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Project By: Andrea King Ashley Dawson David McBride John Morey Kenny Smith.

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1 Project By: Andrea King Ashley Dawson David McBride John Morey Kenny Smith

2 Situation Analysis As of now Kashi is positioned for adults who eat healthy food that have a lot of fiber in the ingredients and for adults who exercise Little advertising towards kids With childhood obesity we felt that presenting a healthy cereal for kids would decrease obesity rates Kashi is owned by Kellogg’s Main goal is to expand target market to kids AND parents

3 Target Market Analysis Now 25 years old and older Those beginning to eat healthier and are exercising Adults who earn above average salary Those mindful of having a healthy heart Our Target Market Targeting kids as well as their parents Kids who want to eat better to due child obesity Parents who want their kids to eat healthy without the child realizing it Kids that play sports and that buy breakfast and lunch at school Using psychographic, demographic and benefit segmentations

4 Positioning Strategy We position Kashi as a healthy alternative to other kid cereal competitors. Preventing childhood obesity Attributes: - more vitamins - less sugar - Protein and fiber but still tastes good - less fat

5 Message Strategy In grocery stores we will have end of isle displays and samples stand so that parents can test our cereal. Print advertisements will be placed in a variety of magazines targeting both kids and parents audiences. –Kids advertisements will include “Kashi Dude” mascot in order to give the brand a personality by showing kids a character they can identify the brand with. placed in magazines such as National Geographic’s for kids, Boys and Girls life, and Highlights. –Advertisements targeted at parents will run in magazines such as Parents, Working Mother, and Newsweek. Featuring slice of life images to help situate the brand in parents minds. Televisions commercials will appear during specific times to target both adults and children. –Kids commercials will feature “Kashi Dude”. –Commercials for parents will run during primetime from 6 P.M. to 10 P.M. shown on major network stations

6 IMC Objectives Promote the brand as: –Fun to kids –Healthy for kids to parents Use media to communicate our message to the public in order to drive sales Use media to communicate our message to the public in order to drive sales Utilize Kashi Dude as mascot along with slogan “Kashi for kids” Utilize Kashi Dude as mascot along with slogan “Kashi for kids”

7 IMC Budget Current Advertising budget- $33,707 million Current competitors budget- 34,541 million Kashi makes up about 6% of Kellogg's budget Goal- to increase advertising budget by 15% to $38,763 million

8 Advertising Plan to advertise through television networks, magazines, the internet and campaigns. Campaigns - Soccer Tournament Campaign “Kicks For Kashi” - Lunch/Breakfast-line Campaign “Eat your way to a Healthy Day” Incorporate Sweepstakes from the website Use celebrities - Hannah Montana - Zac Efron Mascot “Kashi Dude” ------  TV Commercial

9 Kashi Commercial Thanks to: Annabel Drucker – Camera/Editor Kathy O’Connor- Susie Nicole Yavulla- Mom Kenny Smith- Kashi Dude!

10 Media Strategy Television slots - before school hours (between 6:30 am and 8:30) - after school hours for kids - after work hours for parents Run every third commercial break (30seconds) Networks - FOX - ABC & ABC family - NBC - Disney Channel - Cartoon Network

11 Sales Promotion Give out coupons to customers via the Sunday paper Coupons – ValPak and coupon magazines Put promotions on the boxes –Example: Send in 5 proofs of purchase from any Kashi brand cereal and receive a free soccer ball Promote giving a certain amount of money to charity –Example: For every Kashi product sold 5 cents will be donated to charity

12 Public Relations The objective of Kashi’s public relations plan is to promote Kashi cereal as a healthy breakfast alternative for kids. We want to inform both Parents and Kids of the health benefits of Kashi Our Public relations plan will consist of the following: –Sponsoring soccer tournaments called “Kicks for Kashi” –Company Newsletter –Press releases informing the public about “Kicks for Kashi” located on Kashi’s website. –New releases located in a variety of magazines

13 Personal Selling Set up free sample stands around grocery stores Have the Kashi dude attend sporting events and hand out free samples to the children promoting the “new” Kashi Try and get consumers to do a blind taste test to put Kashi up against the leading brand

14 Internet Advertising & Direct Marketing Internet Advertising & Direct Marketing Internet –Multiple Kashi Websites Website for Parents –Nutritional facts –Recipes –Ask Questions Website for Kids –Fun Facts –Interactive Games –Online Coupons

15 Direct Marketing: Television Commercial Two different commercials directed at both Parents and Children. Commercials will be aired on very specific channels depending on target. –Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network– For Kids –ABC, NBC, CBS – For Parents Commercials will also be aired at very specific times during the day. –Before School –Directly After School –Prime time

16 Direct Marketing: Magazines Use specific magazines, and specific ads to reach selected target market. –Sports Illustrated for Kids, Boys Life, Girls Life, Highlights – For Kids Will use “Kashi Dude”, bright colors, fun facts. –Time, News Week, Working Mother – For Parents Will use Nutritional Facts, and explain the benefits of eating healthy.

17 Evaluation Goal- to promote Kashi cereal as a healthy and fun cereal for kids Through sponsorship of tournaments, various advertisements, and other promotions we will be able to effectively target kids and parents to consume Kashi cereal.

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