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Fashion knitted fabric manufacturer Visual Identity Manual.

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1 fashion knitted fabric manufacturer Visual Identity Manual

2 Visual Identity Manual Welcome to the official guidelines of the Santana Textile Corporate Identity. In this manual you will find all the necessary information to properly use our logo and understand the concept and the story behind it. The idea of having an exhaustive and detailed Manual concerning our Corporate Identity and its use is easily understandable: it’s something that was missing. Santana Textile is a pan-European company, therefore the use of its main symbol, the logo, must be used correctly. By this manual we give you the tools to do so. Should there be any question marks concerning the usage you are always welcome to contact our company. The Visual Identity Manual will guide you through the story of our Corporate Identity, information and examples of use and misuse of both Santana Logo and Santana Emblem, suggestions tips and detailed explanation on how to get the best out of our Visual Identity. Berat Çelik 2015 Visual Identity | 2 Introduction

3 General Information The elements of the design that Santana Textile adopted on December 1 st 2014 are based upon the research and the project developed in the period September - December 2014 by the company and Berat Çelik concluded the implemented of the new Corporate Identity. The new design was presented, discussed and approved at the meeting with the founders of the company, Sedat Çelik and Vedat Ercan Çelik. Santana Logo has its logo registered at the EU Copyright Office, so that no unauthorized third parties can use it, or interfere with the owner’s use of it. If rights in relation to a logotype are correctly established and enforced, it can become a valuable intellectual property asset. The Santana Textile logo is unique by the combination of the design of the name and form, which combined constitutes the Santana Textile logo. This means that image and text are inseparable. Visual Identity | 3 General Information

4 Visual Identity | 4 Values Mission, Vision, Values The values represented are: Trust between clients Cooperation in the integration High quality production Sustainability Eco-Friendly solutions Social Responsible The Santana Textile emblem has 3 colors. The Santana Blue represents the ability, high quality and innovation. The Santana Red gives an image of desire, excitement and enthusiasm where white stands for sincerity between the Santana Blue and Santana Red. The Santana Grey appears in the Santana Textile logo to give the taste of valuableness. The Santana Blue represents the western world while the Santana Red is for the East. The sincere white, Turkey, places between those different worlds. The Santana White separates those two colors physically, yet stays in a harmony all together and actually combines all, creates a path between them. The Santana Logo is a valuable brand in the whit path which is combining West and East.

5 Visual Identity | 5 Non-Infringement Non-Infringement Area The logo of Santana Textile is unique and should not be confused with any other logo and design. The Non-Infringement Area is the space that must be left free from any other element. Background The background has to be CLEAR and not confusing for the logo. It’s not allowed to have two colors in the background, but it’s possible to use a light monochrome gradient or a transparent (5-10%) design. To enhance the visual impact of the logo the best background is white. Proportions The Santana Textile logo can be scaled to fit publications, PR material, flayers, etc. However the proportions have to be always constant. Although it is not recommended to use the logo in a too small format, as it would no longer be recognizable.

6 Visual Identity | 6 Logo Logo and Description The logo of Santana Textile is composed of the characters: “Santana” and is accompanied by the text, “textile”. The font used for Santana and textile is Vollkorn Regular. The text “textile” can be used on the rightside or at the middle. The first letter of “textile” is always small case. However, it must be capitalized when the text “textile” is used beside the text “Santana”. There are some ratios in the logo. The font size of “Santana” must be double of “textile” while the leading (space between lines) must be 2.5 times smaller then the value of the font size. Font family: Vollkorn Font style: Regular Font size of “Santana”: X Font size of “textile”: X/2 (X/2.5 in Turkish) Leading: X/2.5 Aspect ratio, L/H: 3 Disclaimer The design of the logo of Santana Textile and its conditions of usage are STRICTLY defined in an agreement between Santana Textile and Berat Çelik, author of the logo. It’s NOT allowed to cut any part or MODIFY this logo unless stated clearly in the this manual.

7 Visual Identity | 7 Color Scheme Santana Red Web: # c12121 RGB: 193, 33, 33 CMYK: 17, 99, 100, 7 Santana Blue Web: # 050b86 RGB: 5, 11, 134 CMYK: 100, 98, 13, 12 Santana Grey Web: # 3a3a3a RGB: 58, 58, 58 CMYK: 69, 62, 61, 52 Santana White Web: # ffffff RGB: 255, 255, 255 CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0 Palette & Color Scheme The 4 colors of Santana Textile are well represented in the Santana Logo and the Santana Emblem. The so- called Santana colors are unique like the logo and CANNOT be altered.

8 Visual Identity | 8 Typography ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Typography We consider two different typographies: Logo related Content related The typography related to the logo is the font Vollkorn Regular and it’s the one used in the present manual. The typography related to the content is the font used for documents of Santana Textile such as Powerpoint Presentations, Word Documents, Brochures, etc. For Powerpoint Presentations and Word documents we suggest the use of Calibri (body) and Cambria (Headings). For all the publications of Santana Textile, whenever possible, it’s suggested the use of Eurostile. Vollkorn Regular (Logo) Calibri (body) Cambria (Headings) Eurostile (Publications)

9 Visual Identity | 9 Incorrect Usage Incorrect Usage: Sizing The logo MUST be used with the correct proportions. In both these cases the proportions of the width and length are not respected. Incorrect Usage: Consistency The logo MUST be used entirely, no elements can be separated. Even if one of the text is missing, the logo won’t be in accordance with the CI. Incorrect Usage: Effects The logo MUST be used flat as it was designed originally. Either shadow or adding a depth to the logo is not allowed. Incorrect Usage: Colors/Strokes The logo MUST use the Santana Colors as described in this Manual. Strokes cannot be used. Adding a border, or changing the colors of the logo is a violation of the Corporate Identity. Doubts? If you have any doubts on the logo or simply not sure about the publication material you are preparing, feel free to contact the Santana Textile. In particular, the Communication Manager and the Web Project Administrator are in charge of the Corporate Identity and can answer to your questions. Contact to

10 Visual Identity | 10 Alternative Logos The Santana Logo is unique in its form and colors, however some variations are allowed for special reasons such as production of PR material (e.g. sweaters) that requires a monochromatic (all black, all white) logo. The following alternative logos are THE ONLY ones ALLOWED and the guidelines concerning the incorrect usage are valid as well.

11 Visual Identity | 11 Alternative Logos The Santana Logo is also used in Turkish. The “textile” term can be replaced by “örme kumaş”. All the other variation can be used with this alteration. Also, the margines are arranged according to social media tools like Facebook profile picture. Some other special designed can be launched by Santana Textile as well as quotes like «Exclusive Design» below. Exclusive Design

12 Visual Identity | 12 Other Designs Santana Textile C.I. The letterhead and PowerPoint template of Santana Textile has to be unique. The CEO’s decide on the approval of new PowerPoint templates and letterheads. All the designs of Santana Textile (such as business cards, booklets, gadgets) are approved by the CEO’s. The CEO’s are in charge of updating the Visual Identity Manual and of the designs of the current web projects.

13 Contacts CEO’s Santana Textile Doğan Araslı Bulvarı 227. sok No:2, Esenyurt/ İstanbul, Turkey T +90 212 423 8323 F +90 212 690 3987 W Fashion Knitted Fabric

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