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Presentation by Emily Levine and Allison Tangry

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1 Presentation by Emily Levine and Allison Tangry
NICKELODEON Presentation by Emily Levine and Allison Tangry

2 Brief History 1979-Birth of Nickelodeon 1960’s-Nick at Night
1984-“you can’t do that on Television” first break through hit 1986-Double Dare aired for the first time 1989-Nick Jr

3 Continued 1990-Nickelodeon Magazine
1991-Nicktoons- finally a fully developed brand John Kricfalusi - “Ren Hoek & Stimpy in the Big House Blues” Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo - “Rugrats” Jim Jenkins – “Doug”

4 Continued 1992-SNICK (Saturday Night Nick) 1994-“AAAHH! Real Monsters”
2002-became #1 rated broadcast for kids ages Green Slime – First Licensed Project

5 Old Logos Mime 1979-1980 Pinwheel 1980 -1981 Silver Ball 1981-1984

6 New Logo 1984-Designed by Tom Corey and Scott Nash
Cheerfulness, happiness, youthfulness PMS 21 – complete recognition

7 Rebranding Cyma Zarghami, president of Nick and MTV Networks’ Kids and Family Group said, “In asking ourselves if everything could live under the splat, we decided that the splat was dated; It just couldn’t be done in a streamlined way.”

8 Rules Balloon extra bold for logo only No stroke Only white Horizontal
Always followed by trademark or registered Cannot be abbreviated

9 Current Logo 2009-Created by Eric Zim Unify brand

10 Ideologies of Nickelodeon
“We against Them” Multicultural, different genres, not gender specific “An exclusive club kids could join” Keep the name Be fun

11 Bibliography "Brands of the World™." Brands of the World™. Web. 21 Sept <> Diec, Alvin. "2009 October | Branding Blog | Thoughts From A Brand Identity House | Matchstic." Atlanta Branding Agency, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy | Matchstic. Matchblog, 2 Oct Web. 21 Sept <>. Dorr, Sheri, and Laurie Kellhier. "Nickelodeon Logo Logic." Nickelodeon Logo Logic. Web. 21 Sept Hendershot, Heather. Nickelodeon Nation: the History, Politics, and Economics of America's Only TV Channel for Kids. New York, N.Y: New York UP, Print. Nickelodeon (1982). RetroJunk. Musicradio77. Web. 20 Sept <>. "Nickelodeon - Logopedia, the Logo and Branding Site." Logopedia. Web. 22 Sept <>. "Nickelodeon." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, 11 Sept Web. 22 Sept <>.

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