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the Ultimate Multi-Media Platform

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0 World’s Most Powerful 3D Graphics UMA MB GA-E7AUM-DS2H Sales Kit

1 the Ultimate Multi-Media Platform
GA-E7AUM-DS2H the Ultimate Multi-Media Platform 1 Date:2017/4/15

2 2 Date:2017/4/15

3 Fully Featured GA-E7AUM-DS2H
Revolution energy saving design: DES Advanced featuring hardware based Dynamic multi-Gear switching Ultra Durable 2 motherboard featuring High Quality CPU Power design with Ferrite core chokes, Low RDS (on) MOSFETs and Solid Capacitors Supports Intel FSB 1333 MHz 45nm Intel Core 2 multi-core processors Support 4 DIMMs Dual channel DDR2 800 for remarkable system performance Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics (Support Microsoft DirectX10) Ultimate graphics performance boost with NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology with additional PCI-e 2.0 NVIDIA graphic card plug in Features high speed Gigabit Ethernet and IEEE1394 connection Hardware accelerated decoding support smoothly Blu-ray full HD content playback Supported by high quality 106dB SNR ALC889A HD audio with HDCP support Integrated HDMI/ DVI interface with HDCP for supporting Full HD 1080 resolution playback. Supports Dolby Home Theater audio to enjoy a rich surround sound experience Patented DualBIOS with dual hardware BIOS protection 3 Date:2017/4/15

4 GA-E7AUM-DS2H motherboard
Scalable performance with DDR2 800 memory Most Future CPU Headroom Supports 45nm Intel Core 2 multi-core processors with FSB 1333 MHz. PCI Express 2.0 interface & NVIDIA Hybrid SLI™ Technology PCI-E 2.0 x16 interface with NVIDIA Hybrid SLI support *Ultra Durable 2 Ferrite Core Chokes, Low RDS (on) MOSFETs and Solid Capacitors. DualBIOS ™ protection Patented DualBIOS™ with dual hardware BIOS protection eSATA ports External SATA ports through rear I/O to support Serial ATA 3Gb/s storages. Best Audio Experience Realtek ALC 889A codec, features 106 dB Signal to Noise ratio and enables Blu-ray and HD DVD high quality Full rate Lossless Audio playback. On Screen Help connector User-friendly feature labeled Connectors for COM/ 1394/ USB ports for easier installation protection. 4 Date:2017/4/15

5 GA-E7AUM-DS2H Connectivity Features
SPDIF out port (optical) eSATA port IEEE 1394a port 8-ch HD audio RGB port DVI port HDMI port or 5 Date:2017/4/15

6 NVIDIA GeForce 9400 chipset Feature
PhysX by NVIDIA NVIDIA Hybrid SLI Support High Definition Audio (HDA) DX10 NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology 6 Date:2017/4/15

7 NVIDIA Hybrid SLI ™ – Performance Winner
Hybrid SLI™ – Combine Your Graphics Performance and Power GeForce Boost™: Turbocharge the performance of your integrated GeForce GPU. Plug in an NVIDIA graphics card and enjoy the additive performance of GeForce Boost Technology, the easiest and most cost effective way to give your graphics performance an instant boost. 7 Date:2017/4/15

8 NVIDIA GeForce Boost ™ Technology
Turbo-charges NVIDIA discrete GPUs with NVIDIA motherboard GPU GeForce® Boost GeForce mGPU GeForce dGPU CPU 8 Date:2017/4/15

9 NVIDIA GeForce Boost ™ Technology
9 Date:2017/4/15

10 GA-E7AUM-DS2H 3D Mark 06’ Performance
World Fastest UMA in Intel Platform MB: GIGIABYTE GA-E7AUM-DS2H CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 CPU GPU: 700MHz (OC), 256MB RAM shared Memory: 1G x2 DDR Memory (OC) OS: Microsoft Vista Driver version: 10 Date:2017/4/15

11 GA-E7AUM-DS2H 3D Mark Vantage Performance
World Fastest UMA in Intel Platform MB: GIGIABYTE GA-E7AUM-DS2H CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q9300 CPU GPU: 700MHz (OC), 256MB RAM shared Memory: 1G x2 DDR Memory (OC) OS: Microsoft Vista Driver version: 11 Date:2017/4/15

12 After OC!! Before!! Usage of Easy Tune 6 GIGABYTE Unique feature !!
By Gigabyte Easy Tune 6, GPU core clock can be adjusted from 580MHz to 750MHz and above, Shader Clock can be adjusted from 1400MHz to 1800MHz and above!!

13 Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced

14 World’s Only Energy Saving Technology with Hardware based Dynamic Switching
Better Power Efficiency = Less Energy Loss Less Energy Loss = Lower Temperature Lower Temperature = Longer Life 14

15 Multi-Gear Switching Minimizes Power Efficiency Loss
Dynamic Multi-Gear Power Saving vs. 2 Gear Power Saving GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver Other Power Saving Design Power Design Dynamic Multi-Gear 2-Gear Power Efficiency High (Higher is Better) Low Gaps in Power Efficiency No (Less Gaps are Better) Yes Power Consumption (Lower is Better) Normal Good GIGABYTE Multi-Gear Design Good Good Good Gaps in Power Efficiency occur with Other Brand 2-Gear Design Other Brand 2-Gear Design System Power Loading GIGABYTE’s Multi-Gear Technology provides Better power efficiency and lower power consumption compared to other power saving designs 15

16 Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced Features
Improved algorithms in power savings and system performance Minimize CPU resources by allowing DES utility to be turned off Power Saving remains ON even if DES utility is turned off or removed from Windows task bar Allows Power Phase Switching even if users overclock or over-volt the system Industry leader in energy saving motherboards

17 Hardware designed, hassle free energy saving technology
Click & Forget Hardware designed, hassle free energy saving technology Stealth Mode Power Savings Allows users to turn on or off the Dynamic Energy Saver Utility completely, while still experiencing the hardware-based energy saving benefits of DES. Multi-gear Power Phase Switching During Overclocking Automatically adjusts the energy savings settings to allow power users to play, while at the same time, take advantage of DES’s efficient power phase switching.

18 GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced™
Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced Comparison Features D.E.S. D.E.S. Advanced Power Saving Levels 3 CPU Throttling Yes Power Saving when utility is closed No Remove from task bar Supports Overclock & Overvoltage Phase switching during OC

19 DES features “One Click” Power Savings with User-Friendly Interface
Unique User-Friendly Hardware & Software Design “One-Click” Power Savings 3 Levels Voltage Adjustment CPU Throttling Real-Time Monitoring DES features “One Click” Power Savings with User-Friendly Interface 19 Date:2017/4/15

20 Unique User-Friendly Hardware & Software Design
Power Saving Mode Total Power Saving Mode 20 Date:2017/4/15

21 Benefits of GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver
GIGABYTE DES Enabled Motherboards Other Brand Motherboards Without DES Technology Reduction of Power Consumption Yes No CO2 Emission Reduction Reduction of Greenhouse Effect Good Good Good Environmental Protection Dynamic Energy Saver Cost Savings Not only does GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver help users save money, but also helps protect our planet 21


23 Ultra Durable 2 Power Design
Delivering enhanced reliability, cooler working temp. and longer durability and high O.C. capabilities

24 ALC889A HD Audio Features Realtek ALC889A HD audio CODEC
Excellent Audio Performance High-performance DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) with 106 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio playback quality, designed especially for Windows Vista Premium PCs. Channel High Definition output Provides support for 7.1 sound playback, plus 2 channels of Independent stereo sound output (multiple streaming) through the front panel stereo outputs. Blu-ray / HD DVD Full Rate Audio support Enables high quality Full Rate Lossless Audio for content protected media and support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD formats for an exhilarating home theater entertainment experience. 24 24 Date:2017/4/15 Date:2017/4/15

25 Blu-ray Full Rate Audio Support
Enables high quality Full Rate Lossless Audio for Content Protected media Exhilarating Home Theater Entertainment Experience 25

26 Next Generation Multimedia Interface
HDMI is the latest High-Definition Multimedia Interface able to provide up to 5Gb/s video transmitting bandwidth and 8-channel high quality audio all through a single cable.  Able to transmit superior, uncompressed digital video and audio, HDMI ensures the crispest rendering of digital content up to 1080p without the quality losses associated with analog interfaces and their digital-to-analog conversion. In addition, HDMI is compatible with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), allowing the playback of Blu-ray/HD DVD and other protected media content. 26 Date:2017/4/15

27 Powerful audio technologies with
Delivers vivid surround sound for music, movies, and games, using two to eight speakers or any set of headphones Designed to automatically deliver the best possible listening experience All user needs to do is select their output i.e. headphones, 2-channel speakers, 5.1-channel speakers etc. Office On-the-go Living Room This slide is intended for integration into partner presentations and therefore has a blank template. I hope we can convey the information in this slide in a visually better way

28 Dolby Home Theater Feature Overview
GIGABYTE adds Dolby Home Theater® to most M/Bs

29 Patented Dual Hardware BIOS Protection
DualBIOSTM Patented Dual Hardware BIOS Protection Automatically invoked to recover Main BIOS, Only mission is to play the role of BIOS Recovery Agent Work as normal BIOS 29 Date:2017/4/15

30 Gives a Double Security to the system
DualBIOSTM vs. Traditional single BIOS GIGABYTE DualBIOS Single BIOS 2 physical BIOS ROM onboard to provide double protection against virus attack and firmware / physical damage Yes No Auto recovery from Backup BIOS when Main BIOS firmware damage 2 physical BIOS ROM Gives a Double Security to the system

31 Spec of GA-E7AUM-DS2H Processor Internal I/O Connectors
LGA775 Intel® CoreTM 2 Extreme/ CoreTM 2 Quad/ CoreTM 2 Duo processors* Supports 1333/1066/800 MHz FSB Chipset Northbridge: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 Chipset T.I IEEE 1394 controller 1 Realtek Gigabit LAN controller 8 Channels ALC889A Audio controller Memory Supports DDR2 800/667 MHz memory Dual Channel architecture supports up to 16GB by 4 DIMM slots Expansion Slots 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots 1 x PCI Express x1 slots 2 x PCI slots Form Factor Micro ATX form factor, 244 x 244mm Internal I/O Connectors 5 x Serial ATA 3Gb/s connectors 1 x IDE connector 1 x FDD connector 1 x IEEE 1394a connector 3 x USB 2.0/1.1 connectors (supports 6 ports) 1 x audio pin header (supports 8-Channel) 1 x S/PDIF In header 1 x S/PDIF Out header Rear I/O Connectors 1 PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard connector 6 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports. 1 x optical S/PDIF Out connector 1 x RGB connector 1 x DVI-D connector 1 x HDMI connector 1 x LAN ports 1 x External SATA shield (supports 4 ports) 1 x 1394 shield (support 2 ports) 6 x audio jacks

32 Thank You

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