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2 What’s this?

3 Morphology and structure
Replication Pathogenesis Clinical symptoms Diagnosis Prevention and Treatment

4 Morphology bullet-shaped; nm in diameter; nm long.

5 structure Capsid N-protein Core -ssRNA Envelope
L-protein (large protein) ---RNA dependent RNA polymerase RNP Capsid N-protein ---protect RNA from hydrolysis P-protein Envelope Bilipid layer M-protein (matrix protein) G-protein (glucoprotein) ---spike ---bind to the receptor of the host cell




9 Rabies is an RNA virus. The genome encodes 5 proteins designated as N, P, M, G, and L. The order and relative size of the genes in the genome are shown in the figure below. The arrangement of these proteins and the RNA genome determine the structure of the rabies virus.

10 Replication Adsorption Penetration Uncoating Biosynthesis
Assembly and release


12 biosynthesis -ssRNA RNA polymerase +ssRNA -ssRNA protein virus

13 Pathogenesis CNS afferent fibers efferent fibers
nerve endings salivary gland Neuromuscular organs and tissues junction muscles Virus

14 Clinical symptoms Early stage (1-3days) fever(37.5-38) vomit
wound:pain,red,itching Exciting stage(1-3days) fever(39-40) hydrophobia:pharyngeal muscle cramp,dyspnea dehydration Paralytic stage(15-20hs) nerve fiber paralysis respiratory and circulatory failure death

15 Diagnosis Isolating the dog(7-10days) Pathogenic history
cerebral smear or slice immunofluorescent stain




19 Prevention and treatment
Kill wild dogs Keep away from dogs Clean the wound Passive immunity vaccine


21 Contributers Bian Shu Cong Ping Mu Xueru Shao Cong Zhang Jingjing
Zhu Wenying Cheng Wei Hu Chen Li Yuntao Li Daowei Wang Shengxi

22 thank you!

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