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No. 1 March 31 th - April 06 th 2015 Year X No. 014 This document contents reserved information, property of PILGRIM SECURITY LTDA. The information in.

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1 No. 1 March 31 th - April 06 th 2015 Year X No. 014 This document contents reserved information, property of PILGRIM SECURITY LTDA. The information in this report is obtained from different sources, including the evaluation made by our risk consultants. This report doesn’t warrantee any risk control. PILGRIM SECURITY LTDA., is nor responsible for the accuracy of the facts here described, the opinions or comments expressed in the report don’t express the company position. Colombia Weekly Security Report

2 Colombia Risk Map SECURITY ANALYSIS Statistics (Click here to show and click here to hide) Analysis (Click here to show and click here to hide) STATISTICS Security Analysis and Projections One more day for the victims. For the fourth consecutive year since the Victims Law was approved, on April 9 th the National Day of Remembrance and Solidarity the Victims of the armed conflict, which has bled the country for more than five decades ago, will be commemorated. Although some people date back to the liberal leader Jorge Gaitan’s assassination in 1948. A date that will not be missed by the political and social forces to make clear their support, pulses and apathy. Beyond all, this year's commemoration renews a deep conviction: the largest and most effective remedy to the suffering of war is the negotiated end of armed confrontations. Therefore it is expected that the March for Peace, promoted by the Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro, social, trade union, artistic, religious and left-wing politics, become an unprecedented support to the peace talks between the Government and the FARC in Havana (Cuba). This support is accompanied by proposals and political demands. The purpose of this march is to mobilize 100,000 indigenous people throughout Colombia, apparently in order to promote a bilateral ceasefire and finally to start negotiations with the ELN. The most significant events in the last week focused on: Germany appointed special commissioner for the peace process with the FARC. This happened after the Government of Colombia asked for help to the German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to open roads in order to achieve a peace agreement. Santos said that visit of Pope Francisco "is such a big support to the peace process." The president said that from the Vatican has been said the visit will be next year when the pontiff will tour around South America. Santos did not rule out that the Attorney is playing politics with opposition to the peace process. The president insisted that Alejandro Ordóñez exceeds his functions, exaggerates in his critics and that makes him lose credibility. General Mora returns to Havana on Thursday. At a press conference the former commander of the Military Forces spoke about the decision of no including Santos permanently in the peace talks. Unasur sets out a plan in which the regional force would support the peace process. The organization is considering the force called Cruz del Sur, created five years ago, may accompany the demilitarization process in the country. Projections: World Summit on Arts and Culture for Peace in Colombia. Colombia, on the summit. The agenda of activities does not only bring together international artists and academics, but also some of the most outstanding in the country. Beginning of activities in the framework of the International Awareness Week against Mines. Political parties consultations and movements scheduled for April 19 th. Beginning of dialogues in Havana on next April 9 th. National Government. FARC says demining pilot plan will start in May. According to alias ‘Edison Romaña’, to start the pilot plan, three groups were created, made up of subversives and members of the security forces. 2. Nivel Alto 3. Nivel Medio 4. Nivel Bajo 1. Nivel Critico NIVEL ALERTA ALTO. Se utiliza para indicar áreas de amenaza significativamente alta, tales como puntos y sectores donde se han reportado acciones y ataques de los grupos armados ilegales, o en los que se reporta la presencia activa de los mismos. NIVEL ALERTA MEDIO. Se utiliza en situaciones en las cuáles se sabe de la presencia de grupos armados ilegales, pero que bajo las actuales condiciones de análisis, no se perciben como una amenaza directa, no registran actividad y la zona es controlada por la fuerza pública. NIVEL ALERTA BAJO. El nivel de estado de alerta Bajo implica que las amenazas se valoran como relativamente identificable, se siente normalidad y seguridad en la zona, con un nivel de riesgo mínimo. NIVEL DE ALERTA CRÍTICO. Se utiliza para indicar la existencia de eventos de emergencia que involucrarán estar alerta frente acciones terroristas y de inseguridad. El nivel crítico se caracteriza por acciones violentas continuadas y la presencia activa de grupos al margen de la ley. (To visualize the alert state, Click here to show and Click here to hide)

3 Events against the civil society Events against the Public Forces Events against infrastructure Actions related with drug trafficking Actions against Illegal Armed Groups Caribbean Region SECURITY ANALYSIS FOR THE REGION Statistics (Click here to show and click here to hide) Analysis (Click here to show and click here to hide) STATISTICS Maicao (Guajira) Marzo 16: Varios helicópteros sobrevuelan las trochas usadas por los contrabandistas para llegar con la gasolina desde Maicao, La Guajira hasta La Paz, César. El operativo es el resultado de varios meses de investigación y seguimiento en los que quedaron en evidencia los nombres de algunos de los líderes de estas bandas internacionales. Barranquilla (Atlántico) January 22 th : Barranquilla Metropolitan Police in coordination with La Fiscalia General de la Nacion seized more than 3000 grams of cocaine which were ready to be distributed during the Carnival season in the city, in the area of the 76B street with 24B road, neighborhood Carlos Meisel in the south of Barranquilla. Montelibano (Córdoba) Febraury 10 th : Soldiers from the Infantry Battalion No. 31, captured four men allegedly belonging to the criminal gang Clan 'Úsuga David' Julio Cesar front, at Camp village, José de Uré jusrisdiction. Valledupar (Cesar) January 25 th : Police received information about a shot and wounded man on the 35 street with 24 road at Las Manuelitas neighborhood. The quadrant patrol moved the undocumented victim to the Rosario Lopez Pumarejo Hospital, where he died. San Diego (Cesar) January 25 th : Soldiers from the "Tarea Jupiter" Force that are active in this municipality reported the discovery of a clandestine structure that is used to make alkaloids in "Olivares" Village when they were patrolling the zone. INCIDENT SUMMARY (To visualize the incidents, Click on the map icons to show and hide) Barranquilla (Atlántico) March 31: Using controls in the maritime terminal verifies the structure of containers that through the expertise of the military, are able to discover a stash in the lower corners that hold the floor of the container, finding 250 rectangular packages in each esquita, for a total of 1,000 packets to verify its contents could be established through testing PIPH, it was cocaine hydrochloride, which have as their final destination Antwerp ( Belgium). Valledupar (Cesar) April 01: Soldiers of the Tenth Armored Brigade against terrorists of the ELN's front 'Camilo Torres Restrepo'; they also located another illegal deposit with explosives, military equipment and communications at Pailitas town. Tierralta (Córdoba) April 01: Troops of the Terrestrial Combat Battalion Nº 33, Moving Brigade Nº 24, managed to deactivate controllably a high power explosive device intalled by guerrillas of the Financial MIxed Company of the FARC's 58 Front, on the main road in Pailitas (Cesar) April 02: Energy Troops Battalion Nº 3 found a stash with war supplies hidden by the terrorist gang Camilo Torres Restrepo of the ELN. Distracción (Guajira) Abril 02: A voluntary surrender took place at the structures of the Cavalry Group Nº 2, Coronel Juan Jose Rondon, where a man resolved to submit voluntarily to the soldiers, saying that he was a member of the Urban Front Carlos Germán Velasco of the ELN. Carmen de (Bolívar) April 03: The Patrol of Bolívar achieved the dismantling of the band 'Los Rosarios', syndicated of robbery in this population of Bolívar department. Carmen de (Bolívar) April 04: Units of the Criminal Investigation Branch office SIJIN of Carmen de Bolivar captured Adolfo Jorge Rocha Marquez alias 'El Orejita' 25-year and Marcelino Antornio Pinto Coronado, alias 'El Pinto' 34-year-old, members of the criminal gang 'Los Chepas'. The arrest of alias 'El Orejita' occurred in the municipality of Soledad Atlantic at Centro neighborhood. Tierra alta (Córdoba) April 06: Troops Terrestrial Combat Battalion No. 33 Mobile Brigade No.24 managed to controllably off an IED high by guerrillas of the Joint Financial Company 58 Front of the FARC, on the main road in the municipality of Tierralta power installed, Córdoba, in the area known as Paradise. Cartagena (Bolívar) April 02: The Narcotics Division seized 985 kilos of cocaine in one of the marine terminals of Cartagena. The cargo packed bound Dominican Republic, which was valued at approximately $12 million. San Martin (Cesar) April 02: Infantry Battalion troops Nº 14 located and destroyed a laboratory for processing cocaine at Mariquita village, where illegal groups had abundant supplies for the production of alkaloid. In this region the control of the authorities against illegal guerrilla groups and criminal gangs working for drug traffickers. In several operations narcotics continues, police seized cocaine hydrochloride, which was intended to be taken out from Barranquilla’s port to Belgium and to the Dominican Republic from Cartagena. Similarly, explosives and war supplies, and hidden coves were seized, which implies that there is constant presence throughout the area to wait for the opportunity for commit criminal actions. Other interesting incidents were presented: Parents of deaf students in La Guajira protest because of lack of interpreters. Parallel payrolls in La Guajira for more than a billion pesos, municipality of Uribía. At Easter week, 24 murders in four departments of the Coast. The crimes were recorded in Atlantic (12), Bolívar (2), Cesar (7) and La Guajira (3). There were nine fatalities in road accidents, suicides and two and three drowned. Army invited to take measures against extortion in The Magdalena 1,730,023 Atlantic citizens are eligible to vote in party consultations. Mining in Atlantic Luruaco affects health of its inhabitants. Fought political landscape in Sucre. The ‘uribistas’ of this region have Elkin Monterroza as the only candidate. The engraving of auto tickets for vehicles started in Córdoba. It costs 250 pesos for motorcycles and 490 pesos for other vehicles.

4 Pacific Region Events against the civil society Events against the Public Forces Events against infrastructure Actions related with drug trafficking Actions against Illegal Armed Groups SECURITY ANALYSIS FOR THE REGION Statistics (Click here to show and click here to hide) Analysis (Click here to show and click here to hide) STATISTICS Tuquerres (Nariño) January 20 th : The National Police blamed the ELN guerrilla group for the death of two police officers iwhen the patrolmen were accompanying a religious pilgrimage at Yascal village. Tumaco (Nariño) January 20 th : Soldiers from the Selva Battalion No. 53 - Coronel Francisco José Gonzalez - confiscated 9,000 gallons of oil that were located in an illegal structures used by members of the mobile column "Daniel Aldana" of the FARC. López Micay (Cauca) Febraury 10 th : A group of armed men got into the Agrario Bank and stole money and belongings to people who were withdrawing and depositing their money in the only bank this town has in Cauca Pacific. Caldono (Cauca) January 25 th : National Police members captured two suspected guerrillas from the sixth front of the FARC, in the Southwest. Argelia (Cauca) January 25 th : National Army troops destroyed seven handmade laboratories for processing coca pasta base in the departments of Norte de Santander, Cauca and Antioquia. INCIDENT SUMMARY (To visualize the incidents, Click on the map icons to show and hide) Tambo (Cauca) March 31: After 47 days of captivity was released in rural El Tambo, Pedro López, who was kidnapped last February 13 on the road linking the municipalities of Popayan and Timbío. Lloró (Choco) March 31: Erasmo Bejarano, a farmer of 58 years and father of four children, died last Saturday after stepping on a landmine while searching for one of his pet was lost in the rural zone of Lloró Popayán (Cauca) March 31 Comuna Siete de la capital del Cauca. Uniformados de la Seccional de Investigación Criminal, e Inteligencia, adscritos a la Policía Metropolitana, capturaran en flagrancia a cuatro personas, dos de ellas adolescentes, tras ser sorprendidas comercializando marihuana en dosis en dos inmuebles del barrio Villa Colombia. Tumaco (Nariño) Abril 01: Battalion of Marines troops Nº 40 and the Military Gaula, arrived to the village of El Pinal Salado, where alias 'Carlos' was captured, who is pointed out to belong to the terrorist networks support of the FARC's moving column Daniel Aldana. Cali (Valle del Cauca) Abril 02: The Navy and the Prosecution's CTI of Cauca captured Reynel Jorge Velasquez, a man who had allegedly participated in the terrorist attack on the police station of Gorgona Island and who would also be responsible for placing illegally weapons and ammunition in el Valle del Cauca and the North Pacific Coast. Popayán (Cauca) Abril 06: The authorities in Popayan found 36 bars Pentolite installed near the San Isidro prison. Choco (Quibdó) Abril 02: The Titan Joint Force Task managed to locate two landmines planted by insurgents from the Cimarron Resistance Front of the ELN, in the area known as Kennedy. In this part of the country it was very significant the mortality impact reducing by groups generators of violence; in exchange of that, the accident rate was one of the aspects that caught most of the attention in most parts of the country. The release of a hostage in the department of Cauca and activation of AEI in the department of Choco that claimed the life of a farmer in the region. Other interesting incidents were presented: The Army deactivated 16,729 antipersonnel mines in Antioquia, Córdoba and Chocó. The gang of wood in Chocó has cut 20,000 hectares of forest in a year. Bienestar Familiar rejected sexual abuse of five children in the Cauca. A new lawsuit was filed against the National Federation of Coffee by the organizations representing about 3,000 families in Popayan and who were affected by the failed housing project in 2004. Social sectors will join the called ‘March for Peace’ on next Thursday and amid which will manifest the support to the efforts that are being made to end the armed conflict in our country. Dismantled drug trafficking network composed of councilors in Nariño.

5 Orinoquia Region Events against the civil society Events against the Public Forces Events against infrastructure Actions related with drug trafficking Actions against Illegal Armed Groups SECURITY ANALYSIS FOR THE REGION Statistics (Click here to show and click here to hide) Analysis (Click here to show and click here to hide) STATISTICS Puerto Leguizamo (Putumayo) January 20th: Units of the Navy in developing search and control operations, located three production of coca paste rustic laboratories, belonging to the financial structure of southern FARC under the Piñuña Black block inspection. Tame (Arauca) January 22 th : Ground Combat Battalion No. 45 Heroes of Majagual units recovered 16 vehicles like motorcycles which had been stolen by the ELN. The Auteco brand motorcycles were recovered near the village of Alto Cauca. La Macarena (Meta) January 23 th : A band of delinquents was found. The band was composed by three men and two women and was active in "Lincoln de la Villa del Cacique" neighborhood. The band used to intimidate and extort the residents and caused the displacement of 4 families of the zone that were composed by 50 people. Tame (Arauca) January 20 th : Illegal groups killed one person and hurt two more. The incident occurred in the area known as La Y, road which communicates Tame with Puerto Rondon and Saravena towns. Cubarral (Meta) January 24 th : Energy services in the municipalities of Cubarral reset. El Castillo and El Dorado in Meta affected by a bomb that were installed at the bases of several power poles Monday morning, apparently subversive Front 53 of the FARC. INCIDENT SUMMARY (To visualize the incidents, Click on the map icons to show and hide) Arauquita (Arauca) April 03: A professional soldier and a farmer were injured by a sniper of the FARC in events recorded in the La Victoria, when troops from the 29th Ground Combat conducted military control operations in the area. Puerto López (Meta) April 05: In a crossfire between a police patrol and criminal suspects who committed armed robbery a patrolman lost his life. The incidents were recorded in the road that connects the Remolinos Inspection with the municipal seat of Puerto López. Arauquita (Arauca) April 05: Units of the Moving Brigade Nº 31 managed to save the life of a farmer and a professional soldier, victims of a terrorist attack by the tenth front of the FARC, The incident took place in the La Victoria village. Mesetas (Meta) April 01: Specialized canine in detecting explosives from the Rapid Deployment Force, located a mined area in rural zone of Brisas del Duba village, consisting of seven IEDs high destructive power that would have been installed by members of the 40 Front of the FARC. Arauquita (Arauca) April 01: Troops Ground Combat Battalion Nº 29, in the place known as San Miguelito, located a stash with war supplies, belonging to Jainover García Company of the FARC's tenth. Acacias (Meta) April 02: The National Police seized 14 rifles, which allegedly were destined to criminal gangs in that department. One person was captured and accused of transporting weapons in a vehicle, according to what the officials said. Arauca (Arauca) Abril 03: Members of Army intelligence detected a form of explosives installed in the trees. The guerrillas placed artifacts to affect the helicopters that come to drop off and pick soldiers who perform control in the area. Tame (Arauca) April 03: Terrestrial Combat Battalion Troops Nº 148, General Leonardo Canal González, located a mined area with six improvised explosive devices installed by the ELN's Martha Elena Baron commission, at La Hermosa viilage. Tame (Arauca) April 05: Units of the Eighteenth Brigade, assigned to QuirónTask Force, managed to locate an underground tank containing war supplies, which according to military intelligence was used by the ELN to commit terrorist acts against members of the security forces. The effective military action was registered in the Camame village. Arauquita (Arauca) April 06: Ground Combat Battalion No. 23, achieved the recovery of a car tank vehicle type belonging to a private company in the transportation of crude oil, which had been stolen in December 2014 by members of the ELN in rural area of ​​ Arauquita. After a long time of no having major criminal activities in this part of the country, we see that gradually the have been increasing, perhaps because of the FARC’s desire of not losing territories against criminal gangs. Some facts presented during the week have left one dead policeman and two more injured by sniper action of the guerrillas. These actions and lack of incidents in other regions indicate a rotation in guerrilla actions to carry out attacks on security forces in order to liberate other areas of military pressure. Other interesting incidents were presented: Group Odinsa will run a project of Meta’s road network. The road project includes the operation and maintenance of 354 kilometers of roads in Meta. Army destroyed a FARC’s workshop to make mines in Meta. Threat of criminal gangs does not stop at the Plains (Llanos). Weapons seized in Villavicencio were destined to Fiac band. Police members are investigating. Summit of Indigenous Governors will advance in Meta. A Colombian citizen was wounded by Venezuelan military at the border of Arauca. Seizure: 252 Colombian cattle valued at 176 million pesos, which were left under the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) verification, because of sanitary reasons and health.

6 Amazon Region Events against the civil society Events against the Public Forces Events against infrastructure Actions related with drug trafficking Actions against Illegal Armed Groups SECURITY ANALYSIS FOR THE REGION Statistics (Click here to show and click here to hide) Analysis (Click here to show and click here to hide) ESTADÍSTICAS Puerto Asís (Putumayo) January 19 th : National Police Units found a packet that contained (15) Pentonite bars in a taxi vehicle that was abandoned in the "Metropolitano" neighborhood located in this town. Cellphone activation Puerto Rico (Caquetá) January 25 th : La Fuerza de Tarea conjunta Omega, when fighting against the FARC guerrillas in the village Fundacion of the town, left as a result, the death of two of its members known by the aliases of 'Paisa Salado' and 'Camila'. Puerto Asís (Putumayo) January 19 th : Demonstrators from Puerto Vega Teteye had a fight against the Selva Squad No, 27 with stones and incendiary bombs made with gasoline. The demonstrators are mostly farmers from the villages in the region that have completed 47 days of demonstration against an environmental license extension for oil exploitation that would affect 12 million of hectares. Puerto Asís (Putumayo) January 19 th : A new attack against the oil structure was reported in Putumayo. An explosion caused a fire and the contamination of River Orito. The event was attributed to the Front 48 of the FARC. INCIDENT SUMMARY (To visualize the incidents, Click on the map icons to show and hide) San Vicente del Caguan (Caquetá) January 21: National Police members arrested two men who were negotiating a shipment of cocaine base in a rural area. In total 99 kilograms of cocaine base were seized with an approximate value of 180 million pesos. San Miguel (Putumayo) April 04: The Army seized eighty kilos of cocaine in the south of the country, which alleged guerrilla fighters of the FARC intended to send to Ecuador so that there they were sold at retail. The operation was performed at an unspecified place of the department of Putumayo. Mocoa (Putumayo) April 06: Ground Combat Battalion Nº 23 achieved the recovery of a tank truck vehicle belonging to a private company of crude oil transportation, which had been stolen in December 2014 by members of the ELN in rural area of Arauquita. Puerto Rico (Caquetá) April 06: With pamphlets FARC invites young people to their ranks in Putumayo. A new pamphlet that would be handing the FARC guerrillas in the border area between the departments of Cauca and Putumayo. The finding did the Army and the CTI of the Attorney amid a cache with half ton of explosives type ANFO and over 800 mines in rural municipality of Santa Rosa, Cauca Solano (Caquetá) Abril 04: The Chief of the Main State of Jupiter Task Force confirmed that a camp of the FARC and a hospital were located by troops in Puerto Tejada village. Florencia (Caquetá) April 06: The Sixth Division of the Army, has today with a new, powerful and modern tool for the neutralization of anti -personnel mines and improvised explosive devices that have installed the various terrorist structures that offend in southern Colombia. Perhaps because of the festivities (holidays) of Easter Week, the region had an apparent calm, however keep in mind that in this area the FARC’s South Bloc commits crimes, which is one of the most belligerent guerrilla bloc. Other interesting incidents were presented: Campesinos del Caquetá participarán de movilización en Neiva. Ejército destruye 800 minas antipersona en Putumayo. El material explosivo pertenecía al Frente 49 del Bloque Sur de las Farc. Alias ‘Romaña’, one of the FARC’s negociators in Cuba, was condemned because of kidnapping. The CTI agent, disappeared in Guaviare, was suspended. Army’s machine 'Barre Minas' reaches Caquetá So far 2015, 1650 landmines and IEDs have been neutralized in the south of the country. Peasants from Caquetá will participate in the march in Neiva. Army destroyed 800 landmines in Putumayo. The explosive supplies belonged to the Front 49 of the FARC’s Southern Bloc. Florencia (Caquetá) Abril 04: The Sixth Division of the Army, has today with a new, powerful and modern tool for the neutralization of anti -personnel mines and improvised explosive devices that have installed the various terrorist structures that offend in southern Colombia.

7 Events against the civil society Events against the Public Forces Events against infrastructure Actions related with drug trafficking Actions against Illegal Armed Groups SECURITY SITUATION ANALYSIS IN THE REGION Statistics (Click here to show and click here to hide) Analysis (Click here to show and click here to hide) Andean Region STATISTICS San Calixto (Norte de Santander) January 19 th : Guerrillas from the FARC and ELN attacked the police station. About 20 police officers tried to repel the shooting, which come from mountainous area surrounding the town. Copacabana (Antioquia) January 19 th : A simultaneous operation, which included 21 raids, allowed the dismantling of 15 drugs shipper areas and capturing 24 people for the crime of trafficking manufacture and possession of drugs, in urban and rural areas of the three major cities of Cundinamarca: Fusagasugá, Soacha and Zipaquirá. INCIDENT SUMMARY (To visualize the incidents, Click on the map icons to show and hide) Sumapaz (Cundinamarca) January 19 th : National Army troops, in vicinity of the 20 locality from Bogotá, managed the capture of Mr. PRICILIANO SUSA MOLINA, because of his alleged links with terrorism support networks which commit crime in this town and cooperate with the Front 51 Jaime Pardo Leal. La calera (Cundinamarca) Marzo 21: Cuerpo Técnico de Investigación (CTI) de la Fiscalía capturan catorce presuntos miembros de una banda de dicada a reciclar aceites para maquinaria y motores y después venderlo como nuevo en varias ciudades del país. Estas personas fueron imputadas por el delito usurpación de derechos de propiedad industrial y derecho de obtentores de variedades vegetales. Elections are coming up and one of the issues in the dispute over the governors and mayors is security, this because the micro trafficking, criminal gangs and micro extortion are the issues on which more citizens complaint about. Besides this we must have in mind that whenever there is an election season, the guerrillas want to have a proper role to criminal actions of all kinds, hence attacks against public forces, civilians, infrastructure and venues and members of political parties have already begun. Other interesting incidents were presented: Attack of the ELN in Norte de Santander left eight people injured. During the attack on a military base a family who lived in a nearby house ended affected. In Medellin, people bet on flexible working hours, 20,000 people are already benefiting from this initiative, implemented in seven public and private companies. Murdered indigenous leader of the Association of Miners in Caldas. $ 8,278 million will be allocated for infrastructure in Risaralda. Least eight soldiers got injured as a result of the activation of an explosive charge. The incident occurred when a patrol was moving through the rural area of ​​ Chaparral (Tolima). The oil crisis in Huila is a cyclical event. Although neither the National Civil registry and the Mission of Electoral Observation MOE, dare to say that in Huila there are occurring cases of electoral transhumance, the I.D cards numbers registration in the municipalities of La Argentina Saladoblanco and draw the authorities. Medellín (Antioquia) Marzo 25 : Personas no identificadas atacaron con un artefacto explosivo una vivienda en la comuna 13. La explosión destrozó vidrios de las ventanas y ocasionó daños en la fachada de la construcción, donde una mujer resultó herida. Bogotá (Cundinamarca) Marzo 31: The work of the judicial police and intelligence captured by a gang dedicated to the theft of users of the financial system that offended mainly in the localities of Teusaquillo, Kennedy and Rafael Uribe Uribe Tunjuelito. The leader of the band, would alias ' the vain ', a woman of 25, who dressed like executive to avoid drawing attention to detail and so set in large transactions of their victims for complicity minutes after two men perpetrate thefts millionaires. Suaza (Huila) April 01 : Troops of the Army's Ninth Brigade managed to seize a millionaire shipment of cocaine base, which was bound to the Midwest, on a tract truck carrying gasoline, from the department of Caquetá. Teorama (Norte de Santander) April 01 : Troops from Mobile Brigade Nº 33 achieved the seizure of a small workshop for processing coca, used by members of the ELN's Hector front. The military action was registered in rural area of Llana Baja village. El Tarra (Norte de Santander) April 03 : Troops from the Moving Brigade Nº 33, on a military checkpoint surprise, caught in flagrante three individuals who were involved in drug trafficking and were carrying 7.5 kilos of coca paste. Urabá (Antioqueño) April 04 : Agents of the DIJIN captured eight members of 'Clan Úsuga' and seized 1,464 kilos of cocaine intended to send to the USA and Europe for marketing. Officials said these captures and confiscation of drugs were effective during simultaneous operations in the Urabá, Nariño and Cauca. Cúcuta (Norte de Santander) April 04: Four dead policemen was the outcome of an attack executed by unknown people on Saturday afternoon in a rural area of Cucuta, Norte de Santander, where a Moving Squad of Carabineros patrol of the National Police was harassed by armed men after the outbreak of an explosive device. The incident occurred in the area known as Vigilancia, at Banco de Arena village. Chaparral (Tolima) Abril 06: Men of the Army's Zeus Task Force were attacked apparently by FARC guerrillas,as they were developing search and control operations in the point known as Los Andes, La Marina village, Chaparral Tolima small town. Cubara (Boyacá) April 06: Army confirms that the attack on the Cano Limon Covenas Oil pipeline, which occurred on last Sunday afternoon, was executed by guerrillas of the ELN's front 'Efrain Pabon Pabon'. The attack made with explosives affected the structure at the heigth of kilometer 112, near La Cañaguata village. Peñol (Antioquia) April 01 : An attempted robbery at a banking institution ended in a shootout in the main square of the village, between criminals and the police. Three suspected robbers were captured, one of them was injured in the middle of the crossfire. Timana (Huila) April 06 : Two men were playing pool in a public place of the Naramjal small village, when they were forced to come out of the place by two men who arrived hooded and subsequently murdered them in an adjacent road to the village of La Falda Naranjal, Timaná small town. The murderers fled the scene without a trace. Chitaga (Norte de Santander) April 01: Infantry Battalion Nº 13 troops located a stash belonging to the ELN's gang factions Efrain Pabon, where ordnance and quartermaster were kept Pitalito (Huila) April 01: Researchers Dijin Police arrived at a house in rural area and detained alias Conejo and Paul, two demobilized fronts the eighth and fourteenth FARC, accused of participating in five terrorist actions in the past two months between including the one in the Quiroga (Bogotá ) neighborhood. Abrego (Norte de Santander) April 02: EPL guerrillas attempted to advance an illegal checkpoint on a road stretch that connects Norte de Santander with the Atlantic Coast, in the area of Pavez, the action was prevented by the authorities. Medellín (Antioquia) April 02: Units of the Metropolitan Police managed to capture three men who allegedly extorted residents from the area known as El Tablazo.. Rionegro (Antioquia) April 03: The Prosecution of Antioquia reported the capture of Oscar Ernesto Eljach Gamboa, alleged accomplice of Camilo Torres Martinez, alias "Fritanga", who would be dedicated to money laundering of illicit business. Espino (Boyacá) April 04: Troops of the First Brigade, assinged to the Second Division of the Army, located several improvised explosive devices at Santa Ana village. Pereira (Risaralda) April 04: Three retired members of the National Police and four more people were captured by Sijín Metropolitan Pearl Otún Police members and servers of the Prosecution's CTI of Pereira and Buga, accussed of belonging to a criminal organization commanded by alias 'Hector'. Neiva (Huila) April 05: Officers of the Metropolitan Patrol of Neiva captured Fernando Torres Castilian when he tried to steal by switching a citizen's sheaf of 5 million pesos for another similar sheaf of newspaper. The incident occurred in on 5th Road Nº 11-57 at Centro neighborhood, Four village hall, of the opita's capital. Catatumbo (Norte de Santander) April 06: Troops of Task Force Vulcano, in coordination with the National Patrol, captured two individuals involved in the extraction and smuggling of oil; they also located and destroyed in a controlled manner an illegal refinery in El Retiro village, Convención municipality. According to research these individuals belong to the ELN. El Tarra (Norte de Santander) April 06 : Task Force Vulcano reported the discovery and destruction of a laboratory that processed alkaloids and was used by the FARC's Catatumbo Resistance members in the El Rosal village.

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