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Third Grade Tales Written and Illustrated by Ms. Hoffmann’s Class.

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1 Third Grade Tales Written and Illustrated by Ms. Hoffmann’s Class

2 Have you ever been swimming with sharks and dolphins? Let me tell you my story. I went to the beach for my summer vacation. We went swimming in a bay. When I got there I screamed at the top of my lungs. There were sharks! But my dad said they were little. So I was ok. One hour later I was jumping in. I had goggles so I went under. I saw a dolphin with a baby, a blue crab, a coral reef and a shark. But a surprise there was an eel. I got back on the boat. I jumped back in and the eel was gone. So I kept swimming. A beautiful starfish startled me. It had hot pink with orange and red, lots of red. But then Cassandra said, “Come on! We are going to go swimming with sharks!” I gulped. "Sharks!" I said. “Yes,” said Cassandra. She held my hand. I saw a shark as little as my thumb. Then I saw a big one swim right under me. Wow, another dolphin! That was my last day of summer vacation. I wish we never left. My Last Day of Summer Vacation by Abbey


4 Have you ever been to the lake? Well I have. I went to the lake. I almost fell in the lake. I caught a tadpole, but one of them bit me. My mom told me to let it free so I did. Then we went hiking by the lake. I tripped over a big rock. A lizard went in my hiking bag, and I got scared. We stayed in this little house. My brother took out the trash. Then we went to sleep. That night a raccoon tore the trash bag. When we woke up we went fishing with my brother. I caught a fish but it tickled me. I accidentally dropped it in the lake. We went for a boat ride at the lake on the last day. I wish we never left. I had a great time there. Have You Ever Been to the Lake? by Yianna


6 When I run down the court my heart pounds, and my ribs cramp up. I love when I have the opportunity to shoot the ball and make it. I think basketball is the best sport in the world because it is fun running down the court. SOMETIMES I go to my cousin’s house and play with him. I even play basketball video games for practice on my play station two. I like having fast breaks. I also do drills, push-ups, and sit-ups. AND I lift five-pound weights. I also practice on a treadmill so I can get down the court quickly. The teams are going to be a lot harder this year. No playing around. We are going to stick to hard defense. BASKETBALL is the best. The Basketball Boy by Braelyn


8 I had the best summer! I went to the Atlanta Braves game on a Saturday. It took us two hours to get there. They were getting ready to play the Dodgers. When we got to our seats, my Nana took me to get a baseball and a tomahawk. When we got back to the seats, they showed the players on the board. There was a person who got hit in the head with a baseball. And there was a three year old who stuck his hand out and caught the baseball. We left at the top of the ninth. They lost. I was mad but I was tired. I want to go back again because it is fun to watch. We stopped at Subway to get some food and then we went home. The Hot Day at the Baseball Game by Brent


10 My first time in Colombia I went with my cousins, my dog, my uncle, my aunt, grandma and grandpa. My dog started to bark. Then the plane started to shake. It was funny and fun. We saw a movie. I thought the plane was going to fall down but it did not. We were about to land and then we landed. Our family was waiting for us and they took us home. It was fun. We went to bed. We stayed in Colombia for six months. It was fun. My First Time in Colombia by Jessenya


12 On my mom’s birthday we went to Chimney Rock. Right when we started the hike, we had to pick to go into a dark cave of bats or a cave of hungry bears. My mom and I picked bats. My sister and my dad picked bears. My mom was scared. The bats were showing their teeth. We met up at the pond. We got something to drink from the cooler, and we got something to eat too. When we got to the waterfall the cars looked like toys. When we got to nutty lane we saw a lot of scrolls and nuts. Finally we were at the top of the mountain. Now the only bad part is we have to hike all the way back down the mountain. Man they need to build an elevator for this! When we got to the bottom we all yelled, “We had a great time at chimney rock, yea!” Chimney Rock By Andrew


14 I went to my best friend’s house when I was 8 ½. We wrestled all night long. I got hurt but I stayed in there. He won but I called a rematch. I was about to lose but I had a plan. Right when he got to two, I kicked out of the pin fall. I got up kicked him and did the MJ showdown. He was a goner. I pinned him. He kicked out. I couldn’t believe it! He kicked out of the pin fall. He got up really quick and tried to punch me but I ducked. He missed and I did my other special: the black out kicks. I kicked him 6 times and he fell. I got him in the pin fall. He kicked out of the pin fall again! Then I did my speed punch and I won. My lungs were going as fast as they could go. I was so tired that I fell and Nathan just got up and kicked me. I got so mad I made him fall, jumped off the ropes, and did the diving elbow drop. It was over after that. We were so tired after that so we went to sleep. The Wrestling Ring By Marques


16 Have you been scared before? Yes I have been scared. I was afraid of rollercasters. We went to Carowinds. We heard many people who were screaming. So I told my mom and dad that I don’t like roller coasters because people scream. I went on a short rollercoaster. I did not want to go on it, but my mom and dad made me. When I was in the seat, I was holding my mom’s hand really tight because I was scared and I was thinking that it was a long way down. Because I was nine years old, I thought I should stop acting like a baby and be a man. When the ride was over I was ready to go on the Mooned. When I was in the seat I felt a little bit scared. But then my dad said, “If you’re scared, just raise your hands up.” And when we went down and I raised my hands up, I was not scared of rollercasters any more. Rollercoaster By Darryl


18 This is some stuff about my family. Now be prepared because this is your one of a kind of family. Let’s start off with my dad. This just happened last week at the coat factory. I started to look for my dad because I went some where and he did no go with me. I ran down each aisle. I finally found him when there were no racks around. I found you ! My dad is very fun. This one time I was coming out of the bath room he jumped out and scared me. You might think that is all but no! Now lets go with my mom! She is so fun. Mommy takes me to stores! Mommy takes me shopping and we buy a lot of things! I enjoy every thing my family does for me! No Ordinary Family By Chastity


20 Have you ever been to the Myrtle Beach with your family? I have! I will tell you about it. Thursday I got an early dismissal. We went home to load up the car. Then we went to go pick up my three cousins and my aunt. We drove all the way to Myrtle Beach. We had to find the house that we stayed in. It was so pretty inside. We brought our golf cart to ride in. My uncle arrived later that day. The next day we went to the pool. The water was very cold. My mom was even mad because the water was so cold! Next, we went down to the beach, but I did not get in the water that day. That night we went to go get something to eat at a place called Sea Fare. There were girls in the water as mermaids. It was really, really good. The next day we went to the beach. Now that is when I got in the water and got sand all in my hair. That night we went to Broadway at the beach. We ate at a china place and went shopping after that. That night, we watched fire works. Next, we went back to the house. Later we got ice cream. When we were done it was pouring down rain. We went back to the house and went to bed. The next day it was time to go home, so we packed up. I was really happy to be home. We unpacked a couple minutes later. We went out to eat for my mommy's birthday. I had a really great time at had the beach with my family. I would like to go back soon. Myrtle Beach By Morgan


22 Hope you enjoyed our stories!

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