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Graphic Standards The Essentials, and Adobe InDesign Tips for Graphic Standards Layout ~ Eric J. Schiff.

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1 Graphic Standards The Essentials, and Adobe InDesign Tips for Graphic Standards Layout ~ Eric J. Schiff

2 The Package Graphic Standards cover design should reflect the organization brand and accompanying collateral. Inside pages should have a consistent design and layout. Use enhancement artwork, rules, color and color screens. Wrap it in a nice binder.

3 The Content Table of Contents Introduction Glossary Logo and Logotype Use of Space Color Typography Business Card Letterhead Envelope 4 th Piece Display Ad Poster Optional Web Bridge

4 Introduction This is the company or organization backgrounder… drawn from the company questions exercise. It sets the stage for understanding the design intents, layout and treatment of the company/organization brand and accompanying collateral.

5 Glossary Include 8-12 (or more) relevant terms that will help clarify aspects of the Graphic Standards. Examples: Logotype, Opacity, Baseline, Bleed, Registration, Watermark… Check out the UO Graphic Standards

6 Logos and Logotype Logos and logotypes are sometimes interchangeable aspects of a company's branding. While a logo can exist without logotype, a logotype can either be a part of the logo or can be the logo itself. Logos that are solely imagery are simpler and sometimes cleaner logos. However, logos that include logotype can resonate the company branding, such as the company name or slogan, more clearly. Whether you use a logo with only imagery, only text or a combination will depend on your personal taste and what best suits your business.

7 Use of Space This is where the designer, individual and/or agency producing the standards, set rules for where and how the Logo and Logotype are used. Rules include stand off distance from/proximity to other elements, alignment, etc.

8 Color All colors that are used in the brand and collateral pieces need to be shown as color swatches with CMYK percentage designations. It is also important to note where a tint (opacity percentage) of a color is used.

9 Typography All typeface (fonts) used as part of the company or organization brand, and/or collateral materials need to be shown in lowercase, uppercase and with any applied styles. Typically, fonts sets are shown at a reasonable size, but large enough to see their design nuances.

10 Web Media (Bridge) This is an optional component to include in the Graphic Standards. Perhaps a QR Code has been designed to direct users to information on the web. This can also include banner or display ads that would be used on the web. Other online media collateral could include audio and video files – shown in the standards with a link or QR Code.

11 IDD - Measurements After launching InDesign, select preferences from the top menu ->Unit and Increments-> Inches

12 IDD - Measurement Marks On all collateral pieces included in the Graphic Standards, use guides and marks to identify measures for all elements in the design. This is achieved using the Line Tool (+ shift Key for straight lines), and measures from the collateral designs prior to being “Placed” and scaled in the document.

13 IDD – Layout & Guides Use Columns and Guides to help grid out your page layout. Use the “Master Pages” to set the guides for text copy layout – page headings, narrative/body copy blocks, and other elements that will be on pages. Guides are pulled out from the rulers

14 IDD - Master Pages Master Pages are where elements that will appear on all pages are placed and set. Master Pages are NOT the work area for the content. Elements include page numbering, artwork, guides, etc. Master Items can be “Overridden” by selecting that option in the Page drop-down.

15 IDD – Page Numbering Set auto page numbering in the Master Pages. Use the text tool to pull out a text/copy block, set font, point size, and location on the page (set on both pages). Use the Special Insert Character option under the Type menu from the top menu bar.

16 IDD – New Document After setting the Unit and Increments in preferences to Inches, select File -> New -> Document. Spreads are in multiples of 4 pages, so specifying 12 pages, is a good place to start for the Graphic Standards Keep Facing Pages checked for layout purposes.

17 IDD – Place Text/Objects Text/copy that is not being generated within the IDD program needs to be “Placed” in the document. This is the same for images, objects and other elements. For the Graphic Standards, PDFs of the individual collateral pieces work great! Found under File in the top menu bar. Collateral pieces will need to be scaled to fit page layouts.

18 IDD – Text Wrap When an object is “Placed” on a page in the document, the Text Wrap option will appear in the Control Bar just below the top menu. Text Wrap option also can be found under Window in the top menu bar. Text Wrap allows for text to “wrap” around any object in a document.

19 IDD - Extras Hiding Frame Edges is very helpful when working with multiple placed objects and elements on pages – found under View from top menu bar under “Extras” Art objects, images, PDFs look pixelated or NOT sharp? Increase the screen “Display Performance” under View from the top menu bar. Also can be accessed for objects under Object from the top menu bar.

20 IDD – Export to PDF For the Graphic Standards, select Export under the File menu from the top menu bar. Be sure to select “PDF (Print). See PDF Export options next slide. It is also important that all files used/placed into the IDD Graphic Standards file, including the IDD file, are housed in one (1) main folder/directory. It is important to check file links to be sure all files are in fact either embedded or linked properly.

21 IDD – PDF Compression It is important to check with the printer regarding image compression, and adjust according to their specs.

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