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Officers 4 Operations Administration Chief of Police 1 City Emergency Manager Deputy Chief 1 Vacant Clerical / Records 2 Police/School Liaison 1 D.A.R.E.

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2 Officers 4 Operations Administration Chief of Police 1 City Emergency Manager Deputy Chief 1 Vacant Clerical / Records 2 Police/School Liaison 1 D.A.R.E. Investigations (Juvenile) Safe Schools 911 CALLS K-9 Officer 1 Drug/LSDTF & Dept. Armor Evidence / Property 1 Clerk and 1 Officer Investigations (General) Special Assignments Patrol Traffic Enforcement Vehicle Services Crime Scene / Lab Techs. City Code Violations Proctor Police Department Operational Chart 2003 Animal Control 1 Sexual Assaults

3 Officer Continuing Education 2003 The Proctor Police Department is committed to providing quality operational and law enforcement training to all department personnel. The Department encourages all staff to continue their educational training to enhance their ability to provide responsible and professional service. 2003 MN Chief’s of Police Executive Training Institute Fall Conference CPR Training Defense Tactics DWI & Traffic Safety & Law Update Day and Night Firearms Qualification Advance Driving Techniques THE VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday) Use of Force / FATS Hazmat Materials/Blood/Airborne Pathogens E-Crime for Law Enforcement On the Edge w/Conceal and Carry Legislation: Rules/Responsibilities/Risks Annual Executive Training Institute CLEO and Command Intoxilyzer 5000 Recertification MPPOA Legislative Conference Search and Seizure/Stop & Frisk/Warrant less Searches Glock Armorers Course Grant writing/Steps of Success Active Shooter –Section IV Crime Scene Evaluation & Process DARE Officer Training DARE Phase II 48 th Annual JOI/Preventing Exploitation of Our Children Northern Minnesota Gangs Alternative Responses to Police Complaints and Discipline

4 Recorded Activity 4 Year Comparison 5,004 Incidents Were Recorded For The Year 2003 Minnesota State Statue, Chapter 299C.06, requires all law enforcement agencies to furnish statistics and information regarding the number of crimes reported and discovered, arrests made, complaints, information and incidents files along with dispositions. Minnesota State Statue, Chapter 299C,12, requires law enforcement officers/agencies to keep a permanent written record, in a form prescribed by the state Commissioner of Public Safety, of all felonies, warrants issued in relation to the commission of felony, statements of the facts and description of the offender if known, method of operation, and action taken by the officer and any other information that the superintendent may require. Local law enforcement has a greater responsibility to the community beyond that required by statute. The primary purpose of municipal law enforcement is to provide professional service in keeping with the expectations of our society and the needs of the community. +4%-2%+13%

5 Incident Complaint Reports / Monthly 2003 The annual total of 5,004 recorded incidents are portrayed monthly with May having the least activity at 300 and July having the most activity at 565.

6 Traffic 43.3%Part III Lost & Found 1% Part V Misc. Public 23.4% Part VI Misc. Officer 16.3% Part IV Casualties 4.5% Part I & II Serious Crime 11.5% Incident Analysis 2003

7 Part I & II Serious Crime 2003 CategoryNumberClearedPercent Assault 221881.8 Threats8562.5 Burglary13430.8 Forgery / Counterfeiting5120.0 Drugs / Narcotics1515100 Harassing Communications12866.7 Arson / Fires11100 Gambling000 Suicide / threats or attempts55100 Homicide000 Crime Against Families000 Juvenile504596 Under Age Consumption77100 DWI7575100 Alcohol Child Endangerment11100 Traffic & Accident Offenses6464100 Kidnap / Abduction000 Criminal Sexual Conduct44100 Disturbing Peace / Privacy454497.8 Miscellaneous / Federal / Conservation / Liquor000 Trespass33100 Property Damage1301612.3 Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property22100 Robbery000 Theft1183227.1 Tampering with Motor Vehicle12216.7 Vehicle Theft2150 Weapons22100 Order for Protection / Harassment5480 Crime Against Administration of Justice88100 Sex Related / Prostitution000 Total60936644.2

8 Cont: Part I & II Serious Crime 2003 Arrests – Part I & II Crimes Adults Juveniles 120 65 Total Arrested = 185 The data indicates that the highest Part I & II Crimes are theft and property damage. After reviewing the case files it is evident that the majority of financial loses in these incidents are classified as petty / under $300.00. The property damage cases are predominantly vandalism to yards and vehicles. The majority of the theft cases involve items stolen from vehicles and thefts at the school. Arrests and preliminary investigations into these cases have revealed that the vast majority of these crimes are juvenile related.

9 Part III 2003 Lost and Found CategoryNumber Person Lost 3 Animals Lost 3 Property Lost 7 Persons Found 1 Animals Found 2 Found Property 37 Total 53

10 Part IV Offenses 2003 Motor Vehicle Accidents 64 Fatalities0 Personal Injury5 Property Damage21 Hit and Run Injury0 Hit and Run Damage9 MV / Pedestrian / Personal Injury3 MV / Animals5 MV / Fixed Object6 All Other 15 Snowmobile Accidents 0 Public Accidents 0 Home Accidents 0 Occupational 0 Firearm Accidents 0 Animal Bites 3 Fires (Officer Assist) 26 Suicides 1 Suicides – Attempted / Threats to Commit 4 Sudden Death / Bodies Found 4 Sick Cared For 114 Mental Cases 1 Intoxicated Persons 20 Combined Total 173 Casualties

11 Part V Offenses 2003 Miscellaneous Public Other Animal Complaints 16 Dog Complaints 29 Illness and Death Notices1 Juvenile Complaints 169 Attempt to Locate 62 Vacation Watch / Extra Patrol 32 Unsecured Business 45 Motorist Assist 44 Open Car Door 77 Security / Fire Alarms 103 Suspicious Person 54 Suspicious Vehicle 68 City Ordinance / Junk Nuisance 63 Public Assist115 Check Hazard 47 Check Welfare 24 911 Hang up calls 22 Civil Matters 18 All Other 245 Total1,234

12 Part VI Offenses 2003 Miscellaneous Officer Assist other Agencies568 Hand Gun Permit29 Public Officer – Assist 264 Total 861

13 Traffic Violations 2003 Citations CitationWarning Speeding277492 Sign / Signal Rd. Markings / Right-of-Way / Stop Sign / Semaphore3163 Exhibition Driving / Unreasonable Acceleration149 Careless Driving60 Reckless Driving20 Over Center Line917 Open Bottle30 No Signal / Improper Signal / Improper Turn43 Traffic / Improper Start / Stop / Passing44 School Bus Stop Arm01 Inattentive Driving32 All Other Violations22409 Driving after Revocation / Suspension553 Parking31249 Driver License Violation236 Expired Plates / Tabs / No MN Registration / No License Plates75159 No Vehicle Registration / Fraudulent Reg415 No Insurance80 No Proof of Insurance789 Revoked Plates / Fraudulent Plates10 Window Tint Vision Obscured1356 Seatbelts / Child Restraints270 Equipment Violations / Windshield214 Total9731311

14 Typical Criminal Prosecution Process Crime Investigation Arrest Gross Misdemeanor / Felony Charge Misdemeanor Charge Arraignment * Pre-Trial Hearing * Trial Sentencing First Appearance Omnibus Hearing * Pre-Trial Hearing * Trial Sentencing Charges are filed against the individual who allegedly committed the crime by the issuance of a written complaint. The complaint contains a brief statement of the facts and sets forth the crimes the defendant committed based on those facts. Depending upon the charge, the defendant will follow one of the two basic paths in proceeding through the criminal justice system. * the defendant may plead at these hearings and proceed directly to sentencing.

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