is specific enough for you to recognize later in the process. 25 Note: The prompt on the DataGrader screen says to place documents Face-Up. This is not the case with Fujitsu scanners.

26 A display generates noting how many sheets were scanned. Click Upload. Click ‘View Results’. 26

27 DataManager will automatically open and take you to the ‘Manage Scanning Sessions’ page. All documents should show under Records Received. If not, click on the number that displays in Records/Pages Unresolved in order to view those and resolve those issues.. 27

28 If you select Records/Pages Unresolved, you will be able to correct any failed scans. Click on the number displayed under this section on the Scan Session Summary page. Edit each unresolved document right on the screen by clicking View Image. This table can help guide your corrections: 28 Records/Pages Unresolved

29 You can view the Records Received as well by clicking on the ‘Scan Session Name’ you supplied 29 Records Received

30 30 The ability to delete entire scan sessions if you would like to rescan. Navigate back to list of scan sessions

31 To edit the answer strings of a successful student scan click the name of a student. 31 The Student Answer Record appears with the answer strings. Edit right on the screen if there are errors. Save any changes made.

32 When all editing is complete and scans are all resolved, navigate back to the Scan Session Summary. To send all documents for scoring, click the Send to Scoring button When the documents have been sent, you will see ‘Completed’ displayed. 32

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